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Takes place right after No Mans Land in season three. Please NO FLAMES! I will delete you and be very unhappy. This is just for fun. Let's not take ourselves too seriously. That being said. I love comments! Just not mean ones.

Hummmm lets see. I'm going to set this rated to teen but it might go to mature later on. If it does I will let you know.

Dex/OC with Sheppard/ Teyla for good measure.

Chapter One:

John Sheppard walked into the gate room, watching the large circle light up dramatically.

"Are you excited?" Teyla asked, magically appearing at his side.

"Why would I be excited?" John asked.

"Well, she is your sister." The woman said. "I'm sure it is nice to have family around."

John considered this with a shrug. "Half sister." He corrected. "And she can be a bit if a handful. I mean its not like she doesn't deserve to be here. She's a great anthropologist and she does have the gene but…" He grinned a little, thinking about the wild way they used to be camping. "I'm a little worried about taking her off world."

Teyla raised an eyebrow and was about to ask what he meant when the worm hole opened and the new recruits, team, and supplies came through. Amid the Airforce there was one distinctly different girl, with hair that was redish brown and big green eyes. She was wearing very different cloths from what Teyla had seen and carried an army duffle bag over her shoulder. She looked around with a big smile on her face before nearly being run over by a cart carrying other boxes and bags.

Ronon was helping the Air force men through and grabbed her by the back of the tank top, hauling her off the ground and out of the way. "Thanks." She said looking up at him with huge green eyes. By up, she did mean up too. Standing only 5'2 herself the towering man was far, far taller than her.

"No problem." Ronon looked at her for a long moment before going back to helping, gradually glancing back at her from time to time.

"Winny!" John came down the stairs with a grin. He picked the girl up in a huge bear hug. "They actually let you in the SGC wearing hip huggers?" He asked looked down at her.

Winny shrugged. It made her curly strawberry brown hair jump a little and Ronon look over again…something that John took a moment to notice. "Like they could stop me." She scoffed.

"Dr. Sheppard." Weir said coming down the steps. "Welcome to Atlantis. I'm Dr. Weir."

Winny Sheppard shock the woman's hand. "That's not going to get old for a while." She joked. "It's an honor to finally talk to you in person. And this…well, this is one hell of a place."

"Wait til you see your office." John said with a grin.

"I shall show you." Teyla stepped up. "I am Teyla. It is an honor to met Johns sister."

"Thanks…" Winny said, following Tayla's lead down the hall after John nodded at her to go.

"So." Ronon walked over and stood next to John with a large crate on his shoulder. "Who's that?"

John glanced at him, seemingly a little annoyed. "That would be my little sister. Cute huh?"

"If cute means very attractive, yeah." Ronon said, looking down the hall where the girl had gone.

John glared at his blatant statement. "Well. Now you know that, so you don't have to look anymore." He started to walk up the stairs. "We really can't get drunk by rivers anymore." He muttered under his breath, remembering some of the insane camping trips they used to take.

"Here ya go." Ronon grunted as he put the last box down.

Winny turned around and gave him a smile. "I would have got it." She told him.

Ronon looked at her. She looked lighter than that box that he just carried up which he had to assume was some sort of heavy building materials. "Yeah right." He smirked.

She laughed a little too and opened the box with a box cutter. "Alright. You're right. Thanks." She pulled a book out of the box and put it on her desk.

"Tell me that's not all books." Ronon muttered.

Winny looked at him with questioning eyes than deep into the box, moving things around. "No. There's an air freshener too… I think."

"I don't know what that is." Ronon said getting stand offish at both not know what she was talking about and having carried about four of those boxes up to the girls new office. He didn't mention or think to himself that he had done it to keep watching.

"And I don't know who you are. You don't see me throwing a hissy fit." Winny said.

"Play nice kids." John said from the doorway.

Ronon grunted and walked out the door.

"Thank you again!" Winny yelled.

"Your welcome!" Ronon yelled back, angry at his inability to stay quite.

John cocked his head at his younger sister. "Good to see that you're making friends." He said as she went back to picking through her books and stacking them alphabetically. "So….what do you think?"

Winny shrugged. "The cities great I guess. I haven't gotten to see much but I'm sure….seeing as I had to travel to another galaxy to see it, its going to be mind blowing. Not to mention this equipment!" She held up a tablet. "I'm still working with composition books on earth!" She paused. "So who's the dude with the dreads?"

John grinned and leaned on the desk. "The dude would be Ronon. Careful of him ya hear me." She shrugged. "I said ya hear me?" He said again.

"I hear ya, I hear ya." Winny mumbled. "So when can we get some food? I'm hungry."

Sheppard grinned. "You're always hungry. I have a briefing to go to but I'll show you the Mess on the way."

Winny spun around as she walked, looking at everything. "I'm never going to be able to navigate this on my own am I?" She asked her brother.

"You'll get used to it after you get lost a few times. Not that you're going to be leaving the lab once you get to see a wraith skeleton." John watched as she continued to look.

"I've read the reports…but its hard to understand without seeing… So we have a gene that helps us operate all of this stuff?"

"Yeah, you saw the chair in Antarctica didn't you? We have one of those here…and a bunch of other cool stuff that I'm sure you'll understand a lot faster than me." John said.

Winny shrugged. "And the wraith….I'm really looking forward to seeing the bones of one of those suckers. But you know that I can't understand them if I can't see them alive."

John glanced at her and rolled his eyes. His baby sister. It was always about the knowledge…the understanding; never about the danger. "Were going to keep them dead for you."

Winny let out a sound of disappointment. "But you know its easier to understand them if I see the living movement."

"You don't want to see them." Said a deep voice.

"Just the man I wanted to see." John said gripping his shoulder. "You've met baby Sheppard. I have a debriefing to go to so you wouldn't mind showing her around would you? Great." He took off down the hall before either could say anything.

"Okay than…well. Mess hall." Ronon said, looking around. "They put the food here."

Winny nodded slowly and pursed her lips together. She didn't know him at all. Laughing would not be good. He didn't look at a man that would like being laughed at. "Got it."

Ronon shrugged. "What else do you want to see?"

"Um…I don't know what there is."

Ronon shifted on his feet, annoyed. "Well than I don't know what to show you."

Winny smiled for a moment. "Well I'm taking a look at that table with the jello over there." Ronon glanced behind him. "Gate travel always makes me hungry."

"I'm good with that."

"So what kid of name is Winny anyway?" Ronon asked as they ate in the mess hall.

Winny grinned a little. "Its Winfred actually. I just like Winny better. What kind of name is Ronon Dex."

"It was my fathers name. He's dead." Ronon said dead panned.

Winny looked taken aback for a moment. "I'm sorry."

Ronon grinned at her cheekily. "Me too. I was joking." She stuck her tongue and him and he laughed again at the childish face. "So what did you do on earth?" He asked.

Winny pulled a leg up to her chest. "Normally I'm contracted out to the military to identify victims…." She stopped as he looked confused. "I get bodies and I can tell who they are by their bones."

Ronon nodded, watching her with big brown eyes and chomping on his food. "Do a lot of women do work like that on your planet?"

Winny smiled a little. Stigmas were apparently out here too. "Not so many no. But I also am a pretty good psychologist."

Ronon nodded. "You're used to battle than?"

Winny wrinkled her nose, not wanting to admit that she kinda sucked at that at the time. "I'm not so physically good at it. I can defend myself and am a pretty good shot but I'm more used to seeing the after effects of it. Dead bodies and all."

Ronon nodded. "There's lots of them here so you're not going to get board." He told her. "So you're not like Mckay?"

"More like Dr. Beckett." She told him. "But I'm not so bad with hard science though like Mckay. It's all one big body to me. Wires and connections." She smiled and poked his arm. "I can guess what you do."

Ronon nodded. "Just big dumb muscle."

"I didn't say that!" Winny objected. "When it comes to fighting I'm like you are with science."

"What do you mean?"

"Well," Winny sat back and looked the ceiling for a moment. "I've never studied fighting…just like you didn't go to school or study academically…right?"

"Right." Ronon agreed. This girl was far more like Sheppard than he would have thought looking at her. Understanding…non judgmental. He was gradually becoming more assured that he was going to be okay with her "Are you going to be going off world?" He asked.

Winny shrugged and went back to her jello. "As far as I know I'm getting attached to Johns team."

Ronon grunted. "Great." One more person to protect.

"Well you guys didn't get too far." John pulled out a chair and sat down with them.

"Just getting to know each other." Ronon said. He saw John give him a look and than quickly let it go. He had to wonder if there was a reason why Sheppard was so protective of his baby sister.

"Well isn't that nice." John rubbed his sisters hair before taking the rest of her jello. "And thank you." He told her through a mouthful.