Chapter 7

Ronon shoved Mckay murderously against the wall. "You were supposed to watch her back!"

"RONON!" Elisabeth yelled. "Let him down! This is no one's fault!"

Ronon felt the muscles in his arms and face twitching. He dropped the scientist to the ground. "It's my fault." He growled.

"Ronon…" Telya warned. John sat next to her, silent. He looked drained and pitiful. His dark eyes were vacant as they stared down at the conference table top. Ronon wondered what Winny's huge green eyes looked like right now. Were they vacant in death? Was she in pain at this moment? He had known that he should have gone with her. Even as he said that she was ready and that she could handle it. He'd thought she could handle the few that would come her way but who could have anticipated that a horde of wraith would have come after the two scientists?

"I said she was ready…I let her go on her own." Ronon muttered almost to himself.

"We will find Winny." Weir said. She looked back over at her brother. "John. We will find her."

"How? John asked angrily. "We have no idea where they went!"

Telya stood up. "I will contact my people. Someone might have heard something." She left the room.

"I should do the same." Ronon muttered.

Weir nodded. "Rodney, you start seeing if you can find the ship." He nodded obediently for once. "John…you just get some rest."

Ronon followed John from the conference room. "John-"

"It's my job to protect her Ronon. Not yours." He was taken aback for a moment. "She's my sister…and this is another time that I have let her down. What's she to you? A sparring partner? Some cute little girl you roll around with? She ships out again and what would you care?"

Ronon starred at him for a long moment. "How did you let her down?" He finally asked. John began to storm down the hall with Ronon on his heels. "Why are you so protective of her? She's a big girl. She can take care of herself."

"No she can't!" John yelled. He sighed as he turned around. "She had this boyfriend…well, she was engaged to him. He was in the Airforce. I thought, you know, there can't be anything wrong with him. He was a military man. But all the signs were there. She had…accidents all the time. Falling down the stairs, running into doors. Bruises all over. I didn't think anything of it. I should have. She was never a clutz. She never fell down; she was a dancer for gods sake!"

Ronon looked at him for a long moment. "He was beating her up?" A spark of rage filled him. Little Winny, little smart Winny covered in black and blue and sickening brown.

"He was beating the crap out of her!" John hissed. "I didn't even see it. Not even when she asked me for help. I didn't really believe her. She'd started drinking. Until one day she came in with a broken arm. He said she got it slammed in a car door. It takes a lot to break an arm in a car door. Then I believed her. But I had let it go on for months…over a year. What kind of brother does that? And now I let the Wraith get their hands on her…" He stammered out the last part.

Ronon clenched his jaw. "We'll find her." He muttered grasping Johns shoulder.

Weeks pasted and there was no noise of where the cruiser had taken the girl. Ronon grew more and more anxious every Tuesday that passed that she wasn't there. The idea of never touching her again entered his mind. Never joking with her; never making fun of her. It was a sickness he couldn't shake and it wasn't what Winny had called the shitty excuse for food they served in the cafeteria. Jello sickness, he remembered with a chuckle. Even that bitter sarcasm twinged his nerves as her fading voice echoed through his mind.

Some of the other officers had muttered that maybe it was time to pack up her quarters and her office. He'd taken out some of his pent up aggression at that moment. John had willingly participated.

Winny lay in the cabin of a dark and smoggy room. She tilted her bruised neck to the side. Her eyes narrowed at the table of instruments of torture. Hearing the door open she jerked her head back up and closed her eyes. She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. Already she knew that her mind was playing tricks. She saw the image of Ronon walking in the door. Still she knew it wasn't him. It was a wraith. Her mind just saw what it wanted to. She had seen enough of it as she interviewed survivors of wars in the past.

"Tell us about Atlantis." It commanded again.

When the "questioning" had started she had been snide. She had said it was in Disney World. Universal Pictures…that it was in his mom. That had ended quickly. She'd shut up after that session. Now she just muttered "I don't know." But it had the same affect. She would prefer to be in a James Cameron and get probed but that would be too pleasant. She waited out the torture. They wanted information that she wouldn't give. She could only hope that her brother and Ronon would find her soon…but truth be told the hope was fading.

Laying back she waited out the next round of torture, screaming until her throat wouldn't let her anymore.

"I've got it!" Ronon ran down the halls into the cafeteria where the team was sitting along with Weir. "I-I took all of the ships of the size and style. Than cross checked the locations that Teyla and Ronon's sources told them."

"Cut it short Rodney." Weir told him.

"I found Winny." He panted.

John jumped from his seat. "Get suited up!" Ronon was already half way down the hall.

"John-" Weir started.

"I'm going after her!" He shot in, storming down the corridor with her on his heels. "She's my sister. If Rodney knows where that ship is then I'm not going to just leave her there!"

"She might not even be on the same ship." Weir pointed out.

John stopped. "Then at least I can kill some of the wraith that took her." He muttered.

Boarding the ship had not been easy. It had taken a lot of attempts at cloaking to get into the cargo bay and even more to kill all of the Wraith that had been in there. But once they were in they were brutal. John and Ronon ran up the corridors, feet trampling anything in their way, to where they suspected that Winny would be.

Several wraith began to fire and John held them off right outside of the door. "Get her!" He screamed to Ronon.

Ronon didn't blink. Opening the door he ran inside, stopping the second it closed. All sound seemed to be sucked out of the world. He could not hear the blasters or guns outside. All there was, was the room in front of him. A table lay in the center or it next to a cart covered with sharp looking objects. The floor under the table was spotted with red. On top of that metal slab lay a girl. She turned her head to the side, eyes dark and bottomless. Black, blue and red covered her face, hair and neck.

"Winny?" He asked.

Winny sucked in a breath before licking her broken lips. "Just finish it…" She muttered hoarsely.

Ronon felt pain in her voice and a deep, deep fear. He stepped forward. "It's really me Winny…I'm here to save you." He pulled a knife off of the table and watched as she shrunk into herself even more. "I'm not going to hurt you…" He cut the bindings off of her wrists and legs. Still she did not budge. "Can you walk?" He asked. He didn't wait for her to reply, lifting her up and cradling her tight. She was feather light and cold. Suddenly he became aware of the shots outside and that they had actually stopped.

John rushed in a moment later, seeing Ronon carrying his younger sister. The Satinan's face was contorted in a mixture of hate, hurt and sorrow. "Is she…" He couldn't finish the sentence.

"She's alive." Ronon told him hoarsely.

John muttered a thank god but did not look at his sister. They had to get her out and the look on Ronon's face told him that if he saw what had happened to her, what they had been unable to prevent, he would break down.