Title: The Red Moon

Authoress: Demonic Reivun

Warning: This is a boy x boy fiction. If you do not like that fact, please leave. You had your warning.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. J.K.Rowling is the owner.

Pairings: Draco x Ron

Summery: It's mating season, but Ron didn't know that and now he's trapped alone with the Veela.

The Red Moon

By Demonic Reivun

With a frustrated cry, a pot of ink was thrown across the room and it smashed against the wall, its glass material shattered into a thousand glittering pieces before it fell soundlessly on the plush carpet, splattering its contents all over the rug and across the wall like black coloured blood. Fuming, the young red-head pushed himself up from his wooden seat and paced around the common room muttering out all kinds of curses that he knew of. He had to finish this parchment tonight and if he didn't he would fail. How was it that he was the only one left in his class to have not finished?

"Ron?" A tired sounding voice muttered as Hermione's figure could be seen coming down the stairs and still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Fine, Herm." The young male sighed, seating himself back into the chair heavily, fingers pinching at the bridge of his nose. "I'm just so…." He sighed here as he moved his hand away. "…..Worked up over this assignment, I-just-don't-get-it. Haven't even written down a single line yet and I have until day break to hand it in. It'll never be done. I'm not going to pass the grade without the credit from this parchment."

Hermione rolled her eyes at the red-head. This was a tale she had many a times. "It's nearly midnight. Is Harry still in detention?" The bushy haired girl asked as she daintily perched herself onto the nearby chair from her friend, hands reaching into her dark red robe pocket to pull out her wand, to magically clean up the mess her red-headed friend had created and floated the re-created ink pot back onto the table.

"Nah, he got back a while ago. Looked dead tired, he did." Ron yawned, obviously he himself needed some shut eye as well. "Snape must have given him one hell of a clean up job to do; what ever potion Harry made him spill must have been damned important. He couldn't even stay five minutes to help me with this blasted paper. Hermione, please, help me." Ron begged as he clasped his hands around hers, pure desperateness evident in his eyes.

"Ron, I can't." Hermione said as she pulled her hand out of the others grasp. "You need to do this on your own. It'll teach you for not slacking off all this while and to do things way ahead of time."

"Fine, I'll go down to McGonagall's office and steal someone's paper and copy it." Ron said with determination as he folded his arms. Everyone else had already handed in their papers so Ron hadn't the chance to copy.

"Plagiarism, Ron." Hermione warned sternly as she stood up to leave.

"It worked every other time when I copy your paper." Ron replied with a grin as he too stood. He was going to go up into the boys dormitory to retrieve Harry's invisibility cloak.

With a tired sigh, Hermione shook her head as she made her way to the stair case with Ron. "What ever Wesley. Just remember to go through the Second Corridor to McGonagall's office then. Don't get caught and don't you dare give McGonagall the impression I helped you. I wont have marks taken off me again. I was given an average mark last time, Ron. Average!"

"Eh?" The red-head glanced confusedly. "Why can't I go into the Fifth? Second Corridors longer to take than the Fifth."

"Because the Fifth Corridor is restricted area this week during at night remember? Don't you listening to anything Dumbledore say during dinner times?" She rolled her eyes at him before bidding her friend good night and left for the girl's dorm.

With a frown, Ron went up to the male's dormitory and silently crept in. Snores could be heard from one corner and Seamus' odd whining could be heard from the other. He approached Harry's trunk at the bottom of his bed and slid it open carefully. His messy haired friend always kept the cloak at the bottom of the trunk, once his hands grasped onto the silky material; he pulled it out and quickly fastened it around his throat, covering up his Muggle choice of clothing that considered of dark blue faded jeans and a black button down top. Once sure that the cloak covered every aspect of his body, the red-head crept out of the Gryffindor's common room and out into the cold interior of the castle. The portrait of the Fat Lady; still asleep peacefully, snored softly as Ron closed back the make-shift door as quietly as possible. The echoing sounds of heavy pelting rain covered up his foot steps and lightning lit up the shadowed areas for split seconds before darkness grew once more. Thunder rolled over the castle and Ron swore the interior shook with every rumble.

Bare feet carried his body across the cold stoned floors towards the split section of the hallway that carried out towards the staircase and the library. Descending down the steps, the ground beneath him suddenly lurched and Ron forced himself to bite his tongue to stop any noise from escaping him as the stair case decided to take that moment in time to move. Grasping onto the railing tightly, he waited unmoving and still and the second it stopped before he quickly ran down the remaining stairs. Peering around the corner, he made a quick dash for the Second Corridor and slowly down as he quietly moved past under a row of sleeping paintings.

A few moments later, he reached McGonagall's office and he pried open the heavy door and slipped inside. There on her desk, in a neat pile were a stack of papers and reaching for the one at the bottom, knowing full well that it belong to Hermione's, he pulled it out, rolled it neatly and tied it with a string that was attached to the end of the paper and carefully placed it inside his shirt to hold.

Exiting the office silently, Ron walked out confidently with a smug look on his face and a slight bounce in his step. He got the paper, had until sunrise and he was going to pass this class. Nothing can go wrong. Lightning stuck through the night sky and for a second, Ron thought he saw someone. His body immobilized with sudden fear, he froze as another lightning stuck down and this time, he did see someone. Someone with platinum blonde hair…. 'Malfoy'

His fear now a lost memory, he moved behind a pillar, promptly forgetting he was in procession of the cloak as he peered on to see what the other male was up too. Draco seemed to be just mindlessly walking aimlessly through the castle, though it was clear that he was heading on the path towards the Fifth Corridor. With a grin, Ron crept closer, intent of exploiting the blond and foiling what ever attempts he had of gaining of venturing into the restricted area.

The blonde turned around checking to see if any were behind him and Ron blanched for a second thinking that he was spotted, but Draco kept on walking and Ron felt his heart pound in his chest. Of course, riiiiight, silly, he had the cloak….

Ron kept on following the blonde till they reached the closed off section of the Fifth Corridor.

"Took you a while." Said someone as he emerged from the shadows. Blaise unfolded his arms from his chest as he tapped his foot on the ground. "It's practically midnight already, cutting it close isn't it?"

"Shut up Blaise. If it wasn't for that stupid Potter, I'd have that potion tonight." Draco growled as he motioned for Blaise to unlock the large metal doors that blocked entry into the Corridor.

"You sure you don't want me to come too?" A voice that nasally could only be reserved for Pansy spoke out as she appeared into the light.

"Yes, I don't particularly want to be with your presence." Draco seethed as he stepped into the Corridor followed by the two. Quickly, Ron moved in as well, still unnoticed by the three. "Especially tonight, now go. I'll be fine on my own now."

"Sure? There's nothing else that you need?" Blaise asked as he fiddled with the key he held in his hand.

Draco nodded silently as he inclined his head towards the door.

"Alright, I'll come get you tomorrow morning." Blaise said as he grasped Pansy by the wrist and pulled her along with him as she argued that she had rather stay. "Forget it Pansy, even I wouldn't want to be in his presence tonight."

"You fucking better remember me in the morning." The blonde said as he folded his arms and watched the two leave and Ron heard the resounding click of the lock as he turned around to stare at Draco who only sighed to himself before walking deeper into the corridor. It was dark in there, but flickering lights could be seen further up and it was where Draco was heading. What could Malfoy possibly want or be doing?

The deeper into the corridor they went and soon they came across a room and Draco opened the door and ventured in, leaving the entrance opened. Moving in with him, Ron noticed that the room was like a miniature version of his own Gryffindor common room, except with slight change in minor details of reversed coloring. There was a lot of green and silver instead of red and gold and in the corner had a large king sized bed. A fire was already crackling in its hearth and the only other sounds that could be heard in the room was either the continuous ticking of the grandfather clock that sat in one corner or the loud pitter-pattering of the rain against the roof and walls outside the glass window.

Perching himself on the end of a sofa, careful to not let Draco see the sag of the material, he watched on, waiting if Draco were to do anything suspicious, but all he did was lay himself back on the bed. Well this wasn't at all much fun. It didn't seem like Malfoy was going to be doing anything out of line, but there had to be a reason why he was here. A sudden clang made him jump as the grandfather clock announced that it was passed midnight. More minutes passed and still Malfoy seem to be unmoving. Was someone going to be coming? Is Malfoy waiting for someone?

Suddenly something occurred to him and Ron groaned inwardly. His paper! If he stayed here all night, he wouldn't be able to finish his paper, so Malfoy better hurry up and do something bad so he could get him in trouble.

But the blonde didn't seem to be doing anything. He was just lying here, breathing in and out slowly in deep steady breaths and then, he let out a chuckle. "Well that was stupid of you, Weasel."