"Well, that was stupid of you, Weasel."

For a second there, Ron thought his heart decided to stop beating and he felt himself at a sudden lack of oxygen and had to quickly remind himself how to breathe. With eyes now wide and body extremely still, Ron froze into a near perfect imitation of a statue. Had he heard right? Was his ears correctly working and functioning the way they were supposed to? Did Malfoy just talk to me?

No, it just could not be possible, he must have imagined it, because, there was just no way! He was invisible to the human eye! What? Was he breathing too heavily through his nose? Was his heart beating too loudly? Calm down, you're just being overly paranoid. Everyone knows Malfoy's a nut-job. The guy just likes to talk to himself… and is he... grinning. Ron didn't know how much more still he could be to the point he wasn't even breathing anymore.

"You're scared…." Malfoy's voice was smooth, calm and it seriously sounded like liquid sex… soooo something Ron really didn't need to know at a time like this. "Tell me, Weasel, what ails thee?"

Total Nut-Job! Ron screamed silently at the blond as his hands gripped tighter onto the silky material of the cloak and tried to draw it closer around his body. At the other side of the room, Draco moved his lean frame into a sitting position on the bed and it nerved Ron greatly at how those icy, storm grey eyes were just staring directly at him. Not right through him, at him. "Come-come now, Ron. I know your there."

Biting harshly onto his bottom lip, Ron squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself not to take a large gulp of air that his lungs desperately needed. Because, there was noway that Malfoy can actually see him. The blond was imagining things or he'd have to be some kind of sixth sensed freak to know that he was there. But the more disturbing factor was that, he, Ron, was the subject.

"Don't make me come and get you." Malfoy smiled as he stood up from the bed and Ron flinched. Bad move. The short movement had made a sound on the leather couch and the since Draco had been staring at his direction, he saw the couch shift in weight and he let out a short triumphant chuckle. "Can't hide now."

In a flurry, Ron was up and flying from the couch and out the door. His bare feet making loud slapping sounds on the cold stoned floor as the cloak rustled around him. He ran towards the corridors exit and practically slammed himself against the gates in panic. Open, open, open, open! One hand jostled the metal bars noisily whilst the other rattled the padlock in hopes that it could become undone. God damned blacksmiths and their stupid faultlessness!

"Ah-ah-ah…." Malfoy's voice crooned from just mere millimeters from his ear forcing a shout to jump out of Ron's throat as he spun around to fast and tripped on the cloak's ends to fall down rather painfully on his rump. Whilst his chest heaved for air, his eyes were glued to a pair of insanely shiny black leather shoes. "No one can hear you…. Not while you're currently in the restricted zone." Refusing to move his gaze from the shoes, Ron heard a empty sigh from above and Draco shifted the material on his pants a little before his body dropped down to crouch at the red-heads level. Seeing how the blonds' eyes suddenly crinkle in a smile made Ron realized that he must have snapped his sight away from the shoes. Damn it.

Grey eyes gradually moved down and was quick to meet back at his own. "Nice attire, Weasel. Looks a little too clean for you though."

"I didn't know Muggle fashion was in your choice of tastes, Malfoy?" Besides being caught by your enemy, freaked out and totally vulnerable on your ass in front of him, he still managed a comeback; albeit, it wasn't very effective and sounded lame, but who could be picky, so, score! Though, speaking of garments, where did the cloak slip off to?

Draco had raised an arched brow in return and Ron couldn't help but notice the way the moist tongue of the other male had snaked out passed pale red lips to moistened them before slithering back in. "Perhaps." He answered as he picked himself up without a single outlook of effort and gracefully leaned back against the bricked wall. "No wand I see."

"No wa …." Ron blinked in question before feeling the need to mentally slap himself over the head. "Aw fuck, man." Ron had never felt like such an idiot in his life. Let's go to the Teacher's room. Let's go venture out into the castle at night. Let's go chase Malfoy around without a bloomin' wand. You are so smart Ron!

"Very smart." The voice from above drawled and Ron snapped back without thinking.

"I know! Shut it!"

"Is there a reason why you are here, Weasel?" Draco cocked his head down at the boy as he folded his arms over his chest, watching intently as Ron slowly started to haul himself up from the ground and back away slowly towards the other side of the hallway and picked up some material along the way.

Throwing a glare back behind him at the blond, Ron let out another foul word as he started to fold the cloak carefully in his arms. "Why are you here?"

"I have my reasons." The taller male shrugged his shoulders and looked out beyond the gates before frowning back at the red-head. "I am allowed to be here, if that is what you are trying to imply?"

"I… no, I wasn't." Yeah, he was. Damn, now what?

"You shouldn't have come." Draco's voice dropped a little, eyes still holding a blank uncaring look to them as his lips twitched a little into a grin. "But, since you're here. My night won't be much of a waste then, I suppose." Ron gave the other boy a wary look as Draco pushed off the wall to stride closer in his direction, making Ron take a few sudden steps back. "Though I might have liked a better option for a companion, you are at least a far better alternative to Pansy."

"Eer, glad to hear that?" Ron stuttered as he jumped back a couple more paces as Draco started to advance faster. "You mind staying where you are?"


"Ah… right then." Turning, the red-head ran for the bedroom. Slamming the door shut behind him and throwing the cloak somewhere off to the side, Ron then quickly started to try and move the large bookcase to barricade the door. With a tired sigh, he wiped his brow and tripped himself to fall backwards over the sofa with his legs dangling over the back to come face to face with Malfoy peering down at him from upside down. "Holy fuck!"

"Your language is really atrocious." The blond said with a wrinkle of the nose as he perched himself next to the fumbling Gryffindor that practically rocketed off the couch the moment Draco moved.

"How did you, when did you, what are you?!" Ron spluttered as he pointed at every direction. Malfoy was just outside! He had run into the bedroom alone. He had blockaded the door! Malfoy has been outside!

"Wow, as though being surrounded by magic and witchcraft doesn't faze you enough." Draco said with a sarcastic tone that just made Ron even more jumpy.

"No way in Merlin's name you could have moved that fast. You're not even old enough to Apparate yet!"

"I may have." Draco said indignantly. "I am pretty skilled in my magic, just so you know. Not my fault if everyone can't be as good."

"You can't be that good of a wizard to go about as silently as you had." Ron hissed.

"I just might." Draco chuckled as he rose from the chair. "Or maybe, I'm just really, really quick."

"Don't come any closer." Ron's breath hitched a little when Draco refused and loomed closer. Almost falling over his own feet, his brain made a quick decision to get up somewhere high and the closest thing around was the bed. "Stay away!"

"I only want to play."

"Well, I don't!" Ron shouted as he picked up a pillow and flung it as hard as he possibly could and missed the blond. Before the red-head could even have a chance to move, Draco had a firm grip on his wrist and forcing him to fall back upon the bed. Dark blue eyes blinked in utter confusion as they stared into grinning grey orbs and cat-like slit pupils. Ron's mouth started to move on their own without any sound escaping as he couldn't tear his gaze away from the blonds.

"Should have figured by now that I always get what I want, Ron." Draco said with a small chuckle as he slid his free hand down the younger boy's cheek softly, kneeling his body over the others languidly, resting his weight down on the smaller mans, causing the red-head to snap out of his stupor and starts to struggle against the others hold.

"Let me go, Malfoy!" He yelled making the blond sulk slightly. Suddenly, Ron winced with a pained sound as his head was snapped back when his hair was tugged painfully and tight in Draco's fist.

"I usually don't like to hurt my prey, but if you get too much of a nuisance, I will do as I please with you and it will hurt." The man drawled as he eyed the pale expense of skin that displayed itself before him and couldn't help but to sample a taste.

Ron choked when the blond's words sunk in and the implication it came with it and flinched hard as he felt the warm tongue lap at his neck and tried to pull his head away from the others grip. "Asshole! Fucking homosexual son of a bitch! Let me go!"

The hand on his hair tightened forcing the red-head to go quiet as Draco pulled away to look at Ron directly in the eye. "I would say I'm pansexual. Since I tend to take whoever is around at the time and currently, you are in my favor. Congratulations."

"Don't fuck around with me!"

"But I will." Draco smirked.

"Shut up!" Ron felt like crying, this was just not happening. "What the fuck is going on, why are you doing this. You hate me, Malfoy! I hate you! Is this your way of getting back at me for all the shit that happened in the past?"

The blond frowned a little in thought as he cocked his head to the side just a little. "I should make this a revenge, shouldn't I?" Draco eased on the grip with the younger boys curls as he then pushed back the matted fringe that covered the boy's forehead. "No, Ron. It's simply mating season and your own fault for being here."


"Didn't you know? I'm a Veela, part Vampire." White pearly teeth grinned as Ron suddenly took notice of how unusually large the blonds canines were to others.

"You, mating season… Veela." It was finally dawning upon him what was happening, what was going on, what was going to happen. "No! Get off me! Get off!" Ron screamed with renewed vigor as he thrashed under the blond. It was not going to happen; he was getting out of here!

"Tough luck, Tiger." Draco smirked as he pressed his lips hard against Ron's.

End Chapter

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