Rose colour glasses

A/n: Oneshot that just sorta… hit me. Blame Hitsuzen.

He was used to her eccentricities, so when she swept into the room in a traditional Japanese kimono, with overly large gaudy plastic sunglasses, in the winter, he merely poured her a glass of sake.
"Watanuki!" the tall, thin, dark haired witch cooed in a tone that didn't fit her image very well, a reminder to never judge a book by it's cover. "Do you remember that story about the red threads of fate?" She continued without taking a breath.
"Yes." He mumbled, trying to pry an over zealous Mokona from his face while keeping his sanity. "I SWEAR I WILL VACUUM YOU UP YOU OVERGROWN HAMSTER!" He yelled falling flat onto the floor. Mokona scampered from the room hurriedly to avoid the scene that would happen when Watanuki could stand. He sighed as Yuuko surveyed him, still crouched. "One day, that thing may 'accidentally' end up in Doumeki's bento." Rather than being offended by his empty threat Yuuko clapped like a small child.
"Interesting you mention Doumeki!" She grinned maliciously and at that moment Watanuki knew resistance was futile. He lay back down, face first and silently complained about his life, Yuuko however overlooked this. "What is HIS view on Hitzusen's red-thread?" Watanuki's first thought was 'HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW' but he actually did know.
"Myth… there's a vein or an artery or something that goes from your little finger…" He started but Yuuko cut him off.
"Then it's safe to assume he's a non-believer?" She asked, her eyes wide behind the glasses, with huge plastic red lenses. She smiled and removed them, thrusting them into Watanuki's hands. "On a completely unrelated note… Give these to him tomorrow." And with that she left, leaving Watanuki kneeled on the floor holding a pair of glasses.

"I am surrounded by idiots." He whispered.


"I can't eat these." Doumeki grunted holding the sunglasses that had been on his bento up by the ear hook.
"YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO EAT THEM!" Snapped Watanuki. "Yuuko said they're for you." He shrugged and tried to go back to conversing with Himawari, she was however more interested in the glasses.
"They look like ladies'…" she commented. Doumeki shrugged and put them on. 'There is one thing,' Watanuki concluded, stifling a laugh 'Stupider than Yuuko in those glasses' He couldn't hold it back, seeing the normally serious-looking teenage boy in what could only be described as an optician's nightmare 'and that's Doumeki in those glasses'
"Do you see anything interesting?" Himawari asked, ignoring Watanuki's giggle-fit. Doumeki took off the glasses and smiled very gently, in fact if you didn't know the archer that well his face wouldn't appear to have changed much at all.
"Yeah…" He nodded, handing the glasses to Watanuki. "Tell Yuuko thanks."
"Wait… what… why!?" Stuttered Watanuki.
"Sometimes, seeing is believing." Was all he said, before leaving the two confused teenagers for his archery club. Watanuki hesitantly raised the glasses to his eyes, but before he could put them on Mokona popped out of his bento.
"Yuuko says she needs these back now 'kay thanks bye!" and hopped off, having stolen the glasses.

Watanuki soon forgot the bizarre incident, having seen enough bizarre things to last him an entire lifetime, but when Himawari had asked Doumeki, what he had seen, the archer pointed at Watanuki, with his right hand, and little finger.
"Nothing I shouldn't have already known." He said.

A/n: In case it's not clear, Doumeki saw he and Watanuki had their red thread linked. Sneaky Yuuko didn't need her glasses back, she can see the threads without them, just wanted to bully Watanuki!