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Chapter One

She sat there looking at the object in her hand and couldn't believe what it said, it said that she was pregnant, but how could that be they only had sex once and she was on birth control and he used protection she knew because she put it on him, but here it was lying in her hand the proof that whatever they used just didn't work.

She had tears running down her face as she picked up the phone and called his number. "Hello" came his voice and she took a deep breath and said "Marik, it's me and we need to talk can you come over?"

Marik could tell that something was wrong but what was it? He said "I'll be right over and Rene it can't be a bad as you think it is."

She waited and when she heard his knock she nearly jumped out of her skin. She opened the door and he stood there and she started crying. Marik picked her up in his arms and carried her over and sat on the couch and he wiped her face and then he said "Alright, please tell me what's got you all upset."

Serenity reached over and picked up the object and handed it to him and as he looked at the pregnancy test he smiled at her and then he kissed her and said "Is this what had you all upset?"

She nodded her head as tears ran down her face and Marik chuckled and he said "Hey, it's going to be alright so please stop crying, I want this baby if that's what you want."

She threw her arms around his neck and she softly said "Oh, yes I want this baby that we made. I was so frightened that you'd be upset with me for getting pregnant."

Marik held her to him and he then kissed her cheek and he said "Have you told Joey yet?"

Serenity's eyes got really big and she said "Oh, crap I didn't even think about how he's going to take it."

Marik then smiled at her as he said "Listen, we'll tell him together."

So Serenity went to wash her face and change her clothes and then they walked over to Joey's apartment and as she knocked she was trembling and Marik put his arm around her and whispered "It'll be fine you'll see."

Mai opened the door and when she saw that it was Marik and Rene and she noticed how frazzled she was Mai asked them to come in. "Joey will be home in about ten minutes would either of you like something to drink?"

Just then the door opened and in walked Joey and he was filthy from working at the garage and when he saw both of them sitting there he smiled and kissed Mai then his sister and nodded at Marik and he said "How's it going?"

Mai nearly fell off her chair because she knew why they were there and she looked at Rene who looked like she was going to throw up at any minute and then Mai said "Hon, go get cleaned up and then we'll have dinner and we all can talk."

Joey smiled at his wife and went to take a shower and Mai said "How far along are you?"

Serenity said "I don't really know all I know is that three test and all of them were positive and that's when I called Marik. He's happy and so am I but what will Joey do when we tell him?"

Mai smiled at her and then she said "Hon, your brother wants you to be happy and he knows how much Marik loves you and well you're going to get married in two months so if the tests are correct you'll just get married a little sooner then planned."

Marik stared at Mai who started laughing and then he said "You're right, we'll just get married sooner and I hope that Joey doesn't want my head on a platter for making her pregnant."

"Why would I want your head on a platter?" Joey asked as he came out into the living room." Marik jumped, Serenity wanted to run and Mai fell off her chair laughing and then it hit Joey and he said "Well when were you going to tell me that I might be an Uncle?"

Serenity started to cry, Marik got angry and Mai slapped Joey for being an ass. Joey then went over and sat beside his sister and whispered "Rene please don't cry, I didn't mean it to sound like I was mad but you have to agree that it was kind of a shock."

Marik then said "You can say that again." That caused Rene to cry all the harder and Mai started hitting both of the men with a pillow and she was saying "You both are idiots, go leave us alone for a while."

After Marik and Joey went into the kitchen, Mai took Rene in her arms and she said "Hon, they are both Neanderthals but they are both very happy about the baby."

Serenity smiled and wiped her face and she said "Why do I cry all the time?"

Mai then said "Well if you are pregnant then your hormones are all out of whack and it'll be this way for a while. Hell when I was pregnant with Jacob I cried screamed and threw things at your brother all the time."

Serenity laughed and she said "I remember and I thought that you had lost your mind." Mai laughed as she said "For awhile I thought that I did too. Now tomorrow you and Marik need to go see Dr. Peters and have him do a pregnancy test to find out if you really are going to have a baby and he'll put you on a healthy diet and give you lots of vitamins that will be good for you and your baby."

Mai then called out "You both can come back in here." Both Joey and Marik walked back out to the living room and Marik sat beside Rene and he put his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest and he put his hand over her stomach and he whispered "I love you and our baby."

Just then Jacob came running into the room butt ass naked and he little penis was erect and he cried "Daddy, make it go away it hurts."

Mai again fell off her chair, Rene laughed till she nearly pissed her pants, Marik didn't know what to do or say and Joey smiled at his son and he took Jacob's hand and they walked back into his room for a father and son talk. Marik then said "Kids do say and do the strangest things don't they."

Mai smiled as she said "Yes they do and wait till your little one gets old enough to ask questions and see what you do or say to him or her."

Serenity ran to the bathroom and barely made it and as she was going she was laughing so hard she could barely see. She then placed her hand over her stomach and she softly said "I hope that I'm going to have his baby I love him so very much."

She came back and Mai said "Joey talked to Jacob and the emergency is taken care of and now how about the two of you staying for dinner?"

So Mai and Serenity walked to the kitchen just as Joey and Jacob came into the room and Jacob walked over to Marik and he asked "Does your penis get hard, and does it hurt you too?"

Mai and Serenity heard this from the kitchen and they both sat down and tear of laughter ran down their faces as they heard Marik say "Well yes it does." Jacob then asked "Did your daddy tell you what to do like mine did?"

Joey was ready to burst out laughing when Marik said "Well you see I didn't have a daddy, so I had to learn all by myself and it was really hard. You're really lucky to have such a great daddy."

Joey then held out his hand and Marik shook it and he said "Thanks man."

Mai and Serenity were now crying real tears as they started fixing dinner and Mai said "Marik's going to make a great father."

Serenity smiled as she wiped her tears away and she said "I know and he's a great lover too." She turned beet red when she realized that she had said that out loud and Mai smiled and said "Well so is your brother." They both laughed and went back to fixing dinner.

Mai needed some milk and so she asked Joey to go get some and he asked Marik to go with him and as soon as they were outside Joey asked him "How do you feel about maybe becoming a father?"

Marik looked at Joey as he was driving to the store and he said "I'm scared shitless."

Joey laughed and then he said "Well join the crowd, hell I was so terrified that I didn't know what I was doing till after Jacob was born."

As they got home Joey said "Welcome to the family and just take one day at a time and enjoy being there for your family."

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