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Chapter Nine

Serenity was at Mai's today and she felt really horrible all day long. She told Mai that she was having little contractions and as Mai told her "Hon, you might be in the early stages of labor but don't panic it could be gas too, we'll wait and if they get any harder and closer together then I'll call Marik to come and take you to the Hospital." But they soon went away, but Mai was still watching to see if she might be really in labor, but she finally figured that it was gas and didn't think anything else about it.

Marik came to get her and when they got home Rene said "I'm going to go lay down for a little while." Marik kissed her as he walked with her and when she lay on the bed he put a light blanket on her and left the room.

He called Mai and when she told him about how Rene was feeling earlier he was concerned and so when he hung up the phone, he called Dr. Peters and he told Marik "She might be in the very early stages of labor, you need to keep an eye on her and if she should start having pains time them and if they are about ten minutes apart call me and then get her to the hospital."

Later when he had dinner ready he went and called her and she smiled at him and got up and they had a very nice dinner and she even sat at the table and talked to him when he did the dishes and then she asked "Can we stay up and watch some television, I'm not really tired."

Rene was actually in the early stages of labor and she didn't know it all she did know was that she was nervous and was afraid to say anything to Marik just yet. They sat up till around midnight and then she yawned and he smiled at her and said "I think we need to go to bed, what you think?"

She smiled and yawned again and so they walked together to their bedroom and he helped her get undressed and put on her nightgown and then he turned off the light and climbed into bed and put his arms around her and they fell asleep.

Around two in the morning Rene woke up the weirdest feeling, it felt like she just wet the bed and then it hit her, her water had just broke and she nudged Marik and when he woke up he turned on the light and she was in tears and he asked her "Rene what's wrong?"

She then said "My water broke and it really hurts, I'm in labor."

Marik got up and helped her change into dry underwear and another night gown, then he got her bag, called the Doctor and the Hospital and then he helped her to the car and they were off. He parked outside the emergency room doors and ran inside and got a wheelchair and said "My wife is in labor; Dr. Peters is on his way now." He then took the wheelchair outside and helped her to sit down and got her bag and took her back inside where the Nurse was waiting to take them to the Maternity Ward.

When they got there Dr. Peters was waiting and he smiled at her and shook Marik's hand and then he said "Lets get you inside and changed and see how far along you really are okay?"

While they were doing that, Marik had to go give the lady in admissions all the information and then he called Ishizu and said "Sis, Rene's in labor and I'm scared to death."

Ishizu then said "I'm on my way, and don't worry you'll both be alright."

Ishizu woke up Malik and called Odeon and told them and they all met at the Hospital and Odeon went to park Marik's car so it wouldn't get towed away and when he came back Ishizu told him "Marik's in with Serenity, she's in labor and about to deliver their little ones."

In the delivery room, Serenity was prepped to deliver her babies and as soon and Marik came in dressed in a mask and gown she felt better, but the pains were horrible. She grabbed hold of his hand and squeezed and he couldn't believe how strong she was, it felt like she was going to break his fingers.

The Nurse came in and checked her and she said "Dr. Peters will be right in, your dilated to ten and soon your babies will be coming into the world." Marik smiled down at her and he kissed her forehead and then she groaned and squeezed his hand again and tears filled his eyes as he watched her and he wanted nothing more then to take her pains away.

Dr. Peters came in and he sat on the stool directly between her legs and he said "Serenity you're doing good. When I tell you to push I need you to push hard and then I'll ask you to stop so that I can clear the mouth and nose of the first baby and then I'll ask you to push again and soon the first one will be born and then we'll concentrate on you delivering the second little one."

He told her to push and this time she did scream because it really hurt, and Marik was there to let her know that she was doing great and he'd wipe her forehead and she'd try to smile as she had another contraction and she'd squeeze his hand again and then Dr. Peters told her to stop pushing and it was so damn hard not to but she did and then he said "Push a little more this little one wants to be born really badly."

Then he said "It's your son" and then they heard him scream and tears filled their eyes as they looked at each other and then more pain hit and she screamed and screamed and then Dr. Peters said "Damn the baby is breach. Serenity I need you to listen to me. I have to turn your daughter so I want you to take a deep breath and hold it and don't push, I'm going to have to reach up inside you and help your daughter to turn."

Serenity thought that she was going to die the pain was horrendous and then he said "Alright now I need you to push, I know that you're tired, but we have to get this little girl out to see her mommy and daddy, so push."

Marik got behind her and helped her to sit up and then he whispered in her ear and said "Please Ra, give her the strength to bring our daughter into the world. Come on Rene push, please let our daughter be born." She closed her eyes and let out one more scream and pushed so hard she thought she'd die and then she heard their daughter cry and Marik kissed her and Dr. Peters said "You have a very healthy son and daughter waiting to meet their mommy and daddy."

Two Nurses brought their babies to them and as Rene held their son and Marik held their daughter, tears ran down their faces and they looked at each other and then Dr. Peters said "Marik I need you to leave so that I can get your beautiful wife cleaned up and when she goes to her room the Nurse will come and get you." Marik kissed her again and then he went to tell his family and hers about their son and daughter.

Marik walked into the waiting room and Ishizu saw him first and she hurried to him and he cried "We have a son and daughter and Rene was the greatest, she delivered our babies." Ishizu held him as he cried tears of happiness and then he looked up and there was Malik and Odeon and they both said "Congratulation on becoming a daddy and hey we're going to be Uncles." Everyone laughed and then Joey and Mai walked over to him and he held out his hand and as Joey took it Marik said "You were so right, when I saw our babies being born it took my breath away and I was walking on air and I still am."

Mai kissed his cheek and she whispered "Wait till they get home and both of them wake up at the same time and then tell me if you're still walking on air." He laughed and then he said "Come on, I want to introduce all of you to my son and daughter."

They all walked down to the nursery and there right in front of the window was Rebecca Lyn Ishtar and Joshua Michael Ishtar and they were both looking around and then it seemed that they actually saw their daddy and everyone swore that they both smiled at him, but it must have been gas, or was it????

Marik quietly walked into Serenity's room and she was asleep and he lowered one of the rails and got down on his knees and gently taking one of her hands in his he prayed "Ra, I give my thanks to you for giving my wife the strength to give birth to our daughter when hope looked against us. I give you my promise to always love Serenity and little Rebecca Lynn and Joshua Michael will all my heart and will never cause them undo fear or sorrow."

Serenity was awake and when she heard what Marik had said it made her want to get up and throw her arms around him but she just plain hurt to much but she did the next best thing, she squeezed his hand and when he stood up he saw her smiling face and he leaned down and kissed her and she kissed him back and then she whispered "If we ever want another child, you're going to carry and birth it."

Marik smiled as he kissed her again and then he prayed that she didn't really mean it, but he didn't want any other children just yet he had his son and daughter to help raise and he wanted nothing more then to be with his family and just enjoy being an happily married man to the most beautiful woman and two of the most treasured children anyone could ever ask for.

Just then the Nurses brought in Rebecca and Joshua and when Rene and Marik held their babies tears ran like rivers and they looked at each other and he leaned down and kissed her and she touched his face and then the little ones started crying and the Nurses laughed and handed them the bottles and their lives would be forever changed for the best because they had each other and now they had the babies who were born from that love.

THE END…………..

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