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The wizard in drab robes looked at Harry with every bit of disbelief. He shook his wrinkled and pudgy face and threw his arms up in exasperation. "Would you say that once more, Mr. Potter?"

Harry shook his head compliantly, ever so ready to have this all done away with. "Yes, Sir. The reason I am requesting a separation from Ginevra Potter is because she has not honored her wedding vows, to have and to hold only me. She has been discovered on several occasions spending time with Draco Malfoy."

The judge looked to Ginny, who was throwing daggers at Harry when she thought the judge wasn't looking. "Mrs. Potter, your husband has shown definitive proof of these allegations, what do you offer in rebuttal?"

"Look, Judge Tairpun, I just want these bloody proceedings to be over with. My ever loving husband," She added savagely, "has kindly shown that I am nothing more than a slut, in not so many words. I can't deny I've been with another man, he's not afraid of a little experimentation in the bedroom." Ginny smiled, watching Harry as he glared at her.

"You're the one who refuses to use Shocking Shackles, if I remember correctly, Ginevra." Harry said scathingly, watching Ginny for signs of anger. He appreciated the way her cheeks turned beet red, he was getting to her. "Your honor, if it is agreeable, I will offer Ginevra Potter an annual sum of two thousand five hundred galleons bi-annually: this is more than what the courts would have offered. All if we can finish this today."

Ginny certainly did look appalled at the amount that he had offered, she had clearly expected more. The judge nodded his head and looked to Ginny. "This is indeed an offer far above what we would have offered. Mrs. Potter, do you accept Mr. Potters offer?"

Ginny consulted her attorney, a woman bearing great resemblance to one Dolores Umbridge, of days long past. The woman and Ginny spoke in whispered dealings, each one taking turns listening to the other. "I will accept the offer." Ginny said, her expression far from satisfied however.

"Very well then, we will see to the paperwork, you are at this moment, separated by failure to comply with vows of marriage. As requested by Ginevra & Harry Potter, you are hereby divorced- the legal binds and magical powers binding you two, are severed. Joint custody is awarded to both of you. Next proceeding please!" The judge ordered, and a purple flash came from Harry & Ginny.

Harry walked out of the coutroom a free man, and he dashed to the one person who had been most supportive of him during this trial. Her velvet light blue robes brought out the grey colour of her eyes, and the blonde hair radiated with purity and perfection. She was sitting under a tree with her journal out, clutched tightly to her chest as she stared up at a sparrow resting in the boughs of the tree.

"Luna Lovegoooooood!" Harry yelled triumphantly, robes blowing in the wind as he dashed towards her, dust flying at his heels and biting at his ankles as he hit the turf. The face of the Boy Who Lived once again reflected a joyous and carefree soul- no longer tainted by a woman who refused to love him for himself.

"Hello, Harry Potter." Luna said, closing the notebook as the sparrow flew from it's nest. Some would say it flew away out of fright of the loud noises, Luna preferred to believe it flew away to provide her & her man with privacy in their jubilations. "Your smile tells me things went well for us today." She arose and dusted grass from her dress robes, wrapping her arms around Harry's waist as he closed the gap between them.

He kissed her lips and laid a small kiss on her nose. "Very correct, she was very agreeable to the terms of the divorce. I think she might have just been pleased to get anything, it was after all, her request that the divorce be initiated. Honestly, cheating on anyone is despicable, especially with Draco Malfoy."

"Don't fret love, Draco's not so bad…when compared to Ginny." She stuck her tongue out at him and gripped his hand. "Heading out to the countryside with me then?" Luna asked, as they set off down the paved walkways of the business section of Wizarding London.

"I would love to, we can continue our discussion on how best to work this friendship of ours, and figure out how it has turned into the most wonderful series of events in my life." Harry's green eyes found Luna's, and hers' flashed with admiration.

"Always the romantic, aren't we Mr. Potter?" Luna inquired, poking him in the chest with her blue colored nails.

"That's me alright, Miss Lovegood."

"Luna will be more than satisfactory for our courtship, Harry."

"Are you asking me out then?"

"Why not?" Luna beamed, her girlish smile surfacing on her face that bore signs of a war hero.

"Why did we wait so long?"

"Others kept getting in the way, Love. I knew I'd have you one day though."

"Let's wait a little while before we make this official Luna, I wouldn't want anyone thinking Ginny & I divorced just so we could be together."

"Oh that's not why you got divorced, everyone should know that. You got divorced so Ginny could have Draco, that's what she wants. And so what if everyone knows we're together? I'm happy with you, and last I heard, you were happy with me. Let the jealous stew over their shortcomings, life is for the alive Harry, let's not let one more day go by without our love blossoming."

Harry felt stunned by Luna's impromptu speech and couldn't find a reason to argue against it. He kissed her on the cheek and wrapped her in a tight embrace as the apparated away with a pop and a cloud of dust.

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