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Let Me Out

Chapter Two

Sam woke up earlier than usual that particular morning. She had decided that she wanted a summer job. School had been let out for a week or so now-- and seeing as her two best friends would be caught up in other activites-- a summer job was all she'd have to preoccupy her time.

Danny had some interviews for some bigwig magazine companies that day. And afterward he had to take some pictures with the mayor, and then have dinner with him after that. Danny had swore up and down that he had always wanted Sam by his side through it all, but he'd also told her that he didn't want to hold her back from anything either. So thus, Sam wasn't spending the day with him.

Tucker, on the other hand, had some community projects he was working on. After he'd amazed the world with the machine that had saved Earth from utter destruction, many of the world's industries were willing to pay him anything just to have him create or design something for their companies. Tucker enjoyed this a lot, however, and he would never have to worry about money again. The only thing that made him sad was the lack of time he had for others, namely his best friends.

Sam knew that she wanted to be there for Danny, and help him through everything, but she knew that she couldn't always be by his side-- no matter how much she wanted to be. She wouldn't hold him back either. So, she left her house in search of a summer job. She knew that she already had her inheritance money waiting for her, but it wasn't about money. It was about not being bored all summer.

As she was walking, she remembered how her parents had urged her to go on a cruise with them. They had been gone all last week, and she knew they would be gone this week as well. And unfortunately her Grandma went with them as well. She had the house to herself and felt very alone. She never had really worried about being alone, but now that she was getting older, she worried more about it than ever.

After she'd put in her applications at a few local places, she heard her cell phone ring. She pulled it from her purse and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey beautiful," a boy greeted.

"Danny-- took you long enough! You know it's almost twelve o'clock?" she half-laughed while she walked through the mall.

"I know. But it's still morning." Sam could almost see his smile as he spoke, "Sorry, I've been answering questions non-stop. Who knew magazines could be so pushy..."

"I wouldn't know, I don't read them often." she paused her steps briefly to glance into a store window, "But how are you holding up?"

"Fine." he grumbled, as a magazine associate walked by, "Sam, what are you doing today?"

"Looking for a job-- slash shopping."

"Well," his voice sounded heavy with uncertainty, "The mayor called..."

"Danny, what?" she asked, trying not to sound too irritated as she continued her trek through the mall.

"Remember how I told you that I was having dinner with him and some of his associates this evening? Well, he was wondering--"

"If I'd come too?! I'd love to." she blurted out suddenly, "Just tell me how formal, when and where."

She heard Danny laugh on the other end, "I was worried that you'd say 'No'." he confessed, "I don't want to mess up your plans."

"What plans? My parents are out of town, Tucker's always tied up, and you--" she heard him hold his breath in anticipation, "I promised to be by your side didn't I?"

She heard him breathe relief, "I love you Sam." there was a pause, "They're calling me back. I'll pick you up later, around six okay?"

"Okay." she replied, ready to hang up before he spoke again, "And just wear a dress, Sam. The prettiest one you've got."

"Okay," she smiled, "I'll make sure. And you better wear a tux."

"Talk to you later." he smiled before hanging up.

Sam put the phone into her purse once more. But then it hit her, He said he loved me! He didn't even think about it. she shook the fluttering thoughts that she felt away and headed home to get ready for the night.

Danny knocked on Sam's door. After a few brief moments, Sam opened the door and stepped into the night air. Danny felt his heart flutter as saw Sam in a pretty baby blue dress, "So are you going to gawk all day or are we going to dinner?" she chided as he wiped away the embarrassment of his extended stare.

"Ready then?"

"I've been ready all day." she replied, as the two stepped into the mayor's limo.

Danny and Sam sat next to one another at the dinner table across from the mayor and his associates. The conversation material was turning stale for the teens, but the two kept themselves entertained by holding hands under the table and occasionally tapping one another in the leg.

About halfway through the conversation, Danny noticed something unusual about the mayor's gaze. The mayor was staring intently in their direction with a clear green gaze, but Danny could swear that he saw glimmers of red in his eyes. Danny looked again, and knew that he wasn't wrong, "Could you excuse us a moment?" he asked, gripping Sam's hand.

The mayor nodded, "Of course."

Danny pulled Sam away from the table trying not to seem too urgent in his movements. Once he'd pulled her aside, he nuzzled his head against hers so that he could whisper in her ears out of the sight of the mayor, "There's something going on with the mayor; His eyes."

"You noticed too, huh?" she whispered in reply, her breath feather soft against his cheek.

"I need to investigate more. He may be overshadowed. Or maybe he's not the real mayor at all. Just be ready, I'll protect you, but you have to watch your back too, okay?"

"Don't I always?" she smiled.

"Shhh," he shushed her softly, "I don't want them thinking anything's up."

"Yeah, leaving the table isn't suspicious at all." she quirked a brow.

He returned her gaze evenly, "No wonder it took us so long to get together..." he muttered in her ear before kissing her cheek.

She laughed softly before following him to the table. The two sat down once more, "You were saying Mayor? Sorry about that." Danny spoke.

"Is everything alright?" the mayor asked gently.

"Everything's fine. I just forgot to tell Sam something private that's all. It's really not a big deal-- not to be rude."

The mayor's eyes narrowed before they melted into a stark red stare. Green glowing energy flew from him as a ghost emerged; completely engulfing the mayor's form, "You're not very good at fronts are you ghost child?" an eerie voice spoke.

Danny morphed into his ghostly counterpart at once, "I knew you were a ghost. But you went to a lot of trouble to corner me didn't you?" his hands now glowing in a ghastly green.

Sam stepped back from the table, and fumbled through her purse searching for the Fenton Thermos. She hadn't counted on trouble, but she was always prepared. Danny flew at his opponent without hesitation, "What have you done with the mayor?!" he demanded, slamming into the ghost with no figure to it at all.

Surprisingly, it was the same ghost that he'd fought before when it had taken Sam. Somehow he knew that this particular ghost would be back to haunt him for it. The ghost didn't reply but dished out a few of swipes of golden energy. Danny dodged a few of the swipes, but one of the golden blades chaffed his left arm.

"Arrh..." he growled, recoiling back. Glancing at his wound, he saw green plasma ooze from it, and instantly felt tremors shake through his body. One last violent convulsion hit him before he came crashing to the ground. He reverted to his human form before feeling his body loose all will to move or fight.

Sam was at his side in moments. She stared up at the green figure. Had this ominous figure killed her beloved? Rage coursed through her like a torrent, "What have you done to him?!" her voice shrill with anger. She thought about using the thermos, but she figured that as long as the ghost didn't attack again they would be okay. Besides, if it took Danny down in one hit-- what chance did she have?

The ghost merely grinned a toothy grin and disappeared in a flash of light. The mayor's associates disappeared in flashes of light moments afterward. The dark-haired girl turned to her friend once more, "Danny? Danny? Can you hear me?" she questioned, shaking him lightly. He didn't stir, not even a flicker of pain or shock rippled in him.

Sam felt sadness well inside her. It wasn't fair. He'd protected Earth from countless troubles and problems. How fair was it for him to be eliminated in a simple swipe? A few teardrops fell from her eyes onto his back, before she turned him over to face his lifeless face. She cupped his face a moment, "Danny, you can't die. You hear me?" her mind felt muddled with a million thoughts.

How could he be felled with a single blow to the arm?

Suddenly he stirred, his eyes flying open, and his skin pale blue, "Cold!" he sputtered, clinging to Sam without another thought.

Sam felt his cold shoot through her body, before her warmth melted it away. She ran her fingers through his hair, pushing him closer as she comforted him with her warmth, "Danny, don't scare me like that..." she whispered into his hair.

Finally, he caught his breath, "I won't make the same mistake again." he breathed out, "But I won't let him get away. We need to find out what he did to me and whether it was temporary or permanent." Sam merely nodded, and helped him stand. He leaned on her for support as they walked to Sam's house.

"You really refuse to see a doctor don't you?" Sam said to him as the two sat on the couch. He glanced at her concerned face a moment before shrugging his shoulders.

"Just because they all know who I am, doesn't mean doctors know how to treat ghostly wounds. That was no mere cut Sam." he paused and locked his gaze with hers, "It was lethal."

"Exactly why you should see a doctor-- At least let Tucker look at it. Maybe he can tell." she reasoned, putting her hands on her hips.

Danny sighed, "There's no reasoning with you."

"Excuse me for my concern then." she retorted, taking him by the hand.

Once a few doctors had looked at Danny's wound mark, the two returned to Sam's house. None of the doctors could tell if the battle had any kind of lasting effects. Danny flopped onto the couch in front of the TV with a sour look on his face, "Well, that was a waste of time." he grumbled, subconsciously rubbing his wound mark.

Sam sat down on the couch next to him, "At least everything checks out okay." she spoke as she flipped on the TV, "Would you really want that wound to be the end of you?"

Danny furrowed his brows and said nothing in reply. Sam sighed at his normal stubbornness. She felt a reluctant pull in her heart, but scooted closer to him, and rested her head on his shoulder. She felt him loosen, and his tense form melted.

"You're right." he said after a few minutes, "I was just being stubborn."

A small smile graced Sam's face, "Ah, sooner or later you always give in, Ghost Boy."

"And sooner or later you always gloat about it." he quipped.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, hitting him with a pillow.

He laughed and hit her in return with a pillow of his own.

"You're not trying hard enough." a dark voice spoke, "You merely scratched the boy and left. No real damage."

A creature with bright green eyes appeared from the shadows. Long golden locks draped its pony-like face, and hung in long rows down its back. A red-brown hue covered its form, blemished only by it fire-like markings that curved up its legs. The fire-like markings started blue and then blended into a reds and purples. Its hooves shined like sapphire diamonds.

Lastly, it had two branch-like horns twisting a half a foot from its head. Leaves grew from the branches and shimmered a glistening silver color. With locks of golden hair for a tail, and long, pointed, rabbit-like ears-- it didn't seem so threatening to the owner of the dark voice like the green misted figure had appeared.

"Perhaps, you had forgotten when I told you that I needed a physical form to do any real damage." the creature retorted, snorting.

A figure walked into plain view of the creature and stared down at it, "Well, what are you waiting for? Destroy the Ghost child! Destroy Danny Phantom!"

The creature narrowed his brilliant green eyes, "Humans are so impatient! Even with a half of a ghost's blood you're still so much like them." the creature took a moment to throw his hair back, "Kirins can only do so much so fast. I have to stabilize myself before I'm ready to fight. I came back to see if there were any other chores I could complete while I'm still under your control." his ears twitched, shaking his earring as he did, "But may you be warned, when I am free, you'd better steer clear of me-- Jyu-ko."

The figure snorted disbelief, "You are mine. And you will stay under my control until you've finished your purpose."

Jyu-ko, the Kirin, turned from the dark figure, his eyes narrowed, "As you wish..."

Danny winced as Tucker ran a hand over his wound mark, "Weird. Did you get it checked?" Tucker asked, turning back to his work.

Danny covered the wound mark with gauze once more. Clenching his fist, and holding his wrist, Danny replied, "Yeah, doctors didn't say anything about it damaging any part of my body." he paused to glare at the wound once more, "Besides my arm that is..."

"So where is Sam anyway?" the green-eyed boy questioned, tinkering with his PDA for a moment.

"Job interview." the blue-eyed boy replied, disgruntled.

Tucker chuckled, "I'm surprised-- you two have been attached at the hip ever since you saved the planet from the anti-phantom meteor."

The Halfa narrowed his eyes, "Yeah, well, with all the stuff we've been having to do for others, we all haven't had time for each other-- us three I mean." his eyes seemed wistful for a moment, "I never knew how much I'd miss all of our times together. Who knew?"

The tech-whiz took a moment to place his hand on Danny's shoulder, "Look, if you came here to make me depressed-- I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

Danny shook his head, and a wry smile crept onto his lips, "I've gotta get home. Tomorrow I'm taking the big trip to New York for a week or so." then his smile melted like an ice cream cone in summer, "The funny thing is-- Sam hasn't said anything about me leaving."

Tucker shrugged, "I guess she didn't want you to worry."

"I guess..." his mind still wondering as he said this.

Sam stood with Danny as he was ready to board the plane. Tucker had long since gone, and Danny's family as well, although Danny kept expecting Jazz to pop up again or something, "I should be going." Danny finally spoke.

The two had seemed to be caught in a silent film moments ago, "Danny, there's something you need to know--"

"I'll miss you too Sam." he cut off, hugging her tightly, "I'm worried about that ghost from before, but I can't stay to investigate. Call me if anything happens. And try not to work too hard."

"Daniel Fenton! Would you please listen to me?"

"Oh kisses too! I almost forgot." he chided, cutting her off with a few gentle kisses.

Sam rolled her eyes, but allowed him to kiss her a few moments longer. He turned to leave, but she flashed an envelope in front of his eyes, "What's this?"

"Open it up." she replied with her arms folded.

Danny opened the envelope and found a small letter inside. It was a note covered in little hearts that read:

Guess what Ghost Boy...I'm going to NY w/You!!


...and after a moment, a plane ticket fluttered from the note.

Without notice, the dark-haired boy hugged Sam again; overflowing with joy, "What about your job?"

"I turned them down. Besides, you can't last one day without me let alone a week!"

A dreamy look filled his clear blue eyes as his gave her a grateful look and sweet kiss, "Thanks Sam. I'm glad to have company."

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