Lothlórien, 2 Viressë, 140

Dear Elladan,

Daerada said I should write to you to tell you how much I'm enjoying my stay here in Lórien. I wish I was – enjoying it, I mean – but I miss you too much. I hate us being apart, even if it is supposed to be 'for our own good'. How do they know? I thought Ada at least would understand, but he's just as bad!

I suppose it's not too bad here, and everyone is trying to be nice to me. Haldir – one of the guards here – is very kind. He says he knows how I feel, because he's got two younger brothers and he misses them when he's away on patrols. But they're just brothers – it's not the same. I know he's trying to be kind, though.

You'd really like it here, El. They don't live in proper houses with rooms and stairs and hallways and windows. They live in the trees – and you've never seen such wonderful trees! They're taller than any I've ever seen before, with silvery grey trunks and golden flowers, and platforms called talans built in the branches. My bedroom – it's not really a room, but you know what I mean – hasn't got any walls, just some screens to block the wind, and a canopy of leaves for when it rains. It's really strange to go to bed in a tree, and listen to the wind in the branches and look up at the stars through the leaves, but I like it. It took me ages to get to sleep the first night, but I think that was because I missed you.

One day Haldir took me and his brothers camping. We stopped next to a river called Nimrodel, and Haldir told us a story about a lady who lived there long ago and sang sad songs. Just before I went to sleep I could hear someone singing – it was very strange. Haldir's brothers said it was just the river, and they laughed at me, but I know I heard her. I wish you'd heard it was well – I know you wouldn't have laughed. Haldir says he's sometimes heard her too. I told you he was nice.

There are lots of rivers and streams all around Lórien, but no bridges. You have to cross by walking across a rope – Haldir's been teaching me how. It's difficult to keep your balance, but at least I haven't fallen in yet! Haldir says that's very good.

There's so much to see and do here, El – you'd love it. At night I lie in bed and wish I could tell you all the things that have happened during the day.

You must write back, El, and tell me what you've been doing at home. Nana sends her love, and says she misses Ada as well – but they're just Nana and Ada. I told her it's not the same.

I can't wait to come home and see you again. It won't be long now, and then I can tell you all about the other things I've done, and the day I helped to build a new talan and made one of the wind screens all by myself. Haldir says it's one of a kind!

With love,