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Happily Ever After All
by Pure Vowels aka Auie

She closed her eyes whenever the soft breeze touched her cheeks. She walked hand in hand with Chuck under the glittery sky. She and Chuck had been dating for a month now. Normally for a guy like Chuck, he'd never last a one week relationship. He would easily get tired of the relationship or found someone else. But he stayed with her, the girl not everyone thought would be Chuck's perfect match.

She took a deep breath and leaned on his shoulders. She put a smile on her face and kept her eyes shut afraid to see how close they were to her house. She tightened her grip on his hands letting him know she never wanted the night to end. The perfect night she spent with her boyfriend.

Chuck surprised her for their celebration of their second month together in a fancy restaurant. In her thoughts, she knew Chuck wouldn't bother doing such. But he did, and he did it to her. She knew this night was the most romantic and most perfect time of her life. She felt so happy inside and she knew there was no way she could hide her smile.

She opened her eyes and to her disappointment, they were already walking towards her door. She sighed heavily and looked up at Chuck but he did not sense the disappointment in her sigh. He kept walking without making a short glance at her, which added to her disappointment.

They turned to their left towards her door. She slowly lifted her head up and started walking away from him. But as she walked up the step, she felt him turned her to face him.

"Gabriella" he started. He pushed few brown curls behind her ear to have a clear view of her brown eyes but he quickly removed the direct look at it. "Thanks for a wonderful night."

"No Chuck, thank you." She said softly and smiled looking at his green eyes. His shaggy blond hair swayed as the wind brushed it.

Chuck grinned at her as they kept the grip in each other's hands. Gabriella tried wondering what Chuck was thinking but she was unsuccessful.

"Gab" Chuck finally said.

"Yes Chuck?" Gabriella muttered wanting him to say more.

"I… I want to give you something." Chuck said in an unromantic way. Gabriella felt he was nervous so she smiled at him encouragingly. Chuck held out a small box and opened it. Gabriella gasped as she saw an emerald studded silver ring inside. She looked up at him with a watery smile. "Keep this. I want you to have this. As long as you wear this ring, I know you still love me."

Gabriella smiled and nodded. She looked at it once more and allowed Chuck to slip the ring on her finger. She nodded and said "I love you Chuck."

Chuck beamed at her. He slightly bobbed his head as if telling her the same thing. She secretly wanted him to say those words out loud and not nodding, but she convinced herself that it was his way of saying I love you, too. Chuck held out his arms to hug her tight and she hugged him back.

"Goodnight, Gabriella." Chuck said and he turned around towards his house. Gabriella stood there looking at him. Why wouldn't he ever say I love you? Gabriella thought.

The next day, Gabriella excitedly called her best friend Troy Bolton to tell him about her date with Chuck Turvey. Gabriella was well known in school as timid and shy, but whenever she's around Troy, she could talk non stop about anything.

"An emerald ring?" Troy Bolton questioned from the other end of the phone once Gabriella mentioned about the ring. "You sure you're not color blind?"

Gabriella groaned a little and rolled her eyes. "Of course I am not color blind, Troy. I know what an emerald is."

"That was rhetoric. I mean, he can do better than green."

"What do you mean?"

"Green is not your color, Gab."

"Ah? Huh?" Gabriella was lost in words. She had no idea what Troy meant.

Gabriella heard Troy took a deep breath before starting, "Gab, you always hated green. You always rant to me how you hated green. And emerald is also green."

"Oh," Gabriella never expected Troy will remember. She told him about hating color green back when they were ten, which was seven years before, and she still hated the color. But the ring was a gift from Chuck she would love it no matter what. "I… uh… forgot to tell you, I changed my mind about green?" She lied.

"Whatever you say, Gab."

"Whatever, Troy" Gabriella bit her lower lip. Troy was correct, as always. And she hated it when he was right because he would always let her feel that she can be dumb sometimes. And 'sometimes' was when she's falling in love. "Hey, Troy" Gabriella broke the pause when her mom signalled her to come for lunch. "Mom's calling for lunch now. And no. You can't come." She said expecting Troy to invite himself for lunch. She heard him sighed then said goodbye before hanging up the phone.


Gabriella's legs were curled up in the library chair as she repeatedly twirled her ring around her finger. Lost in the thought of that particular day Chuck gave her the ring, which had gone by so fast. She felt her heart crying, feeling abandoned by her boyfriend's absence. It had been five months since the two started dating, and it feels like she's slowly losing him.

She missed those times when she and Chuck would just be alone in each others arms. Those times when he stole silent moments away from her thinking just so he could convince her to be with him. She wanted those times when nothing she said or did matter to him. But it seemed like those times were now slowly vanishing away with time.

Just like earlier that day, Chuck promised Gabriella that they'll meet up by lunch hour in the cafeteria. He said he wanted to just be with his girlfriend on a Friday afternoon. Gabriella felt joy at how Chuck always wanted to be with her without any particular reason at all. She excitedly waited with her friends in their usual table at the cafeteria, looking sideways around the cafeteria once in while.

She only mentioned about their meet with her best friend, Troy Bolton - captain of the basketball varsity. She really didn't want every one of her friends to know. She wanted to stay comfortable talking about Chuck and she knew Troy was the only one she could talk with comfortably about anything. And Troy, being the most supportive best friend, always gave her a smile. She knew the smile meant that he was happy for her. But for Troy, the smile was the only respond he could give to her that would make her feel happy. He only wanted what made her happy, and he knew he should slowly try to convince himself that Chuck was one to make her joyful. But deep inside him he was falling apart.

Twenty-five minutes passed by but still Chuck wasn't anywhere in sight. She looked around to see if there were few soccer players in the cafeteria. She said to herself that he might be out in the field practicing soccer as she saw no sign of any soccer player around. After all, the season had recently started and they knew the soccer game this year was going to be tough. She kept looking around the noisy and packed cafeteria keeping her eyes open to wherever Chuck might came out. Why would he forget his own words? Gabriella wanted to know.

"Gabby," Troy said softly. "It's almost time for the next class. We should get going."

"But…" Gabriella trailed off knowing there was no way they could meet and be together in just five minutes. She nodded then stood up. She made one last sad look around wondering why he forgot. Her frown vanished as she tried to set a smile on her face to hide her deep despair and went towards her next class.

Gabriella shook her head away from her deep thoughts. It was now free period, two periods after lunch break and she never heard from Chuck. He did not send her a text message to tell why he couldn't make it. He never called in between periods just to let her know why he missed their lunch date. She hid herself inside the library as she used to when she's lonely. She always wanted to keep herself calm at times like this and being in the library would help her keep herself in control.

She put her legs down on the floor and placed the book on the table, which was resting on her lap earlier. She couldn't understand a word written on the book, which was very unusual. She knew she definitely lost it - lost her control over the feelings she had for the past hours. The held back tears from after lunch break had finally ran down her cheeks uncontrollably.


Troy spent his free period in the basketball court with Chad to practice some free throw shots. Other basketball players were also present but there weren't enough for a real basketball practice. Troy and Chad used the other side of the court, while the others shared the other ring. Other students, including cheerleaders, were also present, sitting by the bleachers talking.

Chad gave up on Troy who wasted all of the time with bad shots into the basket. He took the ball when, once again, he missed a shot. "Troy," he said in an obvious irritated voice. "What's up, man? We were out here shooting a ball for almost half an hour and none of your shots ever made it." Chad walk towards the free throw line and Troy stood there with his weight on one leg and his hands resting on his waist. "Your mind is off somewhere; you never listened to whatever I'm saying. What's wrong with you, man?"

Troy did not make a sound or any movement. He was once again lost in his thoughts leaving Chad with his talking. Troy worried about Gabriella's relationship with Chuck. He was convinced that he's not taking care of his best friend. For years they've known each other, Troy considered her as his sister. He loved her as much as he loves his own family. But apparently, the way he's worrying about her, it's like he loved her more than just his sister, more than just his friend.

He snapped back into reality when Chad poked him lightly by the shoulder. The afro haired lad looked at his best friend with great curiosity. He knew him well enough to realize that there's huge deal bothering his friend.

"Dude, what's wrong?" Chad asked removing the mock in his voice.

Troy knew that Chad was serious with his question, so he did not hesitate to respond. "I'm worried about Gabriella."

Chad rolled his eyes and once again he bent his knees and threw the ball up towards the hoop. He took the ball bouncing after it landed from the nice shot he just made. He went back to the free throw line getting ready for his next shot.

"I mean, she doesn't deserve him. She's too smart and delicate for a guy like Chuck." Troy continued.

"Troy, it's been five months since they started dating." Chad once again readied for his next shot. "I thought you said you got over the whole thing?"

"Not after what he did to Gabby." Troy said stealing the ball from Chad's grasps and tried another shot. "He promised he'll be with Gabby at lunchtime. He let her hopes up, man, and she's giving out too much love on him. She needs someone else, someone who deserves her love. Someone-"

"Someone like you" Chad finished Troy's sentence and gave out a sheepish smile. Troy rolled his eyes at his friend's words and grabbed the ball from Chad's hand. "I really have no idea why you keep this from yourself and from her." Chad continued as Troy made another bad shot.

Troy caught the ball that once again bounced from the edge of the ring. "What do you mean?" He tucked the ball under his arms and stared at Chad intensely.

"Dude, it's obvious you're in love with her."

"Dude, I am…" He stopped realizing that finishing his sentence with a 'not' was a lie. He fell in love with Gabriella for a long time now. He never told anyone about it especially Chad, and he never expected him to see it. "Whatever, man." He once again stepped beside the free throw line trying to get at least one decent shot. And to the boy's surprise, it shot directly inside the basket.

"Yup, I knew it." Chad said grinning widely at Troy who was staring at the bouncing ball slowly losing its height.

"Dude," Troy began "I'll go find Gabriella."

"Are you going to tell her?"

"No." He said repeatedly shook his head uneasily. "Whatever, man. I don't think this is the best time. She's suffering enough from Chuck; I won't give her more reason to get confused."

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