Happily Ever After All
by Purevowels aka Auie

The sun shone on Gabriella's dried tear stained face through the curtains of her balcony door. Her eyes opened lazily knowing she had a serious business to finish on that day. She turned around to look at her clock; it was nine in the morning. Still trying her best to wake her sleeping mind, she pulled herself out of the queen size bed.

She went straight in her bathroom as she usually did every morning after waking up and refreshed herself. Somehow, she felt nervous about what might happen on that day. She knew something bad will happen. Something she didn't want to know but needed to know.

As she got back inside her bedroom, she searched for her cell phone that had slipped out from her fingers last night. She saw no messages, no voicemail, and no calls - or at least, none from Troy. She released a heavy sigh before dressing up in a simple short and graphic tee. She put on her brown flats after brushing her loose curls and placing her phone inside the front pockets of her shorts.

"Morning Mom" She greeted as soon as she reached the kitchen. Her mother greeted back and smiled at her daughter still wondering if she was fine. She didn't bother asking and gave Gabriella a sandwich for breakfast.

As soon as Gabriella finished her breakfast and cleaned up, she made a move towards the front door. "Mom," she shouted before stepping outside the porch.

"Yes, honey?" Her mom yelled from the kitchen while placing cleaned up plates and glasses from the dishwasher to the cupboard.

"I'm going out for a while. I might be back after sundown. No idea."

"Just get back here safe before dinner."

"Yes! And thanks mom!"

The usual seven minute walk to Chuck's house turned fifteen due to her slow steps and deep thinking. All the time, she was nervously thinking of what to expect when she arrived in Chuck's house. She had no idea what exactly she was nervous about but she had the feeling that truth she needed was about to be revealed.

There was a short sigh that left Gabriella before she knocked on his front door. There was no answer. After three more knocks, she heard a groan from behind the door before it flew open. An irritated looking Chuck greeted her which suddenly turned surprised when his eyes landed on his girlfriend.

"Gabriella? What are you doing here?' He asked and Gabriella thought there was slight nervousness in his tone.

She ignored the little fact she noticed and said, "Why? You sounded like you are not expecting your girlfriend to arrive anytime." Gabriella said keeping her voice steady but put on an intonation on the word 'girlfriend'. "Anyway, I'm just here because I wanted to know how you are."

"Oh" Chuck muttered. He put on a smile on his face at his girlfriend without taking notice of the sad features of the girl in front of her. "Well, I'm fine. Bruises hurt a little when pressed but I'll live." He said lazily.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure, sure" Chuck said while opening the door wider for her to get in.

She went straight in the living room and took a seat on the couch. They both felt into an awkward silence – or at least Gabriella did – when Chuck sat next to her. He was so close but yet she felt like he wasn't there. The sparks that once flew inside her faded and she knew there wasn't in there anymore.

"Chuck?" She broke the silence. Her brown eyes met the green ones on his face and searched for something deep from it. After a few moments, she failed to see the love she needed. "Chuck, do you love me?"

"Yes, of course. Why would you ask that?" he said leaning to her ears and smelling her scent.

"Because you never said it to me" Gabriella responded without looking at him. She felt uncomfortable when she felt Chuck's breath brushing her neck. His tight embrace failed her attempts to move away from him. She knew right then that she was grossed out by the soccer captain.

"Babe, I love you so much." He said without a hint of truthfulness in his voice. He started planting kisses on her head and continued leaving pecks on her cheeks, and slowly placing some on her neck. Her face filled with disgust every time she felt his lips on her skin. She was pushing herself away from him but his arms kept pushing her towards him.

"Chuck, stop." Gabriella protested but Chuck wasn't listening. He kept on kissing her and, slowly, his hands were sliding up from her thigh to the hem of her shirt. "Chuck stop!" She demanded and pushed him hard away from him.

"Dammit Gabriella!" He shouted with disappointment on his face and voice. He slumped hard on the couch while Gabriella looked at him in disbelief. She felt her heart dropped when Chuck said it. It was the first time Chuck swore on her. Even after all the fighting they did, she never heard Chuck swore on her when he didn't get what he wanted.

"What's wrong with you?" He questioned her. "How long are you going to wait? You said you love me, I said I do. What are you waiting for?"

"For the right time, Chuck!" She shouted back. She couldn't take it anymore. All the hate and anger she felt every time Chuck failed to follow his promises, failed to make her feel she was his girlfriend, were thrown at him. All the loneliness she suffered from when he's away or when he couldn't be there for her were in the hot tears that fell from her eyes. "Whenever we're together you would always try hitting on me! Chuck I'm not that kind of girl. I have agreed on being your girlfriend because you said you love me and I believed you. Well, I guess you never really meant it, right? Plus, I wanted to do it with the perfect person. And right now, you're far from perfect."

Chuck took a deep breathe trying to calm himself. "I'm sorry, Gabs. I didn't mean to shout at you."

Gabriella's face softened and her voice fell. "Save it Chuck. We've been through this a lot of time and I hate to repeat it again. I am getting sick of fighting with you, take you back and do it all over again. We've been doing this and I'm not doing it again."

Chuck's eyes widened. He wasn't expecting Gabriella to shout at him, to tell him all what he thought she just said. Most of the time, Chuck did all the talking and the yelling while Gabriella did all the understanding. He's loosing the game, he knew. Gabriella's fighting back and he needed to win. To made sure that he's better than anyone in anyway. That he could control everyone.

He stood up from the couch and walked towards Gabriella taking her hands in his. He looked at her brown eyes, finally noticing its color. He felt his heart twisted when he saw the anger in her eyes.

No, wait? Am I feeling for Gabriella? Chuck asked himself. His eyes looked directly at the watered brown orbs in front of him. There was something in her eyes that was telling him he couldn't let go of the girl in front of him. It felt like the first time they dated, when everything meant to him when she was with him. He screwed up a lot, he knew. And he needed to let Gabriella know that she meant everything, that he was sorry.

Gabriella let go of his hands tightly gripping her hands. She had had enough. There was nothing in there anymore – the sparks that supposedly flying inside her heart whenever they touched were gone. His eyes looked empty even when she looked intensely at those emerald-turned-plain-green-eyes. She felt nothing and she should end this. That was her only answer to the problem.

"And what's with this, Chuck?" She said softly in between sobs. The tears in her eyes gave out and fell continuously on her face. She removed the emerald ring that was in her middle finger and brought it at his eye level, her face in disgust. "A bond of… what? Me tied to you so you get what you want? Because the moment you gave me this you were so distant and you're only as sweet as you should be when I'm here where your bedroom is a few steps away."

She paused to take in a deep breath. It felt like her heart had been lifted up from being pressed down for a very long time. Without waiting for Chuck to reply, she continued, "God! I'm so stupid to fall into your trap! But I'm pushing myself up from this sinkhole you put up for me and I'm not going back." She threw the ring at a tearful Chuck and walked away.

She swung the door open and revealed Chelsea with a huge grin on her face. "Baby!" She exclaimed. "Oh it's you!" her voice dropped as soon as she saw Gabriella in front of her.

"Chelsea? What are you doing in here?" Gabriella questioned the annoyed looking blonde. "And why did you call Chuck…" She trailed off realizing what she was about to ask. Gabriella looked at Chuck, who was right behind her, with a mixture of disgust and disbelief.

Absentmindedly, Gabriella's right hand flew through his face hitting him hard. Her eyes suddenly dried when her eyes turned hot as a fire. Her eyebrows were furrowed, her eyes were in flames, and her teeth clenched together, her lips trembling. She was angry, furious, and mad. She couldn't make one more look at the guy in front of her who was now in tears. His hands were on his pocket not minding the physical pain that Gabriella gave him, which he deserved.

"Fuck you!" Gabriella shouted those words at him. Chuck had his head down away from Gabriella but looked up immediately at the girl who just said those words for, he thought, might be her first time to say it meaningfully. "Fuck you, cheater! I can not believe I actually believed you. That I actually said I love you…" She said her eyes glaring at him. There wasn't any trace of tears evident on her face anymore.

She turned and walked away from the front porch of Chuck's house in large steps eager enough to get out of that house away from Chuck. But she wasn't too far yet when Gabriella felt herself being spun by a large hand and came face to face with Chuck. "Gabriella, please. I'm so sorry… I didn't… I mean…. I was… I"

"You what, Chuck?" She asked without interest.

"I… don't… I mean… Babe, I'm sorry. I was… baby… forgive me, please. Chelsea is nothing. She didn't mean anything. She was just calling me that because it's how we're used to. Babe," Chuck reasoned out not bothering whether Chelsea could here him. He didn't care about anything anymore except Gabriella. "I love you."

"What the hell do you mean by that, Chuck?" Chelsea joined in the conversation when she forcefully turned Chuck to face her. Her eyes furrowed, her teeth clenched. Her arms were folded against her chest.

"Whatever Chels" he said ignoring the blonde girl. Her eyebrows raised and her jaw dropped when Chuck said nothing. There was only one thing that no one could do to her: that is to ignore her. And she wasn't going to let Chuck do that to her. She flung her hands and hit his cheeks to where Gabriella slapped him earlier.

"Fucking bastard!" She yelled not caring whether all the neighboring houses heard her swore. He deserved what he got. She raised her eyebrow before walking away leaving Chuck and Gabriella.

"Got what you deserve, Chuck! And no I don't love you anymore." Gabriella said sternly and truthfully. She hadn't had any doubts in her mind about saying it. It was true that she doesn't feel anything anymore. It had vanished just like the tears that suddenly evaporated from her cheeks. "It's over Chuck. Whatever you say, we're through. I don't know how I survived months with you. But, fuck you, Chuck! We're done."

"No Gabs, please, listen to me." He pleaded desperately but Gabriella shoved her hands away from his grip and started walking in huge steps away from him. "Gabby! Please."

Suddenly, his tear stained face brightened a little when Gabriella turned around and started to walk back to him. He smiled a little and took her hands. To his surprise, she didn't let go. He touched her chin and made her look at him. His heart leaped when he mistook the smirk on her face as a smile.

"Chuck," Gabriella started but was immediately interrupted by Chuck.

"Yes, babe?"

She smirked at him before continuing, "Don't babe me. And don't call me Gabs or Gabby or Brie or Ella. You are not allowed to call me any of those nicknames since you are neither a boyfriend nor a friend. To you, it's Gabriella."

"But you hate it when people call you Gabriella. You'd rather not answer when people call you by that name." Chuck said without realizing what he just stated.

"Exactly" Gabriella finished with a disgusted smile and glared at him angrily for the last time before turning around and walked away in large steps leaving Chuck forever.

Gabriella walked away from Chuck's place. She felt like her heart had been lifted after months of being pressed down. She was through being the understanding one in a relationship. She's through being the good girlfriend and just forgave. But she couldn't help but feel bad inside. She was hurt badly, after all, she did love the guy so much.

She also couldn't believe she listened to Chuck instead of Troy. He has always been true to her and she believed a cheater over her best friend. Her mind drifted off from the day's event to the past where she found herself truly happy.

The sun was already releasing its afternoon heat touching Gabriella's tanned skin. She didn't bother walking through the shadows of the tears she pass by. Not one feeling was stronger than the hurt she felt at that moment. She kicked small rocks as she walked through the cemented sidewalk. Her mind was drifted away; she just let her feet drag her to anywhere quiet and peaceful.

Suddenly and surprisingly, her face slowly lit up to a smile. Her mind had wondered from when she and Troy first met and how her life started to be exciting. Troy had always been the only person to make her happy and until now Troy still did even he's not physically present.

Her feet dragged her to her favorite spot in town: the park. She and Troy would always go here when they wanted to be alone. The swing in the park was the specific place the two met when they were ten years old. Since then, they would find each other in that particular spot in the park until Gabriella and Troy went in their own relationships. But Troy found himself not enjoying the relationship anymore so he ended things before he could make a mistake. He broke things with his girlfriend just when Gabriella started her relationship with Chuck. But unlike Troy, Gabriella ended her relationship in a bad way. In the way she never expected will ever happen to her. Especially that Chuck was her very first boyfriend.

She sat on the swing she always sat on when she went to the park. Her feet were planted on the sand pushing her self slowly but not high. A small tear fell from her eye thinking of only one thing: Where's Troy?


"Hey man, what's up?" Chad asked seriously when the ball threw by Troy hit the rim of the basket and did not go in it. They were at the park playing basketball with Zeke and Jason. All three of them noticed that Troy wasn't in his mind at that moment and were all getting worried.

"Nothing, Chad" Troy replied quietly releasing a heavy sigh. "It's just that…"

"You and Gabriella are not talking anymore?" Zeke continued his sentence when Troy paused in a few moments. He was drinking water from a bottle noticing the sadness in his friend's face.

"Or she freaked out when she told you?" Jason seriously asked before Troy could respond to Zeke's statement.

"No, I didn't" Troy said. "And yes, Gabby's not talking to me anymore."

"But, why?" Chad wanted to know, the basketball resting in between his arms and waist.

"I told her about Chuck cheating on her but Chuck already beat me out by telling otherwise. But Gabriella believed him and not me." Troy said his face falling, his voice cracking. He was holding the tears from falling from his eyes and keeping a steady voice.

"So you'll just let it be like that?" Zeke asked. He placed a comforting hand on Troy's shoulder that made Troy looked at him.

Troy had no idea what to answer. It was Gabriella's decision to believe Chuck instead of him and he had nothing else to do with it. He could not persuade Gabriella in believing him. But he knew the right side was him, and Gabriella deserve to know the truth. Even it means forever breaking their friendship.

"No" Troy said. "Well, I'll see you guys soon. I'd better go to Gabriella."

"Yes! You should, Troy." Chad encouraged before he and Zeke went back to the game against Jason alone.

Troy walked towards his car thinking of nothing but Gabriella. He wanted what was best for Gabriella and he'll take the risk of ending their friendship just to prove to Gabriella that he was right.

Just as he reached his car and was about to open the car door, he looked at the swing set he and Gabriella first met like he always did when he pass by the park. He was used to finding little kids running around the set, swinging high and shouting. But today, there were no kids, no laughter and no shouting. Just a plain figure of a girl with curly dark hair slouched on the sit with her head resting on the chain while letting her feet push herself slowly. He looked at her and immediately realized who it was.


Gabriella kept pushing herself lightly thinking of nothing but the memories she shared with Troy. The laughter, the jokes, the fun, the comfort and everything the two had grown fond of doing. She smiled to herself and her heart slowly felt light. The events that happened early were easily forgotten and now her hands were searching for his touches. Her body needed the warmth of his embrace. Her eyes were looking for the soft blue eyes of his. Everything about him seemed to made things perfect even how simple they may be.

I love you, Troy Gabriella thought all of a sudden as Troy's smile kept flashing in her mind. Her eyebrows furrowed when she realized what her mind had just said to her. And her heart leaped as if agreeing what her mind had just said. After years of being together as friends she never realized it until now. It finally struck her mind that Troy Bolton was the man in her dreams, the guy she loved, the man she deserves. It took her a lot of wrong decisions to realize that her happy ever after was with her best friend.

Her heart twisted sadly knowing that nothing is possible now between them since she had driven Troy away. She believed a cheater over her best friend, one of the things she regretted doing. What have I done? She thought to herself.

Her face fell into sadness and a tear fell from her eyes as the thought of not being with Troy stayed in her mind. She moved her head up in closed eyes letting small tears fall from it. She took deep breath as she tried to feel Troy's presence beside here when suddenly something, or rather someone, was caressing her cheeks and wiping off the tear that was on her face. She did not open her eyes, instead, she smile at the feel of his hands on her cheeks. That touch she'd been waiting for; Troy's touch on her cheek. Her lips curled into a smile just as she felt both his hands on either side of her cheeks.

Silence took over the two teenagers and Gabriella finally opened her eyes and drowned herself into those bright blue eyes. She was telling him, through her eyes, that she was sorry and he seemed to have gotten the message because he nodded. His hands were now cupping her cheeks locking her head towards him.

Gabriella lifted her hands up to touch his cheeks and moments later, as she closed her eyes, she pressed her lips on his deeply into a kiss. And on that very place where they first met, they first shared their first real kiss. Neither one of them kissed their exes passionately. They stayed like that until air was needed. Gabriella's hands traveled downwards and engulfed Troy in a tight embrace not wanting to let him go. Troy hugged her back with the same tightness. She smiled as her face was pressed on his chest before pushing herself to look at him once more.

"Troy, I'm so sorry for not believing you." Gabriella said with her arms still around his waist.

"Gabby, shh" he hushed her telling her not to worry anything. "It's ok. I understand why you did."

"Yes, and I should have just listened to you. It wouldn't hurt that much if I did."

"At least now you know. You wouldn't believe anyway if you didn't see it for yourself and that's why I understand."

"Troy?" Gabriella looking up at him deep in his eyes. "Why are you so understanding?"

"Because I love you" He replied quickly without any doubt in his mind. This cause Gabriella to smile widely and pressed her head against his chest again.

"I love you, too, Troy." She said with truthfulness in her tone and once again her lips were pressed on his sharing another passionate kiss.

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