Hi before I do the story Galerians does not belong to me they belong to another company whose name I can't think of O.O

Well anyway this is a Ash X Nitro story because I'm a fan of the two I hope you enjoy and I really appreciated your comments

Love The Evil Goddess

His yellow/amber eyes locked on to her, watching her every move, eyeing her features. Her raven black hair, her black eyes, her dark personality. She was perfect. How she stole his heart just by looking at her. He would have continued eyeing this perfect creature but he was distracted by his name being called.

"Ash…Ash…Ash!" The silver haired man looked to his left looking down on the child who called him. "What is it Spider?" Ash replies getting a bit annoyed "your daydreaming again" Spider held his pet close to him. "And?" Ash began grindings his teeth. "What were you thinking?" there was silent for a moment. "It's none of your concern, now why don't you go and play with that 'thing' your holding" Spider's face expression showed a bit of sadness, Ash stared at him coldly. "Go and play and DON'T bother me again understand?" Spider jumped a little but nodded and began to walk away with the little spider named Leo following him. Ash turned his head to see his only light gone. "Damn" he frowned.

He unfolded his arms and went to make his way to his room only to be stopped by a horrible, disturbing, screechy laugh. "Where are you going?" Ash signed to himself he really didn't need this now "What do you want Parano?" Parano grinned, flashing his spiky teeth. "What's going on with your pokey brain?" Parano jumped in the air, in front of Ash, blocking his way and held a knife closely to Ash's neck. "What are you hiding?" Ash's anger began to rise and with his kung-fu skills. Ash grabbed Parano's wrist tight making Parano drop his knife and his pushed Parano hand away from his neck "Get out of my way" and with that Ash pushed Parano to the fall and walked right past him without caring about a thing. Parano yelled back at him while holding his swollen wrist "WHAT? Is that it? Next time I swear I'll slice your neck open and drink the blood that pours from it" Ash stared at Parano raising an eyebrow and shuck his head and rolled his eyes. "Parano don't waste my time"

Ash walked into his room shutting the door in Parano's face. He heard the anger and screaming coming from Parano, it made Ash smirk to himself. He sat down on his chair to do some thinking, his mind distracted again by that woman. She was a sort of woman who kept things to herself; she was the sort of woman who doesn't feel any guilt destroying boring things, the sort of woman who is so cold you shiver when she's near. These were the many reasons Ash had his feelings for her; he had fallen in love with her. But how was he supposed to tell her? She's unapproachable person, or maybe it was because his was afraid? Maybe? Or maybe it was the fact she could break his heart in two. He was trapped, He better tell her soon or she'll just find out anyway. "DAMN IT" He punched the table in front of him. His heart ached so much, why? Why could she do this to him? At first he denied his feelings for her but the more he denied the more it hurt so he gave up in the end. Calming himself down he signed deeply as he laid back on his bed and close his eyes, listening to his own thoughts…(thinking) "Why is this happening to me? I know I love her but…how can love hurt so much? How long do I have left before the others find out or worse SHE finds out? … I can't hide anymore, I have to tell her…soon" He opened his eyes "Nitro…"

End of chapter 1