Last chapter people then I'm finished. I feel so happy I got to do an Ash x Nitro story I really do like the pair. I've had fun writing this and this defiantly won't be my last story sorry about Ash and Nitro not being in character now but how else was I meant to do this chapter. Shall we read the final chapter…yeah why not XD

Chapter 7: I will wait

Nitro heard a faint noise…soft breathing she heard it coming from Ash then acted quickly "We need to get him to a hospital quickly! Spider! Get the doctors Parano! Help me pick Ash up" Parano growled but obeyed anyway, Ash's metal armour was quite heavy. In no time Spider came running back "HE'S HERE HE'S JUST HERE" doctors came running in and helped unconscious Ash on to the moving bed. Then they quickly drove Ash away from the factory and in to there hospital. They were followed closely by Nitro and Spider. Parano doesn't like Ash much so he stayed behind…a few minutes later Nitro was waiting outside the operation room. The doctors were going to remove the bullet in Ash. Nitro sat nervously Spider went to comfit her "Nitro it's gonna be ok, Ash will make it, he's strong remember?"

Nitro nodded "I suppose your right…I hate waiting it's so boring" Spider was quite surprise how Nitro had suddenly changed but then he started thinking back on Ash and his mood swings "now I know why" Nitro just looked at him confused "huh?" Spider looked back at Nitro he continued his sentence "lately Ash had been getting so moody and depressed, me and Leo were wondering why, and now we know…he's in love…with you" Nitro looked back to the floor "I know he does Spider" suddenly the main doctor came out Nitro got up "Well? is he? he alright?" the main doctor just hushed Nitro up "relax dear Nitro Ash is fine, we manages to get the bullet out and now Ash is sleeping to recover" Spider signed in relief "Can we see him?" the doctor nodded " yes come in"

Nitro and Spider walked in and saw Ash lying on the bed. Nitro couldn't help but feel so happy and relieved to see him she walked up to him "Ash…" She ran her fingers through his silver hair and stroked his cheek. She then grabbed and chair and next to the bed, Spider smiled "I'll leave you alone with him" Nitro nodded and Spider walked out. Nitro looked down on Ash and smiled "everything is going to be fine now, so just hold on Ash" she looked at his heart rate it seemed normal. Nitro then leaned down and pressed her lips against his, a sweet, gentle kiss. The she moved to his ear and whispered "I will wait until you wake up…" She began waiting for his yellow/amber eyes to open…