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Italics: Bella's thoughts.


"We're really going to miss you Bella," Renee said, quickly wiping her eyes.

"Aw, come on mom, I'll be visiting for Christmas." It was hard to leave when she was like this and she needed to be reassured.

"Still, make sure you call us when you get there." Charlie said.

At least somebody around here was strong. And I was about to tell him that much until I heard a sniffle come from his direction.

"Dad! Are you crying?!" I could feel my eyes widen in surprise.

"What? Oh, um no…um jut allergies." He said, averting his eyes to the ceiling.

"Uh-huh. Well you guys, I've got to get going or I will miss my flight."

I quickly hugged them both before they could change my mind and left for the plane that would take me from my hometown Phoenix AZ, to Cullen University in Seattle Washington.

I settled into my seat, closed my eyes, and went over the goodbyes I'd had to say. Everyone had been very supportive, but I could tell they were sad to see me leave. My best-friends Angela and Jessica had cried so hard the night before it had me guilty. I still had to leave though, this was my dream. Cullen University was one of the most prestigious Universities with an excellent music program. If I went there, I would be guaranteed a successful career as a musician.

As I slowly pulled myself out of my thoughts, I felt the presence of someone else. Quickly opening my eyes, I was shocked at the beautiful god beside me. With slightly ruffled bronze hair and striking emerald eyes, I was sure I was dreaming. I let out a silent gasp and pushed myself farther away from him when I realized I was gawking. Hearing me, he quickly glanced my way, smirked, and looked away.

The way he'd looked at me, so nonchalantly, was a little insulting. But what was I expecting? For his jaw to drop in amazement as well? I was nothing special…your ordinary 'plain Jane'.

Plus, it's not like anything could come of it anyways. I had completely given up on guys. I had lost all faith and trust in them ever since I caught my long time boyfriend Jacob Black making out with another girl in his room. The worst part was, when he realized I'd caught him, he quickly broke up with me and told me to leave. Like I would go back I scoffed out loud. The guy beside me looked at me again, except this time with an amused expression. I glared back at him, turned to my side, and tried to get some sleep.


The sound of wheels touching the ground woke me up and I realized the plane had landed. Slowly opening my eyes, I was surprised to feel my head lying on something warm.


I looked up and my suspicions were confirmed. My head was lying on his chest. He looked down at me with the most curios expression on his face.

"Sorry," I mumbled, shifting away from him.

"Yeah, you should be," he replied in a musical voice, while smirking at me.

"Ex-Excuse me?!" I exclaimed.

"I said you should be sorry. I couldn't get any sleep because I couldn't move with your head in the way," he said.

I was too shocked to reply. I felt my cheeks getting warm and knew I looked like a tomato at the moment.

He stood up to grab his bags from above and started to walk away. I tried to do the same, but at 5'3 I was too short. The stewardess had helped me put it up there and she would have to help me get it down. As I contemplated simply jumping on the seats and reaching for it or finding the stewardess, I heard a low chuckle and looked up to see HIM getting my bags for me.

"Here you go." I frowned as he shoved my bags at me.

"I could have gotten it myself you know" I snapped, trying to cover up my embarrassment.

"Sure," he said, and walked away again.


But it's to be expected of guys like him I guess.

I stepped down from the plane, walked into the building, and retrieved the rest of my luggage from the baggage claim area. As I began to walk outside, I looked up to see him getting into a cab and getting ready to close the door. I ran and screamed for him to wait up, but he flashed me a grin and slammed the door in my face.

What a Jerk!

I was shocked and couldn't move. After several failed attempts, I finally got a cab of my own to take me to the university.

Upon arriving, I took my schedule out of my purse and looked at the top for my dorm number. Meyer 301. I started walking towards the building called Meyer and noticed a group of kids standing by it. The most noticeable was a little pixie like girl with black spiky hair; she was standing next to a blonde guy who looked like a model. They were standing next to a gorgeous blonde girl and a big brawny guy.

Wow, I hope everyone in this school doesn't look like that!

I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor of the building and walked towards my new room. I took out my key to open the door, but realized it was already open and I could hear soft jazz coming from it.

I began to open the door, wondering who my new roommate was, but I was not prepared for the surprise waiting for me inside.

"YOU?!" we both yelled at the same time.

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