Title: Twenty Truths about Team Gai.

Author: Lell.

Written For: 20truths on LJ.

Date of Completion: 07/12/2005

Summary: Team Gai has mixed feelings on being Team Gai. [NejiTentenLee


1. Team Gai has mixed feelings on being Team Gai. Lee, predictably, loves being named after their illustrious teacher. Tenten hates it and wonders if they ran out of numbers that year. Neji doesn't particularly care.

2. Of course, when it comes to naming his own genin team, Lee follows Gai's example. Tenten pities the poor children who have to introduce themselves as Team Lee and Neji wonders just how long they had to spend learning that ridiculous Dynamic Entry from their sensei.

3. Tenten never took on a genin team of her own, but she does work at the Academy teaching uncoordinated children how to throw sharp, pointy things.

4. Because of that, Tenten is the bravest woman Neji knows.

5. After Lee sees Tenten eating lunch with Iruka, he manages to convince himself, Naruto and half the village that the two are having a romantic love affair.

6. When he doesn't believe that they were only marking test papers, Tenten resorts to her trump card – she gets Neji to tell him.

7. Neji has only gotten stronger over the years and, consequently, Tsunade sends him on more solo missions than anyone except Kakashi.

8. While he's gone from Konoha (which is far too often for their liking), Tenten sleeps at Lee's house, or vice versa.

9. And when he comes back, it's by silent agreement that they spend that precious first night together, even if it's only to sleep.

10. Tenten has never been interested in Lee romantically, but she is irrationally jealous of Sakura. She is also strangely envious of Hinata who can incite such emotion in Neji.

11. Neji doesn't see Tenten as a woman, except when another man expresses interest in her. It's also true that he has, in the past, covertly challenged and pounded into the ground people who have been snarky about Lee's boisterousness.

12. Lee just knows that he loves them both and that makes him the smartest out of the bunch.

13. Neji and Tenten don't quite know what to say when Lee and his genin team come back from a mission with a wolf cub of all things.

14. They DO however have something to say when Lee decides that he wants to keep it.

15. Tenten bitches to Ino in her lunch break about kids that throw kunai around carelessly and wolf cubs that chew katana sheaths. Ino distracts her by asking just when she's going to get her act together and marry Neji. Or Lee.

16. Neji and Lee are both in the dark as to why Tenten blushes whenever she sees them after that.

17. She doesn't ever explain it to them. She does, however, point out that her apartment really isn't big enough for all three of them when they crash at her place.

18. All of them forget to be surprised when they notice that the new one only has one bedroom.

19. Neji really does quite enjoy waking up with Tenten curled up against his chest and Lee's solid weight at his back, but since there seems to be an unwritten Hyuuga law about admitting to being happy, he only waits patiently for them to both wake up.

20. He does refuse to share a bed with Lee's damn wolf cub, though. And the squirrels had better stay the hell out of his hair unless they want to end up spit roasted.


Author's Comments:

One of my early Team Gai pieces – I think a lot of these wormed their way into other pieces of work when they'd developed further.