Dearest Readers,

So here's the thing. I am having some major writer's block... with this particular storyline here. With the great, creative genius I was graced with at birth, I came up with a solution:

Ask you for help.

This is a contest.

I need a little bit of help to get my storyline rolling along.


1. PM me or email (do not review your ideas, please) if you happened to be interested in this.

2. Do not just say "Meriwether should marry Aaron." That does NOT move the story along to chapter 8.

3. However, don't get too detailed. I might steal your ideas and lose all individuality. Just a small push to help me get on a roll.

4. Winner is rewarded. Unfortunately, since Fanfiction reaches its tentacles all over the world, I cannot send you cookies or a giftcard to my workplace. Not to mention that's just silly. So, it's not a physical prize, but instead:

a) You will be credited at the beginning of each chapter (ie: Thanks goes out to (insert YOUR name here) for moving my storyline along the way and they single-handedly saved this story from utter destruction).

b) A character- most likely not a main character- will be modeled after you or you can make up your own special character. Maybe they will be a mixture of yourself and your dream bffaeae (best friends for ever and ever and ever).

I apologize for the inconvenience. If nobody wants to help out, I will move it along on my own, but it may be ridiculously awful.

For the time being, I was inspired to write a Snow White fanfiction. It is posted. I highly recommend that you read it while you are in wait of a new chapter.

Simply Wynne, Ever Sophia: /s/4347909/1/SimplyWynneEverSophia (add the actual website before the /s- it doesn't stay in there for some reason)

Thank you! I will be waiting for your ideas! I hope that ALL of you- especially the ones that don't review- to get involved