Author's Note:

This has some historical items in it. Though I can't remember the actual name of the place where Sitting Bull's people were massacred I picked a place. I hope it is the right place. The first chapter is in third person, but the rest of the story will be in first person. I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoy writing the next couple chapters. Please R&R 2 find out more about this story. I hope you like the story line. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to review. Thank You very much for reading. There will also be some Native American sayings/words/phrases in this story.

Aiyana & children are the only survivors in this story. Talking will be in bold.

Aiyana Blackbear sat in the back of the class, listening to Mrs. Beetle go on & on about the history of Native Americans. This was what she was reduced to; her people just another page in a history book. Aiyana's mother & father had been killed at Sandy Creek along with the rest of Sitting Bull's people. Aiyana & several other children were the only survivors. A silent tear fell down her check, remembering what her family had been trying to accomplish. It had been a mistake to join Sitting Bull's people. They had been massacred only 3 days ago. Aiyana had taken the children in & moved to Walnut Grove hoping to be welcomed. But the soldiers ha followed & had arrived this very day. Aiyana heard screaming children & looked around. The soldiers had come into the classroom & were grabbing the Indian children.

Aiyana did the only thing she could. Picking up the nearest Indian girl, she fled the classroom, jumped on one of the horses, and fled the town. One of the soldiers aimed his gun & fired. Aiyana felt something hit her shoulder like fire & hit the ground. She knew no more.