Talking Part I:

My mother wasn't allowed to have custody of me. My sister & the whole racing community had already established that. Not since I was 10-years-old. Mom had a way of getting drunk & high. When she was drunk, she would beat me. When I was 10-years-old she beat me so hard that I ended up in a coma for 2 months. When I got out of the hospital, Ice got custody of me until I fully recovered. Then the courts betrayed me again & put me back with my mother. Ice & Deon have been trying to get me back ever since.

Not knowing that our mother had put the Camden's in charge of me 'till she got out of rehab, Ice & Deon shipped my 10-second car to me. First they sent me a letter saying what was going down. Ruthie was looking over my shoulder when I got to the last part of the letter.

"Hell no. my dad is not going to let you out of this house with some illegal racing thugs, just so you can go to some dumb race. He'll put you in jail before he lets you leave with some illegal racing strangers. So count your hopes smashed."

"You know what. These people are not illegal racing thugs or strangers. Ice is my sister & Deon is her husband. So get over yourself. I am going with them whether your parents, Kevin or Lucy like it or not. They are not my parents. And my mother is definitely not my mother. She can go to hell for all I care. She gave up her role in my life when she decided to get drunk & high and make it a habit, so bug out of my business, you sneaking little bitch."

Robbie, Lucy, Simon, Rose, & Kevin walked in at that moment, right when I finished my statement.

"You shouldn't swear in this house. We're Christians. You should understand that by now. And you know that your mother is getting help. She expects you to be here when she gets back from rehab. I promised her that you would be here. So, no your not going anywhere without either my permission or Reverend Camden's permission," Kevin stated.

"You're not my mother-fucking boss. My sister will get me out of this house one way or the other, whether you like it or not. Besides I haven't called my mother MOM in a very long time. She doesn't deserve that title anymore, nor does she deserve to have me in her home. She can't stay sober for more than 3 days. And when she is sober, she gets all pissed off because I won't listen to her."

"And you wonder why she gets pissed off at you. What you just said. You should listen to your mother. She did give birth to you, you know," Rose said.

"And you are who to me. None of you understand where I am coming from. And if you did, you probably wouldn't understand. So move out of my way. My car should be arriving soon and I want to take it for a drive."

I pushed past everyone & out the door.

"Wait a minute. What car is she talking about? She doesn't have one, does she?" Simon asked.

"It's all in her letter she got from her sister, Ice. But Ice has it all wrong. Who the hell is Spider & why didn't she address it to Natasha?" Ruthie said.

"We better go find out. She's was headed outside," Robby stated.

They came after me. Right as they got out of the house, the semi-truck with all the shipped cars from different states left the Camden's residence, leaving behind my car. The keys were in my hand as I went around to the driver's side of the car to examine my beautifully restored car that I had helped build from a Shelby GT 500 to a 10-second car. Opening the driver's door, I flash of white fell out as I got into my car. I bent down a picked up the white envelope.

Flipping it over, I saw the stamp was that of the Florida Police Department. Confused, I got back out of the car as Kevin & Lucy, Simon & Rose, Ruthie, & Robby came up to my car.

"What type of car is this? And is it legal to drive?" Rose asked.

I looked up from the envelope and answered her. "It's a 10-second car. My sister, Ice, and her husband own a garage in Tampa, Florida where they build 10-second car. And some 8-second cars as well."