It is impossible to forget, but even harder to remember. The pain is unrelenting. It leaves me dizzy, leaves me breathless, but it never leaves me alone.

The pack tries to understand, but I know they never will. I hear what they try to keep from me, the words they whisper when they think I'm not listening, the thoughts they think I don't notice.

He should just forget her.

She's just another bloodsucker now.

She never loved him at all.

But I can't forget. Everywhere I go, everything I do reminds me of her: my garage, the beach, my house, the forest. I can never escape her. I'm drawn to her in every way. Every thought, every run, brings me closer to her, but she is always just beyond my grasp. The distance between us is immeasurable.

No matter where I try to go, the destination is always the same: Bella.

I watch her silently from the woods surrounding her home – their home. Her scent burns my nose, but I can't move. I'm transfixed by her beauty, by her smile, by her laugh, by her. I thought it would be easier when they were gone, but now I feel more alone than I've ever felt before.

She once called me 'her personal sun', but the darkness around me now is unyielding. The sun never shines anymore. It's locked in a perpetual eclipse, and I can't figure out how to stop it.

Some days are worse than others, but I can't even tell the difference anymore. It doesn't matter what I do, where I go, the end is always the same.