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Day One

Lent. The forty days before Easter where it is expected to deny yourself of something you love. Many a time my sisters have chosen to give up chocolate and suffered tremendously for their efforts. It seems they can hardly live without chocolate.

Usually, I played it safe, not being quite as daring as my younger sisters.

This year, however, I can see myself suffering. Spending the next forty days - and nights - without …

It was a thought too horrible to consider. Yet, it has to be done.

Thanks to my wonderful, cherished, oldest younger sister Marta - whom should expect to be on the receiving end of many a glare, if I actually choose to communicate with her at all in the next six weeks.

One Week Earlier

It was a typical afternoon in the life of the De Silva students. Marta and myself had finished all of our classes for the day, and were now watching old television re-runs - those game shows from the '90's.

The door opened suddenly, and we both turned to look at the entrance.

"Hey," Susannah Simon greeted cheerfully with a wave, sliding her bag off her shoulder before walking towards me on the chair. "Sorry I'm late. My English professor would not stop talking."

I opened my arms to my girlfriend and she gratefully sank into my embrace, curled in my lap as I kissed her cheek and wrapped my arms around her. I loved how she felt in my arms.

Together, we turned to look at the show Marta was engrossed in, having barely shot a 'Hey, Suze!' over her shoulder before returning to the television set, and I found myself staring at Susannah's beautiful face. Her chestnut curls were pulled back into a loose ponytail today, a few tendrils framing her face having fallen free of their scrunchie-prison on the journey here. Her emerald eyes were framed by long, dark eyelashes and her ruby lips were practically sinful with temptation.

"Jesse?" Susannah muttered, never once turning her head away from the set in front of her. "Is there a reason that you're staring at me?"

I shook my head quickly with a small chuckle.

"Not particularly," I responded. "Just that you are so beautiful."

My querida blushed prettily and turned to lock her eyes with mine.

"You jest." She accused of me, slowly moving closer towards my lips.

"I do not." I moved my lips to her ear and kissed the part of her soft, sweet-smelling skin just below her earlobe. "I only speak the truth."

My last words came out in a deep whisper and I was not surprised to see Susannah shiver slightly.

I was even less surprised to find her lips fused to my own less then a second later.

Kissing Susannah was like getting a small taste of heaven. It was just … perfect. Her silky, warm lips against mine whilst her hands clutched at my shirt - more often then not - possessively sent a shiver through my spine as I spanned one hand against the small of her back whilst the other gently rested behind her head, keeping her to me.

Even though she was four years my junior, Susannah's kisses were amazing.

When we pulled apart, our foreheads touched as we remained locked in each other's eyes, trying to catch our breath quietly.

"Ugh," I heard a snort of disgust coming from the girl on the floor. "Get a room."

"We have one already, darling sister," I quipped, throwing a cushion towards her half-heartedly, which she managed to dodge. "You just happen to be in it."

"Whatever," she rolled her dark eyes at me and shook her dark head before turning her attention to her best friend. "Don't tell me you can actually stand him mauling you like that, Suze?"

I'd always found Suze to be an absurd nick-name. There was nothing wrong with Susannah. It fit my querida more. A respectable lady's name. My Susannah …

"Of course I can!" She cried, looking at her friend in horror. I grinned and sat her more firmly in my lap. "For shame, Marta." She was grinning now, in spite of herself. "I know you hate to admit it and such, but, your brother is easy on the eyes."

"Hey!" I protested. "Are you saying that I'm your trophy boyfriend?"

"Mm-hmm," she replied lazily. "The hot, junior boyfriend to boost my popularity in this school. Don't worry, I'll have moved onto a senior by June."

A sound I am ashamed to say sounded suspiciously like a growl escaped my throat as I kissed Susannah's neck slowly.

"I should be a senior - I'm old enough." I reminded her.

"It's not my fault you decided to be all tourist-y and visit Europe for a year."

I silenced her with a kiss, my lips easily sliding over hers once again.

"There you go again!" Marta stood up and glared at the two of us. "I'm starting to regret introducing you to each other."

There was a brief moment of silence as Susannah and I, wisely, chose to not respond to my sisters comments, and as my sister obviously thought up a solution.

"Hey, Jess," she began, childishly drawing out my name. "Lent begins next week."

I nodded slowly, not seeing her point.

"What you giving up?"

"I don't know yet," I admitted with a shrug, lightly brushing Susannah's shoulder as I did so. "I'm thinking, maybe, TV?"

Marta shook her head happily, a broad smile stretching across her face.

"Nope," she told me. "That's too easy. I dare you to stop kissing Susannah."

My mouth fell open in shock as Susannah stared at her friend in disbelief.

"Stop kissing Susannah?" I repeated. "For forty days?"

"Yep," Marta giggled evilly, happy with her plan. "And nights."

"Oh, come on!" Susannah objected. "Why do I have to suffer too?"

Marta sighed.

"Well, it takes two to tango, and it's all really getting on my nerves."

"Just you wait until you get a boyfriend." I heard Susannah mumble quietly and chuckled.

"Jesse, you can't actually be thinking about this?" Susannah asked. "Can you?"

It was Marta who answered for me.

"Jesse has never backed down from a dare." She informed my girlfriend. "Never."

"It's true." I shrugged. "Okay, fine. I'll give up kissing Susannah for Lent."

Needless to say, Susannah was not impressed with me, or my sister.

There were rules in place, of course. After all, Susannah isn't Christian, nor Catholic like myself, and therefore didn't have to give up anything. It was for that reason that Susannah was still allowed to kiss me - anywhere but my lips. We were allowed to remain in contact with each - holding hands, sharing seats, you know, couple things - but I was not allowed to kiss Susannah at all.

For the next forty days.

Starting now.