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Three Years Later

Seeing Susannah again for the first time in three years was … well, it was perfect.

I was only there for Marta's graduation and, of course, that meant Susannah's college graduation too.

She still looked beautiful. She'd matured, that was for sure. Her hair was longer and styled whilst her make-up was toned down and made her look more natural. Her skin was tanned and shiny. And I realised that I hadn't stopped loving her.

The ceremony passed, much in the manner of my own, years ago and I watched as Susannah glided across the stage, happily accepting her diploma as she smiled out into the audience.

It was obvious when she first noticed me – her eyes widened and her hand reached up to touch a silver necklace she wore around her neck. I smiled widely as I applauded her loudly, proud of her.

After the ceremony, I congratulated my sister with a hug and a kiss to her forehead, before letting her socialise with her other friends and I turned around to find Susannah standing behind me, shocked.

"Jesse?" She asked. "What're you doing here?"

I gestured helplessly towards where my sister had disappeared in the crowd and shrugged sheepishly, running a hand through my hair.

"Family duties," I explained. "You looked – you look great."

"Thank you." She smiled gratefully. "You too. Do you, maybe, want to go and grab a cup of coffee?"

"Sure," I grinned. "Coffee."

Three Days Later

"I never forgave myself, you know?" Susannah admitted, curled up next to me as we watched a movie in my apartment. It was almost as if nothing had changed. "I didn't move on – I couldn't. I just kept comparing everyone to you." She paused before admitting, "And all of them came up short."

I smiled and kissed her temple.

"I am pretty unforgettable."

She laughed and the silver of her necklace glinted hopefully.

"Why did you keep the ring?" I asked quietly.

"I'm not sure," she shrugged sheepishly. "I think I just wanted a reminder of you. It didn't work out that way though."

Quietly, I waited for Susannah to continue.

"Every time I looked at the ring," she turned to look up at me, her emerald eyes just as sparkling as they always had been. "I just saw you. I saw your face as you proposed, as well as afterwards. When I …"

I nodded, not wanting to hear it.

"Eventually," she continued. "I realised that I … That I wanted to marry you, too."

I froze, unable to process her admission.

"I love you, Jesse." She ignored the television and kneeled beside me, hands cradling my face as she stared into my eyes. All I could see was her. "I always have, and I always will."

Smiling, I raised my hand to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I love you too, querida." She smiled at epithet, now she knew what it meant. "I never stopped."

Happily, Susannah wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her, eager for our lips to be joined together once more.

It always felt right, kissing Susannah.

I'd missed it.

It wasn't long before I gently guided Susannah to lie down on the couch we were on, my body pinning hers down as we continued kissing languidly.

My hand buried in her hair and travelled through, reaching her neck and stroking the skin until I found the necklace that she had a habit of touching.

Breaking apart, I rested my forehead against hers, kissing her lips quickly another three times before I looked at the charm on the end of the necklace.

It was her engagement ring.

"I couldn't bear to part with it," she whispered. "I wanted you with me, always."

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, eyes boring into hers. "Get my number of Marta and ring me up … tell me all of this?"

"At first, I was too upset," she admitted. "Then I was angry – who were you to demand I marry you so young?" She laughed wryly. "When I finally worked up to calling you, Marta told me you had another girlfriend."

I gulped, remembering the few dates I'd gone on since Susannah and I had broken up.

"With Maria."

I closed my eyes as I realised what Susannah had thought.

"She and Paul had just broken up," I explained. "We were both upset and …"

"It's okay," Susannah smiled minutely. "I guess I kind of deserved it, for how I treated you."

I shook my head, dismissing her absurd reasoning.

"It's over now," I reminded her. "It's in the past. You are my future."

Susannah smiled before pulling me towards her and whispering in my ear.

"Ask me again."

Understanding her immediately, I unclasped the necklace she wore around her neck and slipped the ring off of it, kissing her quickly before slipping down onto my knee.

"Susannah," I kissed the inside of her left palm. "Querida, will you marry me?"

She nodded frantically, peppering kisses across my face as I slipped the ring onto the appropriate finger on her left hand.

"See, that was the response I wanted three years ago."

"I was young back then," she waved it away. "Stupid. Besides, it's in the past, remember?"

Laughing, I nodded before Susannah and I kissed happily, celebrating our new engagement.

Marta was just as excited as we were when we told her our news.

"About time!" She jumped up and hugged us both happily. "I almost throttled you when you turned him down, Suze!"

She blushed prettily.

"I don't know how many times I'm going to have to apologise for that."

She buried her face into my chest as I laughed.

"A lot," I told her apologetically. "Get used to saying it."

She glared at us both.

"So," Marta drawled. "When's the wedding."

Both Susannah and me looked at each other sheepishly.

"Well, er, actually," I stammered.

"Oh no." Marta gasped. "You eloped didn't you? You went to Las Vegas last night!"

"No, no, no," Susannah stressed. "Marta, no. Stop being so overdramatic. We were just thinking about getting married soon. As in the next three months soon. That's why we're here. Want to be my maid of honour?"

Needless to say, there was a lot more excited screaming from both girls.

Two Months Later

Susannah looked breathtaking with her tanned body encased in the white satin of her wedding dress and her hair elegantly curled and pinned back beautifully.

This was what I wanted.

What we both had always wanted.

I'd never been as happy as I was when I watched Susannah walk down the aisle towards me.

And, as Father Dominic – a friend to us both – pronounced us man and wife my heart practically exploded with happiness as we sealed our marriage – and our love – with a kiss.