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"You could have killed us!" Millerna grabbed for Hitomi's shoulders but the smaller girl was too fast.

"Better than letting them kill us." Hitomi's words stopped everyone's movements within the cabin.

"Who?" Allen straightened from looking at the gages that measured whether or not the sudden lift would kill them. Everything looked fine for the moment bu tit seemed like they had a new problem.

"Archers in the n pass." rolling her shoulders, the Seer frowned and brought one hand up to her neck, "It would have ended badly."

"So someone knows we're coming." Gaddes sighed from behind the controls, "My job just gets more interesting by the second. Seers and Draconians and a destroyed kingdom. Now just add in some planning enemy or another and it's bound to get fun."

"So you bought us some time before they realize we went over and not through the mountains." Van put an arm around Hitomi's soaking body and pulled her against his side, "Looks like we'll have to be more careful about getting back home."

"We're above the storm." Gaddes slapped his hand down on wheel and turned with a smile to everyone in the room, "Whoever is down there will have one hell of a time finding us now."

"Good." Hitomi nodded and grabbed the door nob, "I'm going to change. Keep us high and out of sight. They are still waiting and watching."

Van exchanged a look with Allen before going after Hitomi. Lately he felt like all he did was follow his wife around but he wasn't about to leave her alone now that he knew there were people after them.

"What did you see?" he stepped into the room only to blush and turn his back on his wife as she pulled off her shirt.

"I felt it more than saw it and it wasn't good. Out numbered and caught by surprise. There was no chance for us." her voice was so hallow.

Van was thinking over the horror of what she had just said and didn't hear her walk up behind him. He didn't even realize that she was there untill her hand touched his face.

"What?" he thought he had missed something she said but when he turned she smiled.

"We avoided them." she kissed his lips, "We're fine now."

"Don't you mean, for now?" his words stopped in his throat when he saw that she was only half dressed.

Being on the ship combined with Hitomi's travel sickness hadn't left them much time to be together as husband and wife. Hitomi's state of dress was a strong reminder of this fact.

"You're staring." she grinned.

"You're barely dressed." he countered, reaching for her waist.

"Has your fear turned into something else?"

"Was that your plan?"

"There was no plan." she kissed him again, "I was terrified that I hadn't acted quick enough. I thought I would never kiss you again."

Van pulled her tight against his chest and kissed her hard. His own fears had been very much the same. He knew he should have been thinking about the future of Fanelia and what would happen if he never made it back to it but all he thought of was his wife and how he would have fought till the end to save her.

He pulled her hips forward, gripping the material of her under skirt on one hand as the other slid up the back of her shift and along her spine.

They were past the danger but for how long? There wasn't even any promise that they would make it all the way to Fanelia and then onto the confrontation with whoever had burned the city and his family.

"I love you." he moved to kiss her neck, tugging her back towards the bed.

"I love you too."


Come morning Millerna's mood had worsened and she had decided to take it out on Hitomi the moment the young couple had made their way onto the higher walks of the ship.

"Damn it." Hitomi swore under her breath when she saw the blonde coming her way.

"I have been trying to talk to you since last night!" Millerna huffed, hands suddenly on her hips, "Do yo have any idea how rude it is to just shout at someone who knocks on your door?! You didn't say anything other than 'go away'." Hitomi opened her mouth to say something, pink faced but Millerna cut her off, "I understand that you are a Seer and different than everyone else but you need to think about the people around you. You can't just go making decisions for an entire shipfull of people and then yell at any who knock on your door."

"We weren't being rude." Van cleared his throat and looked at his wife for help. He didn't know how to say such a thing delicately enough without embarrassing all involved.

"I will act as I see fit in such situations." Hitomi said without apology, "And as for yesterday evening, we were occupied."

"Occupied?" Millerna looked ready to burst.

"Occupied." Hitomi nodded and then took Van's hand while holding Millerna's gaze.

It took a second but then Millerna's face reddened and her eyes widened before she made a small ,"Oh." sound. She turned on her heel and left, looking speechless.

"May I go hide now?" Hitomi hid her face in her hands but Van could still see how pink her ears had turned, "I can't believe I told her that."

"Am I interrupting?" Van and Hitomi both looked up to see a confused looking Allen coming from the way Millerna had just gone.

"No." Van tried to smile but felt his face also turning redder. He knew that Milelrna hadn't said anything to Allen but still the way the man was lookinga t them made him self conscious.

"We'll be on Fanelia land in two days." at their shocked looks he laughed, "We had been counting on weaving through mountains and encountering storms remember? Above it all we are making great time and hopefully our archer friends, or should I say, those who hired them, won't be expecting us so soon."

"We'll have the element of surprise." Van frowned. Even though this was what they had been waiting for they hadn't expected those responsible for Fanelia's fall to still be around and waiting to finish off the royal line.

At least that was the impression Van got from the news of archers waiting for them in the mountains. If that was anything to go by he was rather sure that there would be more waiting by the ruins of his home.

He was suddenly very happy to have Allen and his men on his side and at his side for what was to come.

"The air is cold." Allen said, dragging Van's thoughts back to the moment, "And your Lady wife looks pale. I suggest you both try to rest and gather your strength before we reach your lands.

They had barely closed the door behind them when Van was asking how his wife was feeling.

"I hate flying." she sighed and took a seat on the edge of their bed, looking up at Van, "I haven't felt healthy the entire we've been traveling."

"Are you well enough to face this?" he felt his voice falter. He wasn't even sure he could face it yet.

She smiled, looking more confident than he had been feeling this entire trip, "Together we can do anything."


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