Saving Akane

Saving Akane
Part 1: Back From The Future
By Azurite []

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This is a drama-romance, twisting the events of the final Tankubon of Ranma-- Volumes 37 and 38. I seem to be fond of doing that as of late... ^.^ Wuahahaa...

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Act 1: Messengers From Jusenkyo

A small girl, maybe only six or seven years old, ran from the loud ka-ka'ings of a flock of very angry crows. They were dark blots along the horizon, tailing the dark-haired girl in a mass of angry caws. Two figures amongst the flock were prominent-- being several times larger than normal crows. They had almost... human figures.

Ranma Saotome, resident martial artist of the Tokyo ward known as Nerima, watched this perplexing sight from his upside-down position on a nearby roof.

Why was he upside down, you ask? Let's just say his bethrothed-- ah, fiancee, that is, dind't like being called "overweight".

When he spotted the young girl running away, he immediately righted himself, and caught the girl just as the crows converged to attack.

The sky was overcast and gray; the wind spoke of rains to come. Ryoga Hibiki knew he had to find shelter soon, or risk becoming someone's pork buns. Little did the Lost Boy know that he was in Nerima, home of one of his eternal beloveds, Akane Tendo.

This fact became very real to him once he saw Ranma Saotome, his eternal rival running towards him at breakneck speed-- carrying a small bundle. Ryoga barely had time to restister that Yes, This is Nerima! before Ranma yelled to him "RYOGA! Catch!" and hurtled the small bundle to him.

Ryoga caught the bundle -a person, in fact- with precision, though the girl's legs were caught between Ryoga's arms, and she resembled something like a squished spider.
"Aiya! I'm fragile!"

It was at that moment that it began to rain. Ryoga groaned, and Ranma, who had been choked by the two more vicious, large winged creatures, dropped to the floor gasping, staring at the now-human boys.

*At the Nekohanten*

The boys had dashed off into the misty rain after that, and Ranma had made his way to the nearest haven --the Nekohanten-- with the little girl, and P-chan. Once they had been settled in, and Ranma related his story, Ryoga transformed back, the girl was the focal point of conversation.

"She Chinese, for sure." Shampoo murmured to Ranma and the others, casting a glance towards the small child. Something about her was familiar, but Shampoo couldn't put her finger on it. She sure as heck wasn't an Amazon-- she was too pudgy, and if she'd been running away from a battle, well...

"Perhaps those winged creatures you spoke of, Son-In-Law, were the bird people of Mount Phoenix." At this, Shampoo blinked. Weren't they just a legend? There wasn't much the younger Amazon champion knew of the legendary bird people, but if the legends were true, then there was reason enough indeed to run.

"They were!" The girl piped up. All eyes turned on her.
"Mr. Customer, I..." She began, and Ranma made a face.

Where have I heard that phrase before...?

"That's it!" Ranma snapped his fingers, "You're..."
"Not who you think!" The girl jumped off her chair, where she had been eating complimentary noodles, and waved her hands in Ranma's face. Ranma squatted to be level with her, and it was then he really noticed her features. She had blue eyes.

L...Like me!

The child looked down sadly. "I can't tell you exactly who I am. But..." She reached into her side-bag and withdrew something that made all present gasp.



"That... baka!" The 16 year old groaned as she squeezed water from her shoulder-length scarlet hair. She groaned, trying to make out the watered-down message the Jusenkyo Guide had given her. It was still legible, but...

What was worse? Her soaking wet clothes, ones mom had hand-sewed from imported material, the possibility of a cold, or the destruction of her entire future? Hmmm... what a hard choice...

That brat! How dare she run off!

"Ah-hah!" The girl rushed towards the familiar Nekohanten, intent on getting her little sister back.

"Hey!" The scarlet-haired girl exclaimed, bursting into the Nekohanten. She was a bit surprised to not see any customers in the old Cat Cafe, but giving the fact this was 17 years in the past from her time...

Several pairs of eyes were on the newcomer, standing soaking wet in the door. Curious expressions adorned their faces, some with eyes narrowed. Ranma must have been the most surprised of them all, for the girl was an-almost-spitting-image of his girl form. Could it be...

The small child that Ryoga and Ranma had rescued from the so-called Phoenix people dashed into the new girl's arms, crying "Onii-chan!" while knocking down a table and several chairs.

The audience was now bewildered. Staring at the scene before them, they pointedly crossed their arms over their chests-- with the exception of Cologne, whose bug-eyes were narrowed in suspicion.
"Please... sit down."

"Uhm..." The elder girl scratched the back of her head as she sweatdropped. "I'm Kazeya... sorry about this..." The phrase was so familiar, what with her appearance, crude dialect of Japanese... everyone's gaze now shifted to Ranma, who chuckled uncomfortably.

"You say you are Kazeya..." Cologne prompted, once everything was back to it's... 'normal' state. The scarlet-haired girl merely nodded between shovelfuls of food, and said

Everyone, including the younger girl, promptly facevaulted. On the verge of anger, Cologne demanded to know just who Kazeya and her little sister were. Most people were still perplexed about the familial relations between Kazeya and the younger girl; the small one had after all, called Kazeya her older brother.

"Look old ghoul, I've got plenty of time on you, so don't give me that 3000 years of Amazon crap." Everyone, especially Shampoo and Cologne, was taken aback at this flat statement.

"Hold it-- who are you?" Ranma asked the little girl.
"I told you, I can't--" The girl started, looking up.
"She's Hikari." The elder thumbed, finishing up the last of her noodles.

"Onii-chan!" Hikari squealed, tears forming in her eyes. Kazeya winced.
"Woah... why did she call you 'Onii-chan?' I thought you guys were Chinese..." Ryoga murmured.
"Not in the slightest. From Qinghai, China yes, but not Chinese." Kazeya explained, looking up at Ryoga with a hidden grin while she rummaged through her bag. She wiped off the item off and then showed it to everyone.

"The Nanban mirror... but how can it be...?" Mousse adjusted his glasses to make sure he was seeing all right. Hadn't Hikari showed them that very same mirror moments before?

"Oh, Hikari-baka showed you her Nanban mirror?" Kazeya clicked her tongue.
"I'm NOT a baka!" Hikari protested, fighting futiley against Kazeya's larger hand on her head. "Biii-de!" Kazeya responded, sticking her tongue out. She proceeded to give Hikari the headache of a lifetime with an oversized noogie.

"STOP THAT!" Hikari yelled, stunning everyone into silence. Kazeya gulped and removed the offending hand from Hikari's head-- but it was too late.
"BAKAYAROU!" Hikari yelled leaping up a good meter and a half. When the smoke cleared, a twitching Kazeya lay on the floor, her chair toppled over, and a large bump growing on her head.

The crowd looked to Hikari now, who was wiping her hands as if having cleaned up a large mess.
"How'd... how'd you do that?" Ranma asked, blinking. The scene was just... so familiar...
"With this!" Hikari grinned proudly, producing a very familiar mallet...

Mousse chose that moment to "Ahem" and the moment was again restored to a state of semi-normalcy.
"Why are there two Nanban Mirrors?" Cologne inquired.
"Can I get some hot water first?" Kazeya asked, putting her hands behind her head.
"Onii-ch--" Hikari started in warning.
"Oh be quiet." Surprisingly, Hikari complied.

When Shampoo returned with a cup of hot water, Kazeya upended it over her head. Everyone gasped as Kazeya's build changed completely from a teenaged girl's to that of a handsome young man's. As a matter of a fact, he looked like Ranma, albeit Kazeya's hair was a bit lighter, and his eyes were a hazel-brown... just like...

"Hey... who're your mom and dad, if you're from the future?"
"Ah-ah-ah." Kazeya wagged his finger at Ranma, while using his other hand to put his hair in a ponytail.

"That would be telling. Besides, you obviously have figured that me and sis' here are from the future-- and no one should know too much about their future, right?"
"Then why are we here, Onii-chan?" Hikari asked not-too-innocently. Her eyebrow quirked up in a 'do-tell' expression, causing Kazeya to sweatdrop.

"Alright, alright. We're here to prevent a future from happening," Kazeya explained, shrugging. But his eyes betrayed him as he glanced outside to the rain.
"We'll know that our plan has suceeded when we disappear-- or change appearances."
"But why? What happened? And why... why are you here?" Ranma asked.

Hikari and Kazeya exchanged a glance.

"In this time... an event is about to happen that will change all your futures." Hikari said mysteriously.
"Look, we can't really explain here, and we're running out of time."
"We're out of time, Onii-chan. The Phoenix people were chasing me when I got here."
"What!? Already... Damn, that means we didn't come back soon enough..." Kazeya growled, gripping the handle pf the real Nanban mirror. There were now a few cracks on the laquered handle matching those on the mirror face.

"Who are these Phoenix people, anyway?" Ryoga demanded. He'd barely caught a glimpse of them before Ranma had fought them, figures blurring... and then the rain had started. Being in a smaller form didn't help Ryoga any when it came to his vision-- or lack thereof. But that was the nature of his curse. The bad game hand-in-hand with the good.

"Dangerous." Hikari stated simply. Kazeya agreed with a brisk nod, and nothing more was sad. He stood, Hikari following suit.
"Look, Ranma, we gotta get back to the dojo. Now."

Ranma kept silent about their odd appearances, and that similarity between Hikari and Akane... with that mallet and everything. What was more, they hadn't needed any introductions at all-- both of them knew Shampoo, Mousse, Ryoga, and Ranma.... though they had referred to Cologne as 'old ghoul'. That, in itself was strange. Who were they, really?

Ranma and Ryoga followed Kazeya and Hikari outside, where the sky was predictably gray. It was not raining anymore, but judging from the wind, that would change soon. They had to hurry, before the Phoenix people came again, and caused more damage.

The end of Part 1: Back From The Future. In the next installment of Volume 37-38 madness featuring Ranma and Co., the true identities of Hikari and Kazeya are revealed! But what happened in their time that caused them to come back? What is Hikari's secret... and what of "Plum?"

Coming up next, in "Saving Akane!" Act 2: The Battle for "Jusenkyo's Secret"!