A/N: This is the sequel to ' Painful Truth'.

Summary: Piper makes a change, and an event on both of them makes Leo remember his past. Phoebe finds someone she thinks could be perfect for her, but things aren't, as they seem. The one person that comes to her rescue, she thought that she'd never see again, much less be happy to see. Then she realizes that people change, as has she. Andrea finds a possession of her mother's while looking in Piper's old storage room in the house that Piper used to live in. What questions will this bring up for her, and what did Prue know that no one else did?

Set two months after Painful Truth.

Piper Wyatt entered the restaurant she worked at, and got set up for another ruthless day in the kitchen. She loved to cook; it was just the boss who she hated. He was always there, and making her life as difficult as possible.

" Piper." Renaldo said, as she started to prepare for the incoming lunch customers. " I need you make that a little more zestier. Not enough peppers."

Piper knew very well that he was just trying to get on her nerves. It was spiteful more than a friendly tip from a boss.

" Sure." Piper said, through clenched teeth. The only thing that would get her through this day… that got her through most days was the thought of seeing Leo at the end of the day. After two months of marriage, they still weren't out of that lovey dovey mood that most lost within the first month.

" More." He said, as she added more onto the salad that she was preparing. " Zest Piper, Zest."

" What ever you say."

Later that day, after Piper had opened the brand new knives that Renaldo had had her order, to cut some fish up to make a special seafood platter, when he came storming up to her.

" Those are totally wrong." He said. " I told you, special Coaler (A/N: I made that up, as well as any brand) fillet knives."

" You told me Caller." Piper said.

" You must have misunderstood." He said. " Oh well. You can order new ones. Out of your pocket."

" You know what Renaldo?" Piper said, grabbing a dishtowel, and wiping her hands on it. " I'm tired of this, your throwing me around, not appreciating the work I do, taking advantage of me. I work really hard, and I haven't gotten a raise in years."

" What would you like me to do with that information." Renaldo said. " You never say no."

" Renaldo." Piper said, loosing her patients. " I quit." She stormed out of the kitchen, grabbed her coat, and left.

It was only about three, so she had some time before Leo would be home. Maybe she'd make him a special dinner after a hard days work she knew he'd had.

She drove home, and went to go use her key to open the door, when she realized it was already opened. Cautiously, she opened the door, and crept into the house, in case someone was in the house that shouldn't be. She was nervous that it was a robber or something.

She turned the corner to go into the kitchen, when she jumped out of her skin at the sight of a person.

" Leo!" she cried. It was only Leo.

" Hi, Pipes." He said, walking up to her, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. " What are you doing home so early?"

" What are you doing home so early?" she asked, calming down a bit.

" I got off early." He said.

" I quit." Piper said, setting her pocket book down onto the counter.

" You quit your job?" Leo said. " Congratulations."

Leo knew about the whole Renaldo thing, and had been the one to encourage her to do it, after she talked to him about the aspect of quitting.

" Yeah, it was actually kind of easy." She said. " He got on my last nerves today, so I quit."

" Good." Leo said. " He doesn't deserve you. I however do."

Piper looked around the kitchen, and saw that he was cooking Chicken Parmesan. It was her absolute favorite.

" You do." she said, with a smile. " You made this, because you knew I'd quit today?"

Leo smiled. " Yeah." He said. " You seemed determined today. I just had this feeling."

" Thanks." Piper said, reaching up to kiss him. He bent down and returned the kiss before pulling away from her.

" What do you say we eat?" he said " It all looks good, if I do say so myself."

Piper grinned. " It does." She said.

A/N: so there's the first chapter. Piper quit her job. What will she do now? Tell me if I should continue with this.