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'Oh' he choked, paralyzed by his memories.

'Mr. T?' she asked, quirking an eyebrow. 'You alright?'

'Yes,' he cleared his throat 'Fine,'

'Well come on then,' she gestured 'Toby's getting impatient, you know how he likes us to eat like a family…'

He cleared his throat again, the idea of them being a family making him feel inexplicably strange. And not a good kind of strange.

'You know, you treat that boy too kindly,' he muttered, as he followed her down the hall.

'It's me gentle heart, Mr. T, I can't help it,' she replied, stopping suddenly and turning, hands on hips. He took in her soft, pushed up cleavage and thought of the night before, how her skin had felt against his own. And her lips… how easy it would be to kiss her right there, in the plain light of day… she certainly wouldn't object, for one thing. She stared into his eyes, her mouth slightly open, and for a moment he was sure she was going to ask about last night. 'I could always make you wash your own clothes, you know… could always make you clean all that blood off everything yourself,' she paused, almost as if she was frightened to say something. 'I'm not your wife, am I? No, not even that…'

'Alright,' he growled, irritated by her sudden spark of defiance. 'I was just talking, Mrs. Lovett. Take no notice,'

'Hard not to,' she turned, pushing into the drawing room 'Most things you say seem to make sense,'

'There you are!' exclaimed Toby, bouncing in his seat 'Thought you were never coming… I'm starving!'

'Forgive me, young Toby, but are children not supposed to speak when spoken to?' said Mr. Todd, seating himself as Mrs. Lovett spooned porridge into his bowl.

'Yes sir,' said Toby glumly, shovelling his own breakfast into his mouth.

'Toby! Eat a little slower!' laughed Mrs. Lovett, pushing her own spoon delicately into her mouth. Mr. Todd turned away, annoyed to find himself rather enticed by her ladylikeness.

'Sorry,' said Toby, taking smaller mouthfuls. He then seized his opportunity to speak. 'What happened last night?'

'Last night?' asked Mrs. Lovett, catching Mr. Todd's eye.

'Yes, Mr. Todd was in your room, mum,'

'In my room? Can you imagine, Mr. T!' she laughed, turning to her fellow accused. 'You must've been dreaming Toby love,'

'I'm sure I seen him in your room…' he said quietly, brow furrowed. 'I don't remember much, but if there's one thing I do remember it's me old workhouse master giving me a lashing for going in the girls' room. A man never enters a lady's room, he told me,'

'Indeed he doesn't,' said Mrs. Lovett, nudging Mr. Todd's foot under the table.

'No,' he said, scraping his bowl clean. 'Must have been a dream, lad.'

'Mr. Todd… couldn't er… give me a hand with the dishes, could you?'

'That's my job!' exclaimed Toby, looking annoyed.

'I know love, but I've got an errand for you to run. I need you to pop down to the market and get us some honey,' she handed him a penny. 'If old Mr. Coop's being kind, he might let you taste some of his best this week,'

'Oh!' exclaimed Toby, excited by the prospect of something sweet, and he promptly ran out of the room. Mrs. Lovett paused for a minute, smiling. Silently, Mr. Todd helped her gather up the breakfast things, and they made their way to the kitchen together.

'He nearly had us there, Mr. T,' she smiled, filling the sink with water.

'Whatever do you mean, Mrs. Lovett?' he asked nonchalantly. He had decided it was time for a little fun.

'Well, I mean…' she hesitated, immersing the bowls in the soapy water.

'Yes?' he asked expectantly.

'Last night…'

'Well, what about last night?'

'Er…' she blushed lightly, handing him a dishcloth.

'Was it not a night like any other?' he dried a bowl quickly, his face gave nothing away.

'Well, no… because you… you came in to my room, Mr. T…'

'Did I?'

'Yes, you came into my room… and… and you kissed me… and you… took off my nightgown and…' her cheeks had turned a deep shade of pink, and she turned away, embarrassed.

'Mrs. Lovett…' he whispered huskily, placing the dishcloth on the side and inching closer to her 'It sounds to me… like you've been having unsavoury dreams…'

'I know you're toying with me, Mr. T…' she uttered softly, startling a little at his sudden touch, his fingers snaking from her neck to her shoulders.

'And how do you come to that conclusion?' he breathed against her neck.

'The cut is still there…' she replied, turning to him. They stared at each other for a second before he pulled her roughly into his arms and their lips collided, tongues entwining, hands snaking where they shouldn't.

'Nellie…' he muttered against her lips, holding her tightly in his arms. 'Let's go back to bed…'

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