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This is will be slightly AU with a few OOCs. Also this is a NaruHarem but you'll have to read to see who's in it and a bit of genderbending.


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Naruto's Fragment

Naruto: Reborn


Chapter 1

Naruto gagged, the fedit-tasting water was clogging his mouth and nose. "Wait..water??" He scrambled to his feet, something was very, VERY wrong. He found himself standing in what looked like a massive sewer tunnel. Pipes criss-crossed the walls and ceiling. "H-how'd I get here!? Hello? Iruka-Sensei?" He called out, looking around, but nobody else was there. Nothing but dead silence "Where AM I?"

The last thing he remembered was being out in the woods where he has finally finished learning the Shadow Clone Jutsu from the Forbidden Scroll. He was about to leave it at that when another technique caught his eye; theSeal of The Linked Soul.

Then it hit him: Mizuki said one jutsu from the scroll was enough to ensure his graduation. If so, then more that one would make him even more of a shoe-in!

He was working on on the last few seals for it when Iruka arrived. Unfortunately he didn't have time to tell him before he completed the jutsu and everything suddenly went black.

However, his thoughts were interrupted by a booming voice behind him, "I see you've finally arrived, kit."

He whirled around to see a set of gates filling the entire tunnel. A pair of shining red eyes and glistening fangs emerged from the darkness behind them, "And to answer your question, this is, more or less, your mind."

"Who..who the h-hell are you!?" He stammered, backing up a bit.

"Kyuubi no Kitsune, who else?"

"That...that can't be, the Fourth defeated you! You're supposed to be dead!"

The fox chuckled, "I'll admit, he was pretty strong for a human; but he was still just a human. There's no way he could completely destroy me, so he sealed me away." The eyes slowly lowered closer to him, "In you."

Realization lifted it's ugly head; all the insults, all the beatings and attempts on his life. "YOU!" He screamed, advancing on the bars, "You're the reason everyone's so hell bent on making my life hell!"

"I know, Ok!? It's not something I'm proud of. To be honest, I didn't even realize I had been tricked until I saw the aftermath. They didn't even know WHY I had attacked."

"Wait a second..'tricked'?" Naruto scoffed, "Oh, this I gotta hear."

Kyuubi sighed, "An elderly couple I had grown fond of were killed for the sole purpose of getting my attention a week beforehand. When I caught up to the ones responsible, they tried to capture me with some kind of containment jutsu. I was able to get loose and killed all of them except their leader, a guy who looked like he was anemic. I saw they had on Leaf headbands and thought they were sent, so I came wanting answers. "

For a moment, Naruto saw regret in the fox's eyes.

"Although, after what I've seen these last 13 years, I should've just wiped the damn place off the map! There's no excuse for the crap these sorry excuses for apes have pulled!" Kyuubi slammed against the bars, making him jump back, "Who the hell do they think they are, trying to kill a baby!? A baby, dammit!"

Naruto started to back away when he saw tears running from its eyes. The Nine Tailed Fox was crying.

"I understand your anger, Kyuu-chan." Another voice spoke up beside him, it sounded like his, except somewhat deeper. He looked to see a figure in a hooded trench coat, their face hidden under the hood, "But It doesn't do you, or us, any good to dwell on the past."

"Chan..!? Kyuubi is...?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm female, all right?" She muttered, wiping her eyes with a tail.

"Ok..." Naruto was trying his hardest to keep his composure. "Then...w-who are..?"

The hooded figure reached to pull it back, "I'm you." Naruto's eyes bugged out. It WAS him, with the exception of the other 'Naruto' was significantly taller with a slight jet-black tint to his skin as if it was an odd tan. His hair was even spikier with streaks of darker yellow amongst the gold, his whisker marks were broader and more pronounced, and the part of his eyes the bangs didn't droop over had an almost metallic gleam to them.

"A fragment of you, to be more specific."

"Say wha..??"

"I'll explain it."Kyuubi said, finally calming down a bit, "When I got sealed, some of my chakra inadvertently got into your DNA and it kinda got tweaked somewhat. I guess the Third panicked when the changes started showing. He probably thought people would claim it was proof that you were me. Morons... Anyway, he sealed the changes away, but like I said, the Hokage is still only human. He goofed up and sealed a lot more than he planned. Trench coat here is the representation of what got sealed."

"That..that's impossible. How can he be part of me? I feel fine." Naruto protested.

"Let me put it like this; you've never wondered about your lack of focus and concentration? Why it seems you barely make progress even though you almost train yourself into the hospital?"

As much as he wanted to argue, Naruto knew he was right. No matter how hard or far he pushed himself, he still seemed to be left in the dust by others. Even his grades showed it. Although he knew his refusal to listen and playing hooky had a hand in it as well.

"When Sarutobi sealed away the physical changes, he also sealed part of your mind, your personality, your strength...if effect, he accidentally broke off a part of your very being. Of course, we can fix that now"

"What do you mean? How?"

"That jutsu you were just working on. The Linked Soul seal; I remember that that was the one he used. It was designed to hide any visible signs of a blood line or noticeable features. The good news, however, is once it's been applied, the person with it can break the seal if they want, as long as they know about it.

"Are you saying what I think you are??"

Kyuubi chuckled, "Bingo. You two just need to make physical contact for it to kick in. Although, you may wanna hold off for the moment. That Mizuki creep is here and Iruka just blocked the big shuriken he lobbed at your body."

"Mizuki..shuriken? But he's the one who told me about...the...scroll..."

"I'd hate to say this, kit; but I'd have to say he played you so you'd steal the scroll for him..." She replied.

Naruto's expression darkened, "That BASTARD!" He growled.

"What are you waiting for then? Get out there and kick his ass then you can work on pulling yourself back together!" With that, she ejected Naruto out of his mind.

"Why do you even bother protecting that thing, Iruka!?" Mizuki sneered, "You know as well as I do what it is! It killed your parents. Help me kill it and I'll split the scroll with you."

Iruka winced as he pulled the shuriken out of his back, and chuckled, "Listen to yourself, Mizuki. It's true, I would like to get back at the Kyuubi for my parents, but the fox and Naruto are two different beings, he's not perfect, but he does the best he can. Even if he's a bit of a baka at times.." he chuckled slightly at that.

The other chunin's sneer widened, "Well, too bad for you. Once you're out of the way, that power will be all mine!" He leaped off the branch he was hiding on and made ready with another giant shuriken. Before he could move in for the kill, a kunai forced him to dodge, "What the hell?"

Both of them followed where it came from to see Naruto getting to his feet, "Better a baka than a pervert, Iruka-Sensei." Naruto said, earning a sheepish look from Iruka before glaring at Mizuki, "You've officially qualified for an ass-kicking, Mizuki-Teme!"

"You really think you stand a chance against me demon brat!? Bring it!"

Naruto put on a grin that promptly unnerved Iruka, what came next make him almost feel sorry for the traitor.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" When the smoke cleared, Mizuki just about soiled himself to find the area loaded with dozens on Narutos, all of them glaring at him and cracking their knuckles.

"These..there are solid!" Iruka said to himself, "He's learned a jonin-level kinjutsu in just a few hours!"

"Ready or we come!" The Narutos yelled and descended on the now screaming Mizuki.


Later that night, Naruto was back at his apartment admiring the headband Iruka had given him for taking out Mizuki and learning a jutsu from the scroll, "Yes! I'm finally a ninja!"

"Kami, kit, I never knew a human face could squish like was funny as hell!"

Naruto whipped his head around, "What the...? Kyuubi..??"

"Right in one. We can communicate now that you know I'm here. Anyway. I believe you have some unfinished business."

Before he could react, he found himself back in front of Kyuubi's cell. Fragment Naruto was leaning against the wall, "Oh yeah. that. So..we just make contact, right? Um..what exactly'll happen?"

"Well, since you'll be whole again, you'll be able to think more clearly, be less oblivious of things, plus you'll finally receive the effects of all that training you did the last few years. There's one slight catch, though.."

"Why do I get the feeling I'm not gonna like it..?"

"Well, the mental change won't be so bad. The physical'll hurt like hell..and since I'm what you would've looked like before the seal was applied, your appearance will change as well."

Naruto took a deep breath. If he ever had a chance to show that he wasn't a 'deadlast' as he was seen, now was it, "Let's do it.

"It'll be good to be home." The fragment said, with that, he lunged forward and slapped his hand against Naruto's chest, vanishing into him instantly.

The blonde's eyes shot open back in the real world as the first surge of pain crackled through him. He could feel his bones cracking and muscle tearing as the transformation began. 13 years of attacks and beatings had given him an impressive pain threshold, but this was pushing even that to the limit. He could do little more than hold back a scream and pray it didn't last long.


Well, there's the first chapter of my remake, and I'm actually rather proud of it.