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Chapter 2

"Rise and shine, kit." Kyuubi piped up, rousing the blonde from his slumber, "It's finally done. And, I gotta admit, I'm impressed."

Naruto groaned, "Damn..saying it would hurt was an understatement!" He muttered, pulling himself up to his feet. It was then he noticed things were rather..off. The moment he was up, he noticed his perspective took a drastic change and his shoes and jumpsuit no longer fit right. In fact, it felt smaller. He bent his arm and watched the material tighten up around his upper arm. "What's going on?"

"Why don't you go take a look in the mirror." She was working hard to fight back a blush. She'd be reluctant to admit, but over the years, Kyuubi had grown rather affectionate of the now former knucklehead.

"Ky-Kyuubi?" He looked around for the source of the voice.

"Relax, we can talk now that you know I'm here. Though you may wanna just think in public so no one gets weirded out."

He followed her suggestion and promptly jumped back when he saw his reflection; he now looked just like the fragment Naruto, complete with the enhanced whisker marks. He also saw why his jumpsuit didn't fit anymore. Pulling off his shoes he discovered even without them, he was now standing a good 5' 2". He pulled his coat off and saw he was still somewhat slender, but covered in rock-hard muscle, "Whoa..I knew I was training a lot but.."

"I'll say, I had to keep you healed a good 10 hours straight. Your body nearly pulled itself apart just from the height increase."

"Huh? Heal me?"

"Duh. How else could it just take you a few days to heal from injuries that would take others months or outright cripple them? Wouldn't be surprised if your bones were damn near unbreakable by now."

"Wait..that was you??"

"I may be a demon, but I do have a sense of decency you know. Like I said, you had nothing to do with my mistake that day."

"Thanks, Kyu-chan." He said, unknowingly adding the suffix and making her blush, although she was grateful he didn't see.

"Y-yeah. Anyway. that brings up a proposition I have for you."

"What kind?" He asked as he rummaged for some clothes that would fit. The jumpsuit, even though it was bought mostly as a last resort, had grown on him. He was going to miss it, but it just wasn't going to work any more. With that answer, he was pulled back to his mind.

"W-what the hell!?" He yelled, getting another face full of water.

Kyuubi giggled, "I figured it would help if we discussed it face-to-face." As she spoke, Naruto could hear her voice suddenly shift to a more human tone.

He looked to the cell and noticed it suddenly seemed rather empty. "Kyuubi..?" He inched up to the bars.

"You called?" A VERY shapely redhead stepped in front of him, wearing little more than shorts and a tank-top.

Now, Naruto wasn't exactly normal by regular standards, but he was still an adolescent boy, and as such he did hat came natural...

His face underwent and insane blush and he began babbling, "K-kawaii..you...curves..."

Kyuubi grinned, "I take it that you approve. Anyway, about my offer. You get placed on your new team the day after tomorrow, right?"

Naruto stared for a moment before snapping out of it, "Oh, yeah. Why?"

"Well, I can help you train and teach you some of the things you never got a chance to learn. In return, you let me out of here so I can get some fresh air."

"Say what!?"

"Calm down. Just rip off 1/5 of the seal over there." She pointed to the paper covering the lock." It'll be enough to let me out but still keep my chakra inside. All I really want is to stretch my legs some."

"Well..I guess it couldn't hurt. But I want your word you wont go medieval on everyone."

"I promise, on all nine of my tails. Unless they give me a damn good excuse."

Figuring that was the best he could get, he tore off part of the seal and was knocked cold by the sudden release of energy.


"Closing time? but..only on my 17th bowl.." Naruto mumbled in his sleep as he was lightly nudged. His eyes twitched open to see a redhead with an ankle-long ponytail and bright pink eyes smiling cutely at him.

"You know you're kinda cute when you sleep?" She chuckled as he scrambled to his feet.


"Yep." She twirled around. this time she had on an outfit resembling a white ANBU uniform, minus the armor and mask, "Well, you did your part of the deal, so I'll fill mine. First priority; your chakra control. To be honest. It's horrible."

Before they could continue, a knock at the door caught their attention. As soon as Naruto opened it, the female chunin on the other side quickly turned an impressive shade of pink.

"Uh..the..the hunk..I mean Hokage would like to see you, Uzumaki-kun..I mean SAN!"

"Ok. I've got a few questions for him as well.." She made a quick exit after Naruto responded, almost tripping over her own feet as she took one last look at him..

"Hm, what the heck was that about?" He muttered, while Kyuubi just sighed.

"Ok, as soon as you get back from seeing the old man, we need to have a talk about certain things."

"If I can find some clothes.." He muttered while rifling through his closet again, "Nothing here but a couple old rolls of gauze." He groaned as Kyuubi got an idea.


"What I wouldn't give to get my hands on the baka who invented paperwork." Sarutobi growled to himself as he tried to put a dent in the massive pile on his desk. He was seriously contemplating setting the whole damn thing ablaze when the receptionist opened the door.

"Sir? Naruto Uzumaki is here to see you." She glanced nervously at the boy beside her, he was still wearing the orange pants, or what was left of them. Part of the legs had been cut off and the exposed part of his legs and his upper body were wrapped up in the gauze as a makeshift shirt. However that wasn't what was making her nervous.

His typical goofy smile was replace with a look that plainly said, "Mess with me and I will & you up!" The left side of his head was stained with blood, as were his hands.

The Hokage nearly dropped his pen, "Naruto..? What happened!? His apperance..how..??"

"One of the village idiots decided he wanted to start something.."



"Kyuubi, are you sure about this?" Naruto asked, still feeling a tad exposed even with the gauze on.

"Well, unless you'd like to walk through town half-naked." Came the response from inside his head. She felt it would be better if the Hokage saw her first so she could straighten things out.

"Good point."He passed Ichiraku Ramen and contemplated getting a bite to eat real fast when he suddenly felt a searing pain on the side of his head. He quickly put his hand against a gash and pulled back bloody fingers. A rock at his feet filled in the blanks.

"Get out of here, you filthy animal! You're not welcome here!" A nearby voice called out.

He turned to see one of the villagers hurl another rock at him that he caught on reflex. In that moment, 13 years of sorrow, pain, and loneliness came back to him. These..these FOOLS had thought he was the Kyuubi, but out of sheer stupidity did everything they could to ensure they would have been the first to go if he really was. He had always thought he had done something wrong, that they had a reason to treat him like that.

But no more. As he looked at his blood-stained hand, one emotion came, one emotion only: anger. He had been basically bullied his entire life; beaten and blamed for something he had nothing to do with.

That ended NOW!

The villager was about to hurl another when Naruto suddenly emitted a low snarl. As he thought of all that had been done to him, his grip on the rock got tighter and tighter. Everyone within range could hear it begin to crack. The rock suddenly shattered in his grip when he looked the man dead in the eye.

With a pair of glowing blue orbs.; the eyes of a person that was ready to inflict serious pain.

Before he could even respond, Naruto let loose a scream of fury and blurred out of sight...

Only to reappear right in front of the man and bury a fist in his face. The blow was hard enough to send the man flying into and almost through the fence behind him. Naruto walked over and grabbed the still conscious idiot by the collar and hoisted him up. His nose was completely flattened and half his teeth were gone.

"What's the matter, Teme!?" He snapped, seeing the fear on his face, "It's not as fun now that the 'kyuubi brat' is hitting back, isn't it!?" With that, he hurled the man to the ground and glared at the onlookers, "Listen up, bakas! Naruto Uzumaki's through being your punching bag. If you think you can still push me around, you better be ready for me to push BACK!"

Everyone responded with absolute silence. Naruto simply turned and resumed his walk to the tower.



Sarutobi nearly dropped his pen when Naruto finished, "He..he was able to do THAT? Oh, Naruto..I'm afraid your life just got a tad more complicated."

The blonde spotted the look on the old man's face and cocked an eyebrow, he knew something he wasn't telling.

"Naruto, I..I call you here because it's time you learned something. "

"Like what the hell possessed you to use that 'Seal of The Linked Soul' on me after The Fourth sealed Kyuubi away in me?" He interrupted.

The Third sighed, he knew it would come to this sooner or later, "I won't deny it, Naruto. When I saw the way the fox's chakra was changing you, I panicked. I was worried that the villagers would take it as irrefutable proof that you were the Kyuubi. Although, after I realized that I had performed a flawed sealing...I felt more ashamed of myself than anything. I say this with all the sincerity I can muster; I never meant it to impede you in any way."

"That was still a boneheaded thing to do." Kyuubi muttered, appearing in a plume of red smoke.

"Kyuubi! I though we agreed to warn him first!" Narutto said, annoyed at her sudden entrance.

"I know, but I got impatient."

"You mean she's the. K-Ky-Kyu.." Sarutobi turned white as a sheet.

"Yes, I'm Kyuubi. Now don't get your drawers in a bunch, old man. I'm not here to cause any trouble, although there's a few ignorant turds in this village that I wouldn't mind pounding on." She cracked her knuckles with that last statement, letting all 9 of her tails appear.

"B-But h-how..? The seal..!"

"The seal's fine. My chakra's still contained; Naruto just removed enough for me to get outside." Her voice quickly took a serious tone she may have looked like a 16 year old girl, but the old man knew far better than to underestimate her, "I know you got a LOT of explaining to do to Naruto, but I have a little info to lay on you as well. You all think I just attacked Konoha for the hell of it? Guess again, Grandpa!"


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