Harry Potter lay on his bed while looking up at the ceiling, he was deep in thought about his godfather, Sirius Black, Sirius had been killed by his own cousin Belletrix Lestrange in the M.O.M, sighing Harry stood up and began pacing 'all this happened because of some stupid prophecy about me and Voldemort, I'll avenge you Sirius, and the countless others that have suffered because of Voldemort and his Death Eaters, I promise.'

Just as Harry began planning about how to get the proper training to stop Voldemort an owl flew threw his bedrooms open window and landed on his desk while looking at him, Harry walked over to it and untied the letter that was attached to the owl's leg before the owl flew away, frowning he opened the letter and saw that it was from Gringotts and decided to read it.

Dear Mr. Potter

We wish to give our condolences to the passing of your godfather Sirius Orion Black, Mr. Black was a good man who died before his time, next week will be the reading of his will and since you are the main benefactor it is important that you come, to make sure that you make it we have sent a portkey with this letter in the shape of a regular knut, we await you arrival

Sincerely Ragnarock

President of Gringotts.

Harry was shocked that the president of Gringotts himself had sent him a letter but the shock wore off quickly only to be replaced by sorrow, he didn't want any of the money, he just wanted his godfather back, shaking his head Harry sighed knowing there was nothing he could do except go to Gringotts for the will reading.

After Harry had decided what to do he pulled all his books out and began revising them, performing the correct wand movements without saying the incantation, when he was not in his room practicing, he was outside running laps around the park, he began eating right as well and the Dursley's couldn't say anything about it since they were afraid of what the Order would do to them, because of Harry's new home life he began to get healthier than he had ever been, his stamina grew even more and his muscles began to expand even if just a little more since it was for one week.

Finally the day of Sirius's will reading had come and Harry felt the Knut began to vibrate so he pulled it out of his pocket and instantly he felt the tug on his navel before being portkeyed to Gringotts.

The portkey took Harry to the main entrance of the wizarding bank and he saw Griphook, the Goblin who had shown Harry his vault in his first year walking over to him "right on time Mr. Potter, come the president is waiting and everyone else had arrived."

Harry nodded "alright, lead the way Griphook."

Griphook's eyes widened before he bowed "I have heard of your greatness Mr. Potter but to actually remember a Goblin's name not to mention what they look like is almost unheard of, please follow me."

Harry frowned but did as he was told, he followed Griphook down one of the hallways that had a sign saying 'will's and deed's', a minute later Griphook led Harry into a big room with two rows of benches, one on both sides, Harry saw Hermione, the Weasley's, Tonks, Remus and to his surprise both Draco and Narcisa Malfoy, he saw Dumbledore standing at the front of the room having a conversation with another Goblin who was sitting on a high stool behind a tall desk.

Walking deeper into the room Harry overheard the conversation, "…I just know that Harry won't be coming here, he doesn't want any of the money, believe me Ragnarock Harry is still grieving."

Harry cleared his throat and everyone's heads turned to him, everyone else besides Draco and Dumbledore smiled at him, Draco sneered at him while Dumbledore's eyes widened in shock "Harry, what are you doing here?"

Harry glared at him "what do you think Dumbledore? It's my godfathers will reading and since I'm the main benefactor I have to be here."

Dumbledore sighed "be that as it may, I will take you back to the Dursley's where you will be safe?"

Harry just stood there and said the one word that Dumbledore wasn't expecting from Harry, "no."

Everyone gasped in shock and Dumbledore's eyes once again widened "I'm sorry Harry but what did you say?"

Harry smirked at him "I said no Dumbledore, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've come to realize something, you want me to go evil just like Tom and Grindlewald."

Everyone's eyes widened and they looked at Dumbledore only to see him gaping at Harry, Harry just chuckled at him "think about it, at the age of one I defeat a wizard who is so powerful that everyone is afraid of even saying his name, even the 'wise' and 'powerful' Albus Dumbledore can't do anything against him, then comes a baby who kills him, this makes Dumbledore look bad, so he sends me off to my relatives who he knows hate magic, he told everyone that it was for my own protection, protection against what exactly? You could have easily raised me and no one would be able to cause me harm since even Voldemort feared you, but no, you sent me to my relatives house where you knew I'd be abused, you never even sent someone to keep an eye on me, while I was in the Muggle world everyone looked back to you as the leader of the light, not knowing that your just as evil as Voldemort and Grindlewald, maybe even more evil than them."

Whilst Harry was talking no one said a word and just looked at Harry with wide eyes but he wasn't finished yet, "let's go back to before I was born, back to when Tom was in school, he had the same childhood I did, we both never knew our parents and we never had a loving atmosphere, you could have changed that, but you didn't, its because of you that Voldemort was created and I bet you chose the same path for Grindlewald as well, you could have gotten Sirius a trial with your political power but you didn't, and why should you? You knew that with Sirius gone you'd have total guardianship over me, and then you tell me the prophecy saying that I have a power to love, everyone has that power, but answer me this Dumbledore how can I feel love when I've never been loved before, my aunt and uncle would never dream of saying such things to me, well guess what Dumbledore, I no longer will listen to you, I'll fight this war and end it, but not for you, but for me."

With that Harry sat down on the front bench with everyone watching him with wide eyes, once the shock wore off it was Remus who broke the ice by clapping loudly for Harry, shortly the whole room was filled with the sound of clapping while everyone glared at Dumbledore who gulped, Harry's words hit closer to home than he would like people to realize, but they did realize, and now they were beginning to lose their trust to him, never the less he decided to get back the control and looked at Harry "you can jump to any conclusions you want Harry, but as your magical guardian I must insist you go back to the Dursley's."

Ragnarock cleared his throat "I'm afraid to say Albus that you are not longer Mr. Potter's magical guardian as Mr. Black has made Mr Potter an emancipated minor."

Dumbledore's eyes widened and his mouth began opening and closing like a fish out of water, Harry then stood up "Mr. President, is Dumbledore named in the will?"

Ragnarock shook his head "no Mr. Potter, he is not."

Harry nodded his head "as the main benefactor can I ask him to leave?"

Ragnarock grinned when he realized what Harry was saying and he nodded "yes sir you may."

Harry nodded before looking at Dumbledore "get out Dumbledore, you have no business being here."

Dumbledore's eyes widened but he had no time to reply as he was magically whisked away out of the room, getting over his amusement Ragnarock smiled "now that that's out of the way, the will reading can begin."

He pressed a button on a device next to him and out came a long silver strand which instantly changed into the memory of Sirius, Harry's eyes began to burn and Hermione who was sitting next to him squeezed his hand in reassurance, Harry looked at her and gave a weak smile of thanks before turning his head to the memory of Sirius just as it cleared its throat and gave a grin "hi everyone, if you're watching this I've probably died doing something heroic or a teenagers dad has killed me after I've gotten his daughter pregnant."

Everyone chuckled at that even Malfoy, "anyway, I'm sorry I've died as I'd have really like my name to be cleared and took care of Harry like I should have before I was sent to Azkaban, well enough of that and on to the good part, the money, firstly, to Molly and Arthur Weasley, thank you for being the parents that Harry both wanted and needed, your kindness has really helped Harry and for that you have my gratitude, I leave you five million gallons which you cannot give back under any circumstances."

All the Weasley's eyes widened at this and Harry smiled at them 'good for them, they deserve it.'

Sirius then continued "to Ronald Weasley, thanks for being Harry's best mate, I give my collection of rare broomsticks in hopes that you take care of them."

Ron's face split into a grin and he gave a nod "thanks mate."

"To Ginny, Fred, George, Charlie and Bill, thank you for being like Harry's surrogate brothers and sister, I leave you ten thousand gallons each."

Ginny, Fred, George, Bill and Charlie gaped at the memory of Sirius unable to say anything, "to Hermione Granger, you have been Harry's rock ever since you two became friends, your friendship to each other is the strongest I've ever known, thank you Hermione for standing besides Harry, I leave you two million gallons."

Hermione's eyes widened in shock and Harry squeezed her hand which hadn't left his, Hermione turned her head to Harry and saw him smiling reassuringly at her and she gave a weak smile back, "to Remus Lupin, ah Remus, you and James were my brothers and I'll miss you greatly my old friend, to you I leave the deeds of you-know-where and five million gallons in hopes that you buy yourself some decent clothes than those rags that you have on now."

Remus just chuckled at Sirius's memory and nodded his head, "to Nymphadora Tonks, ha, can't do anything to hurt me now can you? You have been like an older sister to Harry since you've gotten to know him, I leave you five million gallons and reinstate you and your mother back to the house of Black."

Tonks's eyes began to water and she smiled while muttering 'thank you.'

"To my cousins Narcissa and Belletrix, I leave each of you five million gallons, you're good people who have had a bad life, I wish there was something I could do to take you out of you're marriages to those disgusting humans, but since I'm a wanted man, I can't, hopefully Harry will as he will be the new head of the Black family."

Narcissa smiled while Draco gave his mother a confused looked, Harry himself was confused but decided to look into it later, "and finally to my godson and my reason for living, Harry Potter, I'm so sorry Harry that I can't be there for you when you need me, I'm so sorry that I've thrown away my life away so carelessly, I wish I could be there for you, to help you go threw life, anyway I've named everything else yours Harry, the money, the properties, everything, that also makes you the new head of the Black family and emancipates you, you can now get the Potter inheritance and I believe you'll be in for quite a shock once you get it, but most importantly you get my motorcycle, it has every charm imaginable on it; well that's all, bye everyone, I better not see you for a long time."

With that Sirius's memory went back into the device, Harry didn't realize he was crying until he felt Hermione wiping the tears away, he smiled at her which she returned, they were brought back to the world by Ragnarock standing up and telling himself and Hermione to come over to him while everyone else had to leave, Harry frowned "what is this about Mr. Ragnarock?"

Ragnarock turned around "please come to my office, everything will be explained there."