Ok so this is an AU fic about Zuko not being an idiot and joining Aang's gang at the end of season 2. Zuko also decides to keep dating Jin and she finds out he's a firebender and that he's the Prince of the Fire Nation but she doesn't care cause she loves him. Hope you guys enjoy

"Zuko come on!" he heard Katara shout at him. He dodged Azula's attack and ran over to the Avatar and his friends. He jumped on Appa just as the flying bison started to lift off the ground. His heart was pounding in his chest as he realized what he had just done. He had done the right thing; for once in his life he had made the right choice. He couldn't help but smile, his Uncle would be proud of him.

Zuko looked back at the underground prison and his heart ached, he had left his Uncle behind. There hadn't been time to free him and help the Avatar escape from Azula.

"Thank you for helping us," Zuko heard Aang say and he looked at the young boy and nodded his head.

"Thought I'd try being good for a change," Zuko said with a smile and the young Avatar beamed back at him.

They began to fly over Ba Sing Se and he called out "Wait! Take me to the lowest ring of the city please."

"Look it's great that you helped us and everything but we aren't your escort service," Toph said annoyed.

Zuko glared at the girl before looking at Aang pleadingly "Please, I need to say goodbye to someone."

Aang studied him for a moment and realized that the firebender was sincere and that he wasn't leading them into a trap.

"Appa we need to go to the lower level of the city for a moment," Aang said to the animal.

Appa roared in protest and Aang scratched the bison's head affectionately. "I know buddy but it's only for a minute or two.

Zuko directed them to the familiar street and Appa landed on the side of the road. "We don't have time for this we need to get out of here before your crazy sister comes after us," Sokka said in protest as Zuko jumped off of Appa's back and ran up a flight of stairs to the apartment. The gang followed him wondering what the fire nation teen was up to.

"Jin, open the door it's Zuko," he said as he knocked on the door urgently.

The gang was surprised when a young woman opened the door. "Zuko what are you doing here I thought you were working tonight?" the young woman asked "And who are your friends?"

"Look Jin I don't have a lot of time to explain but this is the Avatar and his group of friends," Zuko said as he pointed at Aang and waved his hand at Katara, Sokka, and Toph.

"The Avatar?" Jin asked surprised.

"Yes, Jin the fire nation have infiltrated the city and I need to go with the Avatar to teach him firebending so he can stop this stupid war," Zuko said quickly knowing that his time was running out. He hated doing this to her, he didn't want to leave her here but he knew it would be too dangerous to take her with him.

"You're leaving?" Jin whispered sadly.

"I'm sorry I have to go Jin, if I could stay then I would, you know I would, but right now I have to go…I'll come back to you, I promise," Zuko finished softly as he brought his hand to her cheek.

Katara looked on helplessly as she saw a tear run down Jin's face. "I'll come back to you," she heard Zuko whisper again as he wiped away her tear and pulled her to him.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka watched as Zuko kissed Jin's forehead and held her gently to him. This was a side of the fire nation prince that they had never seen before.

"I love you," Jin whispered and hugged him tightly afraid to let go.

"I love you," he whispered back before tilting her head up and kissing her deeply, not caring that the others were watching. He pulled away abruptly, knowing that if he continued he'd never be able to leave.

"Wait for me?" Zuko asked, scared that she might find another man while he was away.

"Until the day I die," Jin replied and Zuko kissed her once more before turning away and made his way past Aang and the others. Jin stood strong as she watched Zuko make his way back to Appa ignoring the others looking at her sadly before they too turned to leave.

"Appa yip yip," Aang said softly as he looked back at Zuko who was staring at Jin. Appa took off into the air and Zuko felt his heart break as Jin fell out of his line of sight.

Jin finally let her tears go as soon as Zuko and the others took off into the air. Her heart hurt and she sank to her knees as she wept, fearful that she would never see Zuko again.

"I'm sorry Zuko," Katara said as she sat beside him, his eyes still trained on the fading city of Ba Sing Se.

He said nothing, no one did. Not even Sokka could figure out something to say to lighten the mood. Sokka knew what it was like to be dragged away from the girl you loved, fearful that you would never see each other again. So the young water tribe warrior stayed silent out of respect for broken hearts.

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