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\Zuko knew the familiar lazy roll of the sea as he stood on the deck of a captured fire nation ship dressed in traditional fire nation armor. For as far as he had come in the past few months he strangely felt like he was back at square one.

The fire bender could feel the eyes on him as he leant on the railing and stared down into the deep blue sea. He ignored the water tribe warrior's whispers and suspicious stares. He didn't care what they thought of him, not really.

He sighed sadly and hung his head "Jin," he whispered wishing he was with her.

"You ok sifu hotman?" he heard Aang ask.

"I'd be a lot better if you stopped calling me that," Zuko said as he glanced over his shoulder at the young avatar.

He looked back to the sea and tried to ignore Aang as the young man moved to stand next to him. "I'm sorry," Aang said.

"What for, you did alright today," Zuko said trying desperately to direct the conversation away from what Aang was really sorry about.

"You think so?" Aang asked with a smile.

Zuko chuckled sadly "You need to stop being afraid of fire or you'll never get past the moves I showed you today."

Aang sighed "I know I just don't want to run the risk of hurting someone like I did Katara."

Zuko only nodded in understanding, he had worried about the same issue in the last month or so when Jin told him that she knew he wasn't just another earth kingdom peasant. He had been so scared that she would report him and his uncle. If it had been anyone else he would have fought them, silenced them forever. But if Jin had taken out a dagger and prepared to kill him herself he would have let her end him without any struggle. He wouldn't have run the risk that he would have hurt her.

"I'm sorry Zuko," Aang said once more.

"You needed someone to teach you fire bending, I was the only one available, it's not your fault," Zuko said repeating the same mantra aloud to Aang that he said internally every day to keep from wanting to run back to Ba Sing Se.

Aang made to say something more but Zuko turned and made his way back into the ship, side-stepping Hakoda who shot the teen a glare.

Zuko closed the door to his cabin behind him and sat down heavily on the bed. He was surrounded by red and grey. Grey walls decorated in red, grey floor covered in red. It made him sick; it made him want to scream, cry, and breakdown. He had never hated his own nation when before he had only felt pride that he had been born fire nation. This feeling was new and it made him sick.

He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes remembering a different day, a different colour, a different bed.

Jin gasped and arched off the bed as Zuko thrust deep within her. "Oh Zuko," she moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist and began to meet his thrusts.

Zuko leant down and captured her lips in a kiss, hungrily swallowing her moans and gasps before he moved down to her throat and nipped and sucked at the tanned skin lovingly. He gasped as her nails made their way down his back leaving marks of red on his pale skin. They were her marks, her claim on him and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Zuko felt his stomach tighten and he knew he was close to coming. He sped up his thrusts and Jin threw her head back in bliss, her eyes glazed over with pleasure and lust as she climaxed and yelled out into the darkness of the room "Zuko!"

He came seconds later shuddering and gasping with pleasure, calling out her name as if it were something sacred.

Jin whimpered as he pulled out of her, she didn't feel right without him inside of her. It felt like a part of her was missing and only he could fill that blank space within her. She rolled onto her side and snuggled up next to him, desperate for his touch.

He pulled her close to him, moving her sweaty hair out of her green eyes and kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you Zuko," she said without thinking and she held her breath as she waited for his reply.

"Love you too," he said and she smiled sweetly at him before kissing him once more.

Zuko was ripped out of his thoughts when he heard a soft knocking on his door. "Who is it?" Zuko called not really wanting to deal with anyone at the moment.

"It's me," he heard Katara say "Can I come in?"

Zuko sighed and sat up, "Come in," he said.

Katara entered the room feeling a bit awkward as she looked at the heart broken teen sitting on the bed.

"Come to say you're sorry as well?" Zuko asked.

"I came to give you something?" she said moving further into the room. He quirked an eyebrow at her and she pulled out a small glass vial from her pocket.

"This water has magical properties; I was given it when we were at the North Pole," she said. Zuko flinched slightly as he remembered battling the girl at the North Pole almost a year ago.

"I wanted to see if I could heal your scar," she said.

His eyes widened and he waited for her to laugh at him and tell him that she was joking. Katara stayed silent as she waited for Zuko's reply, she knew that she probably shocked him speechless so she waited for the offer to sink in.

"Why would you want to waste it on me?" Zuko asked.

Katara smiled "You helped save us from Azula…you left Jin to train Aang in firebending, you deserve something for everything good that you've done."

"Sure, I doubt you can do anything but you're welcome to try," Zuko said sadly.

Katara nodded as she opened the vial and pulled the water out. "Close your eyes," she said and he did as he was told.

He felt the cool water touch his scar and he felt the burned skin tingle under it's touch.

Zuko looked down at Jin who lay on his chest and whispered "Why do you love me?"

She looked up at him a confused expression on her face "What do you mean why do I love you?" she asked wondering why he thought she shouldn't love him.

"Jin I'm a banished prince from the fire nation, the whole world hates me and wants me dead, I'm hot headed, poor, and I'm…I'm ugly," he finished softly, looking away from her loving green eyes. He didn't understand how she could want to be with him, he kept waiting for her to realize all these things about him and leave but she hadn't yet and he was dying to know why she stayed.

He felt Jin's hand on his cheek and she gently forced him to look at her "Zuko, I don't care that you're a fire bender, you're not like those fire nation soldiers, you're not your father; you're you," she said and he smiled slightly.

"And Zuko you aren't ugly," she said as she brushed her fingers around the edge of his scar. "You're handsome and strong, this scar shows how much pain you've been through and yet you still came out of those hard times a stronger and better person, it makes you beautiful."

Zuko couldn't help but kiss her.

"It's working," Katara exclaimed happily.

"What?" Zuko said in shock and he almost opened his eyes. He still expected her to laugh at him and tell him that his scar was still there.

"Give me a few more minutes and it should be almost all the way healed," she said happily.

"Have you seen Katara anywhere?" Aang asked Sokka.

"Nope, not since lunch, why what's up?" Sokka asked.

"Nothing I just wanted to know where she was," the young avatar said.

"Well come on lets go look for her, there's not much to do up here anyway," Sokka said

The two searched the ship and decided to make their way to Zuko's room to see if he knew where Katara was.

"Alright all finished, Zuko it worked so well there's hardly anything left," the two heard Katara's voice from inside Zuko's room.

Sokka pushed the door open and he and Aang stood in shock as their eyes fell on Zuko.

"What. The. Hell?" Sokka exclaimed as he saw that Zuko's scar was gone except for a slight discoloration around his left eye.

"The spirit water worked guys," Katara said, clearly proud of herself.

"Katara its fantastic, Zuko you look great," Aang cried happily.

Zuko's hand went up to his left eye and he felt for burnt flesh but felt only smooth skin beneath the tips of his fingers. He got up and moved over to the mirror on the opposite wall and stared at his face. The water bender had done it; she had healed the physical scar that his father had left. Where Jin had only been able to heal his emotional and mental scars, Katara had finished the process and had given him a truly clean slate.

He turned around to face Katara and smiled, still slightly in shock "Thank you," he said. Katara nodded and Sokka made to say something when they heard Toph cry out "They know!"