My world is spinning, but I can't make it stop. Fire, ice, darkness, sunlight, the heat, the cold; I want it all, but I know I have to choose. If only the world would stop spinning, if only I could catch my breath, if only he'd never left…

But he did, and now nothing would ever be the same.

My heart is now torn in two, and there is nothing I can do to fix the damage. No matter who I choose, I'll never be whole again.

It's not just a choice between two lovers, but a choice between my heart and my soul. And who can make a choice like that? Who can live without their heart, without their soul?

It's a carousel ride going round and round, and I can't get off until I choose.

Jacob or Edward, life or death, a lifetime or an eternity, a vampire or a werewolf, the dawn or twilight, my friend or my lover, my heart or my soul, his pain or my pain?

I'm not sure what to choose because I want them both, but I know the sun and the moon can not reside in the same place together for long. Just like Edward's Bella and Jacob's Bella can never coexist in the same body. No matter how hard I push the magnets, they can never be together.

So, how do you do it? How do you choose between the one you can't live without and the one who wouldn't make you try in the first place?