Title: Frozen

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: oli & Aranel

Rate: K+

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the plot.

Warning: Mention of naked, angst/drama/friendship. AU.

Summary: Walking on the thin ice, falling into the cold, one elfling must fight against the odds. Is there anyone who is capable of saving him?

A/N: Written for Naked Yule Challenge: Write a Yule story featuring Legolas, Aragorn and Glorfindel. You may include other characters, but those three MUST be included. You MUST include a naked elf, a horse, snow, and someone's confession. You must also incorporate a real world Christmas image that can be adapted into a Middle-earth culture. For example: mistletoe, holly, Star, lighted tree, shepherds, Wiseman, mangers, little drummer boys, Yule songs, Yule logs, angels, etc. The rest is up to you! No slash please!

A/N2: Don't kill me, though it felt like the story had a life of its own… run away

A/N3: Was supposed to be in Dec, but my computer crushed down and I lost my stories, and this one amongst them.



King Thranduil noticed the arrival of Lord Elrond and the boy as they came accompanied by his guards – under his orders, as he did not wish that any one of his guests met their deaths in his homeland.

He was surprised at Lord Glorfindel's absence but thought to ask about Glorfindel later – perhaps before they had settled in their rooms.

"Lord Elrond, Master Estel." Thranduil turned to greet the guests who had arrived for the Yule festivities.

"King Thranduil." Estel greeted the king in turn, while Lord Elrond only nodded with a grin on his face.

"I hope your journey went well," Thranduil said and then he decided to ask, "Where is Lord Glorfindel?"

"He was delayed at the borders; I hope he will arrive sometime soon." Elrond explained, noticing the curious way Thranduil had been looking at him.

It was no secret that Glorfindel was like a second Adar to Greenleaf, and Elrond believed that the Princeling might feel down at Yule, or at least until the Balrog Slayer arrived.

"What was the cause of his delay?" Thranduil asked, staring at his friend.

Estel watched the elves look at each other, and decided to answer the question, "It was the twins' fault."

Thranduil lowered his head, stared at the boy, and asked with curiosity, "And how was it the twins' fault?"

"T… They took Glorfy's horse and hid it somewhere else…" Estel replied with a grin upon his face.

"So, when Glorfindel finds his horse he will arrive here?" Thranduil asked and noticed Elrond's large smile.

"Not only that, mellon-nin, but he would deal with the twins first before he rides hard toward the Yule festivities." Elrond added.

"I would love to see this, though it will suffice to hear the tale from Glorfindel himself." Thranduil shared his thoughts with a chuckle.

"King Thranduil," Estel called, attracting the king's attention. "Where is Princeling Greenleaf?" he asked.

"He should be around playing with the birds or something." Thranduil replied.

"Why don't you go and find him, Estel? I am certain he would be pleased to know that you have arrived." Elrond said to the boy.

Estel nodded, and then he left, running off, searching with his hazel eyes to seek the whereabouts of his friend, but he could not find him. And now that he had run so much, every time he turned around he could not see his own footsteps and he could not find his way back to the festivities.

He was lost in Mirkwood.

The boy sighed heavily, and then stared towards the sky. He rubbed his eyes as he thought he saw an angel flying or gesturing at him with the wings it had.

"Who are you?" the boy shouted, but got no response.

The angel led him toward a frozen lake where Estel could see his friend laughing and sliding around it.

Estel looked up at the sky to thank the angel for helping him but saw nothing. Perhaps it was an illusion after all.

"Legolas!" Estel called, hoping to catch his friend's attention.

Legolas heard his friend and turned, walking towards him. He did not notice the crack under his feet till he fell into the freezing water.

"LEGOLAS!" Estel shouted, feeling the cold air flood his lungs and pierce his bones.

He knew that he should do something but he did not know of what to do. Seeing his friend fall through the ice was more than he could bear. He wanted to try to save him but he feared to walk upon the frozen lake.

The boy sighed again, determined to save his friend. He started to move his feet onto the thin ice.

"Step back, Estel." A voice commanded.