Beta: Aranel


Estel was on his way to the festivities, though the white snow confused him about where the right path was.

He looked toward the sky; the sun was still blinding even as the cold brought shivers to his little body.

"Ada… I need to find Adar…" the boy mumbled, shaking as the cold pierced through his body.

The last thing that Estel thought of was the way the angel elf pulled Legolas out of the icy water hole.

This was not what the elf needed, he knew it, but knowing that he had nothing else that he could do, he started to talk to the unresponsive elfling, hoping that at least Princeling Legolas could hear him.

Glorfindel stared at the princeling, and started to speak to him, trying to ease his own fear and anxiety.

"Have I ever told you how I met your Adar?" Glorfindel asked as he tried to do something, finally deciding thinking that maybe a warm tale would help.

He rubbed his golden hair, letting the snow that had gathered in his hair fall down to the white pillow on the ground.

"It all started when I took a path toward Greenwood with Lord Elrond.

"The first meeting was not pleased at all, you see, Princeling, it was a time when the darkness filled your kingdom, when your nana died, murdered by orcs that Sauron sent in the hope that Thranduil would give up his crown and his land, but your Adar did not do it even though his wife was murdered before his very eyes.

"Do you know why? Because of you; when you smiled, when you were around, you gave him hope, you are everything to your father…

"Now, where was I?

"Oh… we helped then, buried your nana and then we talked with him, helped him with the grief he was sinking into." Glorfindel sighed, as he took a deep glance toward the Princeling, feeling how his own heart raced as he grew more concerned about Legolas.

He could see how his lips were as blue as the great sea, and he wished he could do something about it though he knew that he was not a healer like Elrond. He hoped that Estel would be back soon for Legolas' life depended on it.

"I feel a presence coming closer and yet not slowing." Thranduil told his friend, his eyes set upon the forest, waiting to see who it was.

"I can feel it too, and a voice tells me that I should go and bring my herbs bag from the saddle and do it fast, as, if it is Estel, I must be prepared for anything." Thranduil could hear his friend's teasing tone at the last part, and he could not stop himself from chuckling.

As soon as a horse was in sight and they could see someone holding tightly onto it, Elrond, having noticed who was on the horse, felt his heart stop.

"Estel…" the lord mumbled, and hurried to stop the horse, quickly catching the boy and preventing him from falling hard onto the ground.

The boy was soon out of cold, but he could not answer the questions everyone threw at him. "Where is Princeling Legolas? Why are you on Glorfindel's horse in the first place? Where is Glorfindel?"