A/N: I don't usually write Megaman stories, but here I am writing them. This is just a series of drabbles that I'll be writing occasionally. They're basically snapshots from the Elf Wars to Zero's final stand in Zero 4. I might even do some Megaman ZX drabbles here, as well.

Drabble 1: The Price of Peace

Time period: End of Elf Wars

Character: X

X lowered his buster as the remains of yet another nameless Maverick toppled to the floor. Smoke rose from the hole in its midsection. X's shot had burned clean through, leaving nothing but fluids to leak out. The Maverick Hunter shook his head as the team behind him ran forward to meet the oncoming wave of Mavericks. So many lives lost... how long have I been fighting?

Weil, Omega... both banished into space, never to return. Sigma was finally dead, the remnants of his virus all but gone.

Zero, sealed away, hibernating so that the world might move past the bloodiest of wars.

Signas and Alia, killed in an unexpected Maverick raid.

Axl, long gone, retired by X's own hand when his friend had raised his gun at him, madness reflected in his eyes.

All those he had cared for had vanished, leaving him to fight alone against a seemingly unending sea of Mavericks.

The familiar hum filled his ears as energy gathered within his buster. One shot. That was all it would take to end countless Reploid lives and protect the Dark Elf.

The Dark Elf. So many lives lost in a bitter struggle over the strongest of Cyber Elves, one able to manipulate machines with ease. Human, Reploid -- it didn't matter to either side who or what was caught in the crossfire, so long as they got what they wanted.

But X cared. And so he'd gathered what humans and Reploids he could and taken them to the remotest area he could think of, in the hopes of starting anew. Now, with fortifications in place and a flourishing city before his eyes, he'd christened their new paradise Neo Arcadia.

A grim smile graced his face as he fired, his enemies disintegrating under the sheer force of the blast. The Mavericks had found them, following the signal of the Dark Elf that X had thoughtlessly taken along with him. And so he was forced to fight once more. He looked numbly over the bits and pieces that remained, the light around his X buster fading into nothingness as he let it fall to his side. The apathy that overtook him confirmed what he'd suspected for some time now.

I don't care, thought X, surveying the carnage without remorse. I just don't care anymore.

And that hurt worst of all, more than any wound that he'd received.

X looked back at the containment tank that now housed the Dark Elf. It would end soon. The remaining scientists had finally completed the lock that would shut off the cursed elf's signal to the world and, with any luck, allow Neo Arcadians to live in peace. The only thing needed to activate the seal... was him. His gaze turned from the tank to the empty, angled dais in front of it. It called to him, promising peace and eternal slumber.

As the Reploid wars had begun with his awakening, so it would end with his sleep.

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