So, as promised, I'm now posting the extensively revised version of my other fanfic that was very popular back in the day,Fantasy. However, the version you are about to read has been SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED from the original (now lost when ASMR died). I intended a while ago to try to sell this as a regular novel. So I went in, hacked out about 70,000 words, changed a lot of the plot around and hopefully wrote a better story. It ended up not selling (for reasons I understand), but parts of this story always make me happy. I thought that if all the revising work I did wasn't going to actually sell the novel, it might as well make the original fans I had happy. Most of the romance stuff is still there, though there may be some unexpected bits ;)

HOWEVER, I've decided to do something dastardly. Here is the very short prologue, just to whet your appetites. I'll post the first chapter in two days. It's long, you'll have a lot to enjoy. And then...well, if you want the next few chapters I'm going to have to be tough. Because I have published my own real fantasy novel, Racing the Dark. If you like this, chances are you'll enjoy the book. Obviously, not everyone can afford to buy novels, but the fact is that it doesn't take much to raise an Amazon ranking. If one or two of the thousands of hits I get on my story actually buys the book on Amazon, the rank could easily get above 200,000. So, there you go. I'll post chapter two when the rank gets above 200,000. Don't hate me. If you're desperate, I suppose you can hunt down the original version, but trust me when I say that this one is better. To find out all you've ever wanted to know about Racing the Dark, go to my author profile. I have links to the first three chapters for free online, and the Amazon page.


Naked as lady Godiva, huddled in front of a campfire between two strange men and what smelled like their dinner, I realized that I could have handled this whole adventure business a bit better. It was a realization, though I didn't know it at the time, that would come to haunt me over the ensuing months--possibly because I could never quite manage to learn from my mistakes.

But, of course, you'll want to know how I found myself in this predicament in the first place--I certainly hadn't intended to provide the evening entertainment--and all the bizarre events that happened afterward. You'll probably want to know about the chickens, too. But, so you understand, I'll have to begin a few days earlier, at the start of my troubles--or, some would say, my adventure.

Let me set the scene:

It's a sweltering Saturday night, late July in Georgetown, Washington DC. Well-dressed political socialites mingle with twenty-somethings and drunk college students as they crowd the sidewalks and weave through honking cars backed miles up the streets. On one particularly busy street corner is a travel agency--closed at the moment, but its windows are covered with posters touting odd destinations. Neunaveut, reads one, faded with age--geologic wonderland. One day soon, I will have cause to notice this unusual business, but not at the moment. My story begins next door: in a yellow tinted palace of poultry, a modern day salt mine otherwise known as Cluck-U-Chicken.

Chapter One coming soon...