Hehe. I got this idea from a song I was listening to—Animals by Nickleback. Enjoy the drabble.


The windows of the car of the car were covered in a haze, distorting the view inside of the car and it would occasionally move. In the backseat of the car were two bodies moving along each other. The one on the bottom had short pink hair, and the one on top and long blond hair.

The blonde made his way down her body, kissing every few inches of skin. The pinkette arched her back off of the seat and made a moaning sound, winding her fingers in the blonde's hair. With the position that her head was in, the pinkette could see outside the window, and her eyes widened in fright at what she saw.

"Itachi-nii!!" The pinkette scrambled around for anything that she could cover herself with. "Deidara! Where are my clothes!?"

Deidara looked up at Sakura still in a haze. "Sakura?" It took him a few seconds to register the blood red eyes glaring at him through the window. "SHIT! Itachi!" Deidara looked around for the keys, but found that they weren't in the ignition; they must have fallen when they were switching positions.

Itachi opened slowly opened the back seat door, murder clear in his eyes. Deidara gulped. "I swear it was her mouth I was kissing!"