Sasuke's eyes were shining in fury as he leapt from tree to tree, pounding his feet at each step. Leaves and vines whipped at his face, though he barely noticed them as he was too busy making his way to Orochimaru's lair. What does he want, he thought angrily, it's not like he hasn't made my life miserable enough!

The opening to the lair he knew all too well was widely opened, like some sort of a warm welcome. The heir stepped cautiously through the entryway, wary of the fact the snake man was known for setting up booby traps. Surprisingly, no poisoned arrows flew at him, believe it or not, only a deathly silence filled the room, and the distinct smell of rot wafted to his nose. His eyes narrowed as he caught the sight of something moving and he barked, "Who's there?!"

A darkened figure was sprawled on the ground, panting wildly, and his eyes softened no less at its obvious pain. But as the light briefly passed over it, he caught the sight of pink hair. Letting his cold façade go, he cried her name out in worry, and sprinted to her side. As he thought, it was her, but what he caught sight of shocked him into silence. She writhed in pain, crying out his name every once in a while, but no visible wound was inflicted.

"Sakura?" he whispered, wiping her rose-colored bangs from her face, "Don't worry, I'm here. Everything will be fine." The superficial hope in his voice was oh-so obvious, seeing that it was also soaked in despair and fear.

"Sasuke-kun…" she whimpered, eyes closed, "It hurts so bad, Sasuke-kun…" Sweat beaded on her brow, and a scream slipped from her lips as her whole body shook. He stroked her silky pink locks, lacing each strand around his fingers, trying to calm her down some. All of a sudden, she became still, her breaths shallow, as she whispered something that sounded like a plea for him to run.

Eyes widening in alarm, he shook her gently, but she didn't respond. Her heart rate picked up, and soon started to pulse wildly. Sasuke saw a dark figure walk towards him from the far end of the room, chuckling.

"You really are quite stupid, Sasuke-kun." The figure hissed in a scolding manner, "You actually thought I wouldn't set up a trap." It raised a hand, its palm facing the rosette. "Wake up, my dear cherry blossom." It ordered her regally.

Sasuke looked down worriedly at the girl again, wondering what would happen. As the man ordered, her eyelids slid open slowly, revealing ice blue orbs instead of her normal bright emerald green ones. The figure snickered sinisterly, stepping out from the shadows. "She's mine now, Sasuke-kun," Orochimaru sneered, "and there's nothing you can do about it now.