(Author's note: Dedicated to Silent Scribe. Happy birthday!!)


Dog demons didn't celebrate their birthdays. They had no need to. If they did, they would have thousands to remember, and they could do it if they wanted to... but why? Birthdays served no purpose. So no one bothered.

But when Rin handed her lord a specially made flower wreath endowed in rainbow petals, Sesshomaru felt his heart open. His parents had thought his birthday was as useless as pink vomit that went down a vulture's throat... if they even wasted what they considered to be precious time spent on their minds. And yet, here, a complete stranger he'd met three months ago was giving him a gift that beat the glorious feeling of winning a heavy, bloodshed battle, or power won from the very limits of Sesshomaru's immense capability and skill.

"Happy birthday, Sesshomaru-sama!"

"You aho! You boke! You manuke! Sesshomaru-sama doesn't celebrate birthdays!"

But Sesshomaru was too lost in his thoughts to knock Jaken unconscious on a tree.

In a way, this could be my first birthday... which mean I just turned one...

"Let's go."

"See what you did now, Rin?! You drove our lord away from resting because he's so embarrased at your stupidity!!"

At this, Sesshomaru really did turn and stamp Jaken's green face in the slushy mud. Rin gave a quiet giggle behind her hand.

"We're going, Rin."

"Coming, Sesshomaru-sama!! Your hana bud will follow you forever!! Itsumo!!!"

Vitality and vital... vital, vital, vital...

Sesshomaru looked up at the cloudless sky, curiosity brimming in his amber eyes.

Birthdays are vital.



aho: fool

boke: fool

hana: flower/s

itsumo: forever/always

manuke: fool

-sama: used for extremely respected people


(Author's note: Again, happy b-day, Silent Scribe!! I hope the rest of you have enjoyed this birthday fanfic as well. Aquawater99, signing out.)