Mr. Loser

Summary: Edward Cullen has always been the nerdy boy with over sized glasses. He has been in love with Bella Swan ever since he first laid eyes on her. When Alice decides to give him a makeover, will Bella finally notice him?

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I admired Bella through my black framed glasses. She was sitting with her friends and smiling beautifully. Her chocolate brown hair was down, it looked so shiny…I felt the desire to run my hands through it. My thick glasses were perched on the tip of my nose. I pushed it up with my index finger as always. She was so stunning; it was hard not to look.

I tried reading through my chemistry book that I've read a million times already. It was just so darn difficult not to look at Bella. Anyone would find it challenging not stare into her brown sparkling eyes and to look at her luscious pink lips.

Emmett came to sit at my table, interrupting my gawking. "Hello Edward," he greeted in his nerdy voice.

"Hi Emmett, did you finish the extra credit for biology?" I asked.

"Yes, I did it before you," he said enthusiastically. His brown curly hair was in knots like always and his warn out glasses were perched on his nose. His brown eyes always beamed when he would beat me in whoever finished there homework first.

"I was busy last night. I was watching star trek," I informed calmly, mostly I didn't care if Emmett finished before me. I knew already I was way more intelligent that he would ever be.

"Sure, or you were too busy day dreaming about Bella Swan!" he chuckled.

"Shut up, she might hear you," I practically shouted while hitting him on the arm. I looked over to where Bella was sitting with her friends during study hall like always. She didn't seem to have noticed what Emmett said; I sighed in relief.

"Everyone knows who have liked Bella Swan ever since 6th grade!" he said obnoxiously.

"According to my calculations, that is not true. Of all the friends I have, I only told you," I said honestly.

"I'm your only friend," he contradicted sternly.

"True," I agreed sadly. As sad as it was, Emmett McCarty was the only true friend I have ever had. Everyone in my school thinks of me as the super smart kid with huge glasses. No one really tries to take the time to get to know me.

But something about Bella Swan was different…she didn't treat me the way my other peers treated me. She actually talks to me; I wouldn't exactly call her my friend. But, she has always been sweet to me. I'm guessing she is kind to me because she pities me.

Either way…I'm still madly in love with her.

The bell abruptly rang, causing me to flinch. Emmett and I said our 'goodbyes' then departed study hall. While walking to biology I tripped over something, causing me to fall to the floor. All my books scattered to the ground.

I yelped as I hit the hard, cold floor. Luckily my hands broke my fall.

I heard a lot of girls laughing hysterically over me, when I looked up I saw Lauren Mallory and her clique.

"Look girls, it's Edward, the geek," she smirked maliciously. They all laughed from her rude comment. I realized then that it was Lauren's foot that made me fall. I sighed in frustration as I started to pick up my school books.

"Lauren…what are you doing?" I heard a beautiful voice yell angrily behind me.

I instantly froze, knowing who was behind me.

"O-Oh, nothing Bella, we're just goofing around," Lauren stuttered in a panicky voice. I couldn't see Lauren's face but I could tell she was probably frightened by Bella's sudden appearance.

"It doesn't look like you're just goofing around," she disagreed bitterly. I finally looked up and saw Bella. She was looking down at me in pity.

"B-Bella, it's not a big deal-"

"Apologize," she demanded harshly while interrupting Lauren.

"What? No!"

"I said apologize Lauren," Bella said a bit more menacingly.

Lauren sighed in aggravation and then looked down at me. "Sorry," she said bitterly. Then Lauren and her gang fled the hallway.

My heart thumped unevenly because Bella bent down to help me pick up my books. "Let me help you with those," her soft, angelic voice said.

"T-thank you," I stuttered shyly.

She smiled warmly, "I'm sorry about those girls. They can be real ass holes," she giggled softly while standing up and handing me my books. "If they bother you again, just tell me…okay?" she asked.

I nodded while grinning sheepishly.

"Bye Edward." She waved and then turned around and headed for class. My stomach did this weird floppy roller coaster thing when she said my name out loud.

I smiled all the way to history; everyone stared at me for looking like a fool. I didn't even pay attention during class; all I could think about was Bella. She was so brave for sticking up for me. Lauren was the bitchiest person in the whole school, and Bella had the guts to yell at her. She was so confident and cool…how could anyone not love her?

She was simply extraordinary.


While waiting in front of the school bus after school - our bus driver doesn't let us in the bus until the final bell rang - some jock bumped into me, causing me to the fall on the cement floor.

"Ouch," I muttered as I hit the hard ground. I heard him mutter a 'sorry' I then realized that my glasses came off as I hit the ground. I started looking for them on the ground; my eyes squinted as I searched. I could barley see anything.

"Are you looking for these?" I heard a girl say behind me. I got up from the ground and turned around to find Alice Brandon holding my glasses with a smugly smile on her face.

"Y-yeah thanks," I stuttered nervously while reaching out to grab my eye glasses.

She turned to her side so that I didn't get a hold of my glasses, "You're Edward Cullen…right?" she asked, still smirking, twirling the glasses with her fingers.

"Yes…" I replied awkwardly. She stared at me skeptically for some strange reason. She looked at me as if she was trying to figure out a hard puzzle. She still refused to hand me my glasses.

"Do you own contacts," she asked suddenly. I was surprised by her answer, why would Alice Brandon be asking me if I owned contacts? What made me even more nervous was the fact that Alice's bestfriend was Bella.

"Um…yes, but I don't wear them," I answered strangely.

"Hmm…well, you should. You look good without glasses," she complimented and then finally handing me my glasses. She suddenly turned around and made her way through the crowd of people outside of the school.

I put my over sized black glasses back on me. I thought about what Alice just said, maybe I did look better without glasses. If I wore contacts…maybe Bella would actually think of me as a cool guy.

Just maybe…


When I entered my house I walked straight into the kitchen to find Esme cooking, like always.

"Hi mommy," I said while kissing her on the cheek.

"Hello honey. How was school?" she asked politely.

"Fine," I answered

"I'm making pot roast tonight, your favorite," she exclaimed happily.

"Oh wow! Thank you mommy, I'm going to go upstairs and do my homework," I said. My mother could always make me happy, which made me love her even more!

She nodded and then I fled upstairs to my bedroom with my book bag.

My room was filled with 'Star Wars' posters and I had a solar system blanket on my king sized bed that Esme got me for my seventeenth birthday. I dumped my backpack onto my bed and then looked at my reflection in the mirror.

My bronze hair was gelled to the side, and my huge glasses were bent. I thought again to what Alice said…I took of my glasses and then studied myself in the mirror. My green eyes were much noticeable without my glasses on. My beige khaki pants were wrinkled and my dark blue suspenders seemed to fit me strangely. I still looked like a dorky kid though, and that was never going to change.


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