Espada Numero Cero

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" Talking "

' thinking'

" Upper-Class being "


13 figures were in a dimmed lit room, 11 of them currently sitting, the other two standing.

" You're all probably wondering why I called you here " Aizen exclaimed earning several nods from ten beings around the room.

" I need you to search for a certain person " Aizen stated.

" Who's the runt you're looking for " said Yammy.

" You will find out in due time, Gin, Tousen, and I will be coming with you " Aizen replied.

" Is he strong? " asked Nnoitora with a sadistic smile.

Aizen smiled. " Challenge him if you want, but I warn you. "

" Why is it so important that all thirteen of us need to retrive him? " Aaroniero mechanical voice filled the room.

" You will see why all of us are needed " Tousen replied.

" Is that all? " Asked Stark, currently bored as hell

Aizen nodded, " get ready, we will be leaving in a hour to meet him... "

" Shesh, what the hell was that about? " Yammy groaned.

" I'll kill him " Nnoitora stated.

" We need him alive Nnoitora " Ulquiorra said.

" As if you could kill him... " Gin smiled.

" What do you mean? " Stark raised an eyebrow.

" None of you have the power to kill him " Gin stated.

" Then what does Aizen want him for?! " Szayelaporro asked.

" Aizen wants him to rejoin the Espada... " Gin answered.

Six eyes widened, Halibel, Ulquiorra, Stark, and an old man still kept their calm facade, while the others were shocked.

" Him become an Espada? That would me one of us would have to fight him. " Halibel said.

" No silly! He's already an Espada, he is unfazed by anyone, and stronger than Aizen, Tousen, and I " Gin replied with a smile.

" Then what position does he have?! " Grimmjow asked.

Gin smile grew even more, and his eyes opened. " You will find out when you meet him! " He said with glee.

Ulquiorra, Stark, and Halibel started becoming curious.

" Come out, we're going now " Tousen exclaimed.

Hours later...

Ten eyes grew wide as they looked at a large gate with the kanji demon engraved on it's surface.

" Whatever is in there must be huge! " Yammy stated, amazed at the gate.

Aizen followed by Tousen and Gin walked up to the gate and opened it. They slowly walked in the dim litted cavern. The Espada followed suit.

They kept walking until they reached a very bright area, with a figure at the end facing with their back at them. The figure had blonde hair, was currently wearing shinigami apparel, and a white robe that all the gotei 13 captain's of sereitei wear, except his had the kanji for zero.

" Ohayo Aizen! " Yelled a cheerful voice.

" Ohayo... Naruto "


Didn't see that comming did'ja? Yep... I made Naruto a Gotei 13 captain and an Espada! Well I couldn't get this out of my mind. Every Narutoxbleach crossover has Naruto as a good guy, but, I made Naruto an Espada and a Gotei 13 captain. Guessing his Espada number should be easy... If I mispelled anything please tell me where.

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I'll give you a hint, they're both hollows. IT ISN'T A GUY! I DISLIKE YAOI! Well... Actually yaoi is the norm for some girls, just like yuri is the norm for some guys. It just ticks me off seeing how many YAOI stories there are. I've searched, Naruto yaoi, and there were 40,687 stories of them!!