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" Talking "

" Talking telepathicly "

' thinking'

" Upper-class being "


" Hollow Ichigo "

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Hiroshima Namikaze: They can't use Chakra and Reiatsu because Chakra is the essence of life, while the other is of death. You can't be alive and dead at the same time.

If some people are worried that Naruto wont be able to use his signature techniques such as Rasengan in all its forms, Kage Bunshin, etc... I've already got that covered.

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Chpt 2: Meeting my Beloved, and Sensei

" Aizen-sama? " One of the espadas called out.

" What is it Zommari? " Aizen replied.

" Why are you so interested in Naruto-san? " Zommari answered.

" Naruto is the only figure in existence that still lives that can become a perfect Hollow " Aizen stated.

Several figures looked interested in the information they have just acquired from Aizen. Halibel looked at Aizen with even more interest than the rest, she had already experienced sparring Naruto, she knew that the blond man could beat her without much effort.

" In all my life being a shinigami, I've yet to see Naruto-san become a perfect hollow, since he refuses to show me. " Aizen said with a visible frown.

" Why is that? " Baragan asked.

" I do not know. Naruto-san's reason remains unknown. " Aizen answered.

Somewhere in las Noches.

Naruto sighed, as he continued to walk on the sands of Las Noches. Four figures were running. A girl, and three other hollows. Naruto was too busy to notice the four figures infront of him. That is until one of them ran into him, alerting Naruto. Naruto looked down with a raised eyebrow. Infront of him was a teal haired little girl, brown eyes, a red birth mark on her face which looked oddly familliar, and a broken mask upon her head.

" Ow that huwt ya kno'? " The small girl stated.

"....." Naruto just blinked as he stared at the girl on the floor below him.

" Who's you? " The teal haired girl asked.

Naruto blinked before he decided to answer." Err, I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto... " Naruto replied.

She stared at Naruto with curious eyes, a grin soon made it's way on her face.

" I'm Nel! " Nel said with a toothy grin, she pointed to the people behind her, " dat's Pesche my bruddy " she pointed to a skinny hollow with a insect like mask, purple skin, a bone chest plate, and a loin cloth. " Dat's Dondochakka my other bruddy " She pointed to the large hollow, with a yellow suit with black spots on his back, and a white hollow mask with red markings on his mask. Nel pointed a a long worm like hollow with a mask with horns atop of its head. " dat's Babowa, our pet! " Nel said with glee.

" Do you want to pway with me and my bruddies? " She asked, while her "brothers" looked at Naruto expectantly. ( I know it's my Bruddies and I, but it's Nel! she talks with lisp, and I by itself is not in her vocabulary)

" Are you even siblings? You don't even look a like... " Naruto asked questionably.

" Of course we are! I saw Nel and wanted to be her brother! " Yelled Pesche.

" I saw Nel and she looked cute and I wanted to become her brother! " Exclaimed Dondochakka.

Naruto sweatdropped. " Thats doesn't mean your siblings... You aren't related in any way besides being hollows... " Naruto retorted.

The three of them turned as white as sheets. " We're not related!?!? " The three of them screamed in question.

" Err... No? " Naruto replied. Naruto's eye twitched when he noticed none of the four figures were acknowledging his presence and completely forgot about him. Naruto sighed, " So, what do you guys want to do? " When Naruto asked this he got the undivided attention of the whole party, a grin appeared on Nel's face which didn't seem appealing to Naruto in anyway. Somehow, he knew he was going to regret asking that question.

" Do you want to pway enternal tag with me and me bruddies Nawuto? " Nel asked with a hopeful expression.

" Enternal tag? " Naruto stared at her as if she was crazy. " No thanks. I think I'll pass..." Naruto replied.

The girl looked down, saddened at the fact that she didn't get a new friend. Naruto noticed this of course. He bent down and pat her on the head causing her to look up at him. Naruto smiled. " It's not that I don't want to play... " Naruto stated, Nel looked hopeful. " It's just endless..." Naruto answered bluntly, causing her to look down again. " I dont think I can play a game that'll go on for eternity " Naruto retorted. She grinned, she knew how to make him play with her and her bruddies. She looked up and stared at his zanpakto, Naruto looked at her questioningly, until she jumped and stole his zanpakto from him and ran.

Naruto's eyes widened. " OI! Thats mine! " Naruto inwardly cursed at himself for being careless.

" Hahaha! You Hasta get it fwom me " Nel screamed out in a giggling fit.

Naruto groaned as he smacked himself on the head. This was going to be a long day...

Naruto's Mindscape....

Two figures stood in Naruto's mindscape, one of them was laughing hysterically while the other look annoyed.

" Hahahaha!!! Naruto you dumbass! A little girl caught him off guard, Im ashamed to be his other half. "


" Awww, Kyuubi-chwan feeling a little peeved? " The man snickered.


" I'll take that as a yes, why don't you play with your little chew toy Kyuubi-chwan? " The man pointed towards a little bunny plush toy in the corner of Kyuubi's cage and snickered.

" THAT IS NOT MY CHEW TOY! " Kyuubi yelled angrily.

" mhmmm.... That deffinantly explains the bite marks in said bunny rabit... " He replied with another snicker.


" Okay... Good luck with that Kyuubi-chwan. It seems you've forgotten, you're the one stuck BEHIND the cage. " He retorted with a grin.

Kyuubi grumbled in response. Mumbling about killing stupid blondes and redheads.

Back with Naruto.

An adultified Nel could be seen glomping our favourite blonde to death. Dondochakka and Pesche sighed, they didn't think they would see the likes of Naruto-sama again, but they were extremely pleased that he had not forgotten about them, especially Neliel herself.


Naruto caught Nel by her little foot and proceeded to grab his Zanpakto. He quickly fastened his Zanpakto to his waist and gently placed Nel down on the sandy plane.

" Twat's not 'posed to happen! " Nel complained. Naruto chuckled at Nel's expense and patted Nel's on her head causing Nel to pout.

" It's been a long time... Neliel-chan... " Naruto said with a smile.

Nel's eyes widened slightly, while Dondochakka and Pesche were flabbergasted.

" What're you talking about? Her name's not Neliel " Pesche retorted.

" She's not the third espada Don'tcha know? " Dondochakka added, only to be smacked in the head by Pesche. " You idiot! He might kill Nel-sama! " Pesche continued, completely forgetting that Nel was standing right infront of them.

Naruto chuckled, as Pesche and Dondochakka got into a battle stance. Naruto raised an eyebrow, " you want to attack me?"

"You'll have to refrain from that Nel's fraccion " Naruto stated. Pesche glared daggers at Naruto. " And why is that? " Naruto smiled and eye smile, before a pitch black mask formed on his face causing Pesche and Dondochakka to go into a state of shock.

" That's impossible.. "


Naruto smirked. "I have not.. I've simply been sleeping until the idiotic Aizen disturbed me, I'll have to thank him later "

" Naruto-koi?" the question came from Nel.

" Hai... Kanojo... " Naruto smiled at an adult Nel, who in return blushed. ( Well if you guess Nel as one of the females THEN U GUESSED RIGHT! Note.. she's already with Naruto, and for the heck of it, msot of you have guessed the other Female hollow who is none other than Halibel, who will develop feelings for said blonde in the near future, hopefully not a rushed relationship)

Timeskip: a few days later...

Naruto looked out the window of his room, and sighed. Hueco Mundo seemed so unappealing as of now, considering how he made it beautiful, with trees, water and a couple other normal sceneries. Now it was Sand, dead trees, and a Night sky, you would never see a morning in Hueco Mundo. He sighed yet again, the idiotic Aizen thought he was Kami and decided to announce that he was the almighty KAMI. He was simply the "key" to Kami himself.

" Ne... Kyuubi, Is there a way to make them forget about me being Kami-sama? "


" How so? I doubt it's that bad. "


Naruto's face lost all its colour, It was paler than kurotsuchi face. " Are you MAD?!?! I would literally be killing myself, I can't handle more than two restrictions, if I unseal them all, my damn body would literally crush from the amount of reiatsu I'm exerting. "


" Don't you think I know that?!? What the hell do I do then?! "

" YOU MUST USE A JUTSU AND PREFORM WASUREPPOI REIKON " (A/N I have forgotten what Wasureppoi Reikon means... I'm sorry about that but I'll try and figure it out)

" Don't I need chakra?! "

" NO "

" Alright... What's the bad side affect? "


" Alright thats fine then... Should I do it now? "

" NO "

" No?! What do you mean NO?!?! "


One word perfectly explained Naruto's situation.

" FUCK! "

Somewhere else....

Another blonde was thinking over what had happened the other day with Naruto, she sighed. Was it really true? He was already an Espada.... Wait, scratch that! He's KAMI! It wouldn't even matter if he was an Espada, since he was a damn god. Everything seemed confusing as of now, why would Aizen need Naruto? Why would Aizen say that Naruto was Kami? She groaned.

" HALIBEL-SAMA!!!!!!!!!! " Halibel turned around to see...

" FUCK! "

" FUCK! "

" FUCK! "

" FUCK! "

" FUCK!!!!!! " Nnoitora screamed.


" TELL ME!!! "

" How the hell should I know? " Grimmjow replied, he was completely annoyed. He had no idea why he was talking with the dumbass anyways.


" FUCK! "

Grimmjow's eyebrow twitched.


" Would you SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?! " Grimmjow yelled.

" ..... " Came Nnoitora's reply.

" FUCK! " Nnoitora yelled yet again causing Grimmjow to groan.

Somewhere with Naruto.

In a clearing stood Naruto, with several complicated seals surrounding him in a circle.

" Ne Kyuubi, are we done yet?! "


" How much? "


Naruto paled, he was going to lose a lot of blood for something so trivial. But it was required, he didn't want Aizen to find out he was only a Shinigami with hollow powers. If Aizen had found out someone else was Kami, and how easy it was to become one... Yes, one. Naruto doubted Aizen could really become Kami, but he could end up getting Kami-sama's powers.

" Alright, how the hell am I going to give half of my blood? "


Naruto nodded, and closed his eyes. Naruto's hollow hole appeared, as well as his number indicating he was an Espada. He opened his eyes to reveal gold eyes.

" RUTO, get out of my body, I need you to do me a favour. " Naruto stated.

" Favour huh? Alright, but I want to kill someone or somepeople. " Ruto answered.

Naruto sighed. Ruto is Naruto's other personality, the one that actually likes to bathe in blood and kill, basically he wants to kill everybody he deems a nuisance. But Ruto made some exceptions, but he rarely made any. Ruto looks exactly like Naruto, except he has silver hair and golden yellow eyes. His shinigami gi is red and the inside is black. (Ruto is basically like Hollow Ichigo, cept he doesn't try to take over Naruto)

" Alright, but after only. " Naruto replied.

" Fine by me "

Naruto proceeded to lay in the circle of seals. While Ruto slapped his hands on the seals, and started to chant what Kyuubi had told him. Naruto felt himself levitate while blood started to come out of his pores and onto the seals. Naruto's vision blackened. The thing Ruto didnt know was that Naruto would forget everything that happened, and wouldn't remember his promise to Ruto, his hollow half.

With Nel

The sudden surge of power caused Nel's eyes to widen in concern for her beloved, She quickly ran off towards the mass amount of Reiatsu being released with Dondochakka and Pesche following closely behind her.

Mira Rose, Sun-Sun, and Apache blinked. What did they want to talk to Halibel-sama for again? They looked at Halibel confused, as Halibel did them.

" What were we talking about? " Apache asked.

" I don't know.... " Mira rose replied.

" Something with a N- " Apache started.

" Na? " Mira continued.

" Naruto!! " Sun-Sun finished.

" Naruto? " Mira and Apache commented.

" Yea, he's totaly uncool, and annoying. " Sun-Sun stated.

Mira and Apache nodded in agreement.

Halibel flinched, something didn't seem right... She felt like she had forgotten somethings. But, what? She felt like hitting herself in the head. She had forgotten something important, and it would continue to nag her until she remembered. The blonde Espada groaned, maybe she should just leave it alone. She would never figure it out at this rate.

Naruto groaned as he lifted his body off the floor. He placed his right hand infront of his forehead, grasping it slightly in his hand, signifying that he had a headache.

" G'Morning Sleeping Beauty! "

Naruto stared over to his right. He saw Ruto sitting atop of a boulder with a smug look on his face. Naruto groaned again causing Ruto to chuckle in response.

" Oi, Naruto... " Ruto called. Naruto looked at Ruto with a raised eyebrow. " Something the matter? " Naruto replied. Ruto nodded as he raised his right arm and pointed at something behind Naruto. Naruto turned around, once he locked his eyes on the figure infront of him, his eyes widened in response.

" Shinigami-Sensei.... " Naruto's voice was completely void of emotion. As he continued to stare at the massive figure infront of him who in return smirked a fanged grin.

" It's been a very long time Oshiego " The death god replied. (Oshiego basically means Disciple/Student)

Well That's the end... Im sorry for the Chapter being too short and too little action. Next chapter should have some action in it, everyone in Hueco mundo has forgotten about Naruto being "Kami". Well sorry for readers if you wanted Naruto to be an uber god, but that's not possible in this fanfic, he's still a shinigami, and to those who figured it out, RUTO is the hollow in Naruto, Ruto is the 0 Espada. I'm happy that so many people have stayed with this story for such a prolonged time and I thank you all for that.

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