"Come on Ziva it'll be fun! I promise!" Abby pleaded to her friend.

"What's so fun about going up in front of people and making a fool of yourself?" Ziva asked.

"Is the big bad Mossad Officer afraid to sing karoke in front of a few people?" Abby joked.

"No, I'm just not sure if I can sing. That's all." Ziva said modestly.

"People are going to be drinking, you could be horrible and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference!"

Ziva looked at Abby's face and saw the look of pleading and desperation.

Sighing Ziva caved, "Fine I'll come."

Abby's face broke into a huge grin.
"Yay! Then McGee and I, and Tony and his date will meet you there!"

"Tony's bringing his date?" Ziva asked, a little dissapointed that it wouldn't just be the four of them.

"Yeah, what's this ones name? Morgan, Mandy, Melanie, Marissa, Marley, Megan…"

"Maria. Abs, it's Maria." Tony said, walking into the lab.

"Maria means "bitter" in Hebrew." Ziva muttered under her breath.

Tony ignored this comment.

"Gibbs says that he needs the results for that DNA test on Monday, and McGee says we should get going. It's getting late."

"Okay." Abby said rushing around her lab, shutting off equipment and lights. She took off her lab coat and hung it in her office.

"Let's go!" She grabbed both Tony and Ziva's arms and ran out of the lab.

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