A fanfic my friend and I started. Her pen name is Love Alchemist and she'll be uploading this on Quizilla. Enjoy

Cross of Clear Peridot (1)

Name: Yume Hoshi

Occupation: Sweeper

Favorite foods: Anything sweet

Likes: Cats, Simple clothes, cute key chains

Dislikes: Unforgiving people, spicy food, mold

Me: Pet's fuzzy mold

A man of green hair was looking at a bulletin. That is, a bulletin for sweepers. Lately they've been running up some HUGE debts and hadn't caught any big bounties. His eyes carefully scanned it from left to right…

Harry Henderson Bank robber

$ 8000.00

Not enough…

Danny Turner Notorious thief

$10 000.00

A little better…

Bryan Colie Serial Killer

$70 000.00


Just what he needed! That would pay off quite a portion of his 150k debt. As his hand reached out to grab the piece of paper off the board, a faster, smaller hand got it before he did. Surprised, he turned around to see who it was, but the girl had already turned around and was walking out the door.

"mmlflmmm...mmmm?" Train spoke through an entire mouthful of spaghetti. Little bits of it flew around the table. He never had good eating manners…

"What did you say?" Sven questioned, "Idiot! That's gross! Don't talk with your mouth full like that!"

Train swallowed hard his entire mouthful of pasta. Yum yum, looks like he's more interested in his food than his job as a sweeper.

"I said, what was the highest price we got?"

"They're all small fry, not worth our time." Sven sighed "But I can remember this one worth 70k, but this girl took it before I could." --

"A girl?" Train asked suddenly interested, " You don't see too many girl sweepers these days" His brain was loosing itself in memories of Saya.

Yume's P.O.V

"Mmmmm… I'm so tired" I yawned, pulling covers away. Getting up, I stretched, and opened my curtains allowing sunlight to flood my room. My cat squinted.


"Haha, good morning to you too Chichiro", I spoke with a huge smile on my face.

Chichiro is my faithful cat! She's 5 years old. When I was walking to the police station one day to turn in my bounty, I found her on the streets. (I seem to find a lot of stuff on the streets) It was rainy and cold and she was shivering like… I don't know what she was shivering like, but she was cold and wet O.O, so I just brought her with me. I've been raising her ever since, and now we're close buddies!

"Come here" I sang opening my arms wide. Chichiro faithfully jumped into my arms, and let out a warm purr. I started towards to kitchen to cook breakfast.

For us, the kitchen is the warmest part (warm as in cozy not as in literally) of the house. It's like a living room for us. Chichiro jumped outta my arms and onto the cupboards. She dragged out her favorite bag of cat food.

"You want Chef's mix today?" I asked ripping open the sac of cat food and pouring it onto her Dish.



Let's see where I start. This Bryan Colie must really be something with a bounty like that on his head.

I was making my way upstairs to take a shower

I had better start early today if I want to catch him.

Hot water slid down my back as steam filled the room.

But that can come until later

The Hot water was turning cold, so in response I turned off the tap. I stepped out, dried my hair, and put on some casual clothes. My cat gave me my backpack and I ran out the door.

"See you soon Chichiro!" I waved

Ok so right now, I have some problems

Problem 1) I have no plan

Problem 2) I have no idea if he's already been caught

Problem 3) I don't know where to start looking

But all of those things are perfectly normal; it's the 3 problem check I go through every time I go catching a bounty. -- … I guess I could start by asking the police if he's already been caught. . Or just wait for something to happen.

I got up and started toward the station, I don't want to wait for something to happen if he's already caught. -.-

"AHHHHHHH!" The crowd behind me yells as they all back up

Now might be the time something happens

I poked my head through the top of people's heads trying to see. That was no use…considering my height. My height --- 160 c.m ;; It's sad. So I switched to plan number 2. Pushing and shoving till I can see

"Excuse me" I said making my way past people's bodies," Excusies"

Finally I was through. And Bingo O.O . There he is conveniently right in front of me. The only thing is…that someone else was chasing after him. I quickened my self to a fast sprint determined to catch Bryan Colie.

DAMMIT! I've gotta reach him before they get him! (They as in people right in front of me also chasing after my bounty) … Here goes

I gathered chi in my knees, quickening by at least 3 times normal speed.

Too late

They've already had him cornered and were just about to bring him down. GODDAMMIT! There is no way that they're gonna steal my next meal ticket! So in a desperate attempt, I flung myself in front of him. Intercepting the other sweepers and Colie.

"Eh?" The brown haired one muttered in question

"THIS GUY IS MINE!" I shouted in defense, "You can't just take him!"

"What do you mean? We were here first!" He also shouted to counter

This guy has some nerve… Aren't guys supposed to be courteous to girls? . '

"He's gonna pay for my next meal!" I said, voice getting louder and louder

"Hey! I need to eat too!" He spoke, finger pointing to his mouth. Something stirring behind us made us turn our argument to see what or more correct who

It was. And there he is… my bounty escaping. Great. I whipped my body around ready once again to sprint after him, that is, when someone suddenly grabbed my arm. It was the person with the spiky brown hair.

"Hey!" I shouted while trying to struggle out of his death grip.

"You can't just come here and take…" he paused, "someone's bounty?"

His eyes suddenly widened as if he just saw something incredible.

"What're you looking at?!?" I questioned rudely

"That scar…"he said in a puzzled tone.

"Oh that?" I hmphed him "It's not nice to stare at people's scars you know"

"No it's not that, but is your name?" He asked, eyes still fixed on my arm "Yume Hoshi?"

"STALKER! How do you know who I am huh? Who are you?" I screamed in shock.

"It's me do you still remember me? Train???" he said his eyes filled with sudden enthusiasm

Train? I haven't seen him… since… who knows when?

To be Continued...