Cross of Clear Peridot (21)

"A HA HA HA I WIN THIS TIME!!" It was clearly the voice that belonged to the one and only, Train Heartnet.

Immediately following his cry was the tipping of the table, and rattling of a poor café table's legs.

"WOAH!!" Due to his fact reflexes, he immediately caught it halfway from the ground to prevent it actually slamming the ground. The patio umbrella flopped over my face, almost mistaking me for an inviting place to lean on. My soda, tipped over, a bunch of carbonated orange liquid flooded over the edge.

Too late…

There was a more than noticeable stain on my skirt now as drops of soda dripped onto it, making it grow. But I didn't bother putting the bottle upright, and instead, let it drip; it was empty anyways, didn't really matter; it wasn't like I could save any juice.

I stared blankly at the mess, and then at Train, who was on the other side in the same position, still holding onto the table. I looked back at myself again then I took a quick glance at Eve. She just shrugged, and pretended like nothing happened. I guess I'm the only person that was affected by Train's random bursts of excitement.

Perhaps it was because he was afraid of my reaction, or maybe because he felt if he moved, the moment would shatter but either way, Train did not stir one bit. A slice of half eaten cake slowly slid down the slope of the table, and plopped itself nicely on my leg.

Yup… The falling and flying things are always attracted to land on me.

"Sorry," Train said in a way a scared kitty would "I… ummm… kinda… got excited." He laughed a nervous laugh, went to scratch his head while showing his famous star and kitty version simile.

Yes I can see you got a little excited.

"Actually… " Eve started, and lowered her hand of cards. "Royal Flush" Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and a ten, all of the same suit. She sprawled out her fingers to make the cards more visible on the table.

Excited for nothing.

"…" He said nothing.

"It's okay I'll just go and clean myself up I guess" I smiled a weary smile, even though was trying to keep my twitches behind my barrier of will; pushed my chair back, and didn't take a second glance at the scenario that was left behind. I sighed and left.


I walked out, although I was afraid to put even my toe out the bathroom door. Of course, Train is sitting outside, just waiting to see me covered in sticky sugar in forms of pop, icing, and cake.

"YAY! We now can-" I slammed the door in his face. Train didn't finish his statement.

I don't know how my day turned out like this. Being covered in sticky sugar and being like miles away from my house. … oh right. This started with Eve's genius plan to play poker with someone that hasn't played a single card game in his life.

I looked at myself, and noticed the white blotches of icing on my hair and the smeared orange splatter on my skirt. The radiating smell of orange soda didn't help. I think I was better off not making a failure attempt to clean it off; at least then it wouldn't be smudged all over the place. As much as I like sugar, this wasn't nice. At all.

Do you think it's embarrassing to be seen like this?

Yes it is.

Ah, so sad, the one day I get to be lazy is not going so well.


Do I need to go home so I don't go through the day as a person that sticks to anything she touches?


The door to the public restroom rattled, and clear blunt banging could be heard. "Come on already! You've been in there for a long time!" Train's voice whined.

"It's cause I can't clean it off!!!" I hmphed.

"No, it's fine, it can't be that bad. It's just sugar and icing, besides you do still want to spend your day off don't you?" Train reassured. To be truthful, I don't want to do anymore time with him today...

I wrapped my hand around the door handle, and it stuck. Slowly, I opened the door. First my face, then my leg, then half of my body, then the whole thing, as I taped myself to the wall so no one could see me. But my attempt to be conspicuous failed; people still stopped to stare at me.

Train looked at me, scanning me head to toe. For some odd reason, he turned to the other side, so that I could no longer see his face, and crouched down.

A few muffled giggles could be heard, and his body shook in a way that showed he was obviously trying to conceal his laughter. Soon enough, trying to tame the uncontrollable laughter proved to be too hard of a task.

"HAHAHAHAHHA" Train let out an unrestrained laugh, almost tipping over. "hahaha" He wiped to tears from his eye, "ha…"

I looked at him, pretending to be hurt.

"Okay, sorry I didn't mean to do that," He smiled. "Honest"

I looked into his eyes again, bubbling tears in the corners of my eyes.

"…" Train tried to look away, almost as if he was embarrassed with his actions, but he couldn't help to look back with a backward shift of his eye.

I let out a small faker whimper.

"IRK" Train twitched his hands, almost debating whether to do something or not

"No what I mean is," He attempted to reason but nothing came out. He shot his hands up in the air, almost thinking over the fact of carrying me home, but at the same time, felt like I was too frail to touch. Maybe I would fall into pieces if he touched me. Of course not, but I made him believe it.

"I'll drive you home and you can get changed," Train stammered. "And… a-and… then you get more cake! Just d-don't cry" He dragged the word 'cry' on for a seemingly long time.

Harharhar. Finally.

*3rd person POV*

"I'll just get the car keys from Sven…" He sighed, but at the same time, satisfied that he solved their dilemmas.

He hastily ran around the corner, only to see that Sven wasn't there anymore. He glanced around, and also noticed that Eve was also no longer in sight. There was an eerie silence around the part of the café. Finding it strange, he paced around the entire place, finding no one. Maybe they just went somewhere else to explore.

Seeing as Yume was waiting for him, he decided to offer her walking back. Since Sven and Eve were gone anyway, it wouldn't be unfair to leave. Always in the back of his mind, he had been planning to spend more time with her, and walking back would offer just that kind of thing.

To his surprise, she was also gone. He just concluded that they were playing some kind of group prank on him.

"Alright then I'll eat all this cake by myself" He yelled, hoping to lure Yume in with her weakness.

No response was given.

Train still waiting intently for one, knowing that if she was here, she would crack, and crawl out of wherever she was hiding.

Slowly, small footsteps could be heard behind him. Slow and gentle. That didn't sound like Yume. They were usually quick passed, brisk, and barely noticeable.

"Huh" Train quickly turned around, and immediately noticed that it wasn't anyone that he had expected it to be. Green hair, pinned upwards and a long dress. Echidna. One of apostles.

*Back to Yume's POV*

"Ahhhhhh…." I grumbled, picking myself off the ground, patting the dust off my shirt.

Somehow, and I don't really know how, but while I was standing there, waiting for Train to come back, the ground gave up under me. And I tried to grasp onto solid ground but a handful of air was all I could get. It seemed like a vortex from one of those sci-fi movies opened, only this time, it opened under me, making to fall right through.

It happened really past though; fast enough for the panic not to set in.



…A small light

… Small murmurs

"Did they just appear?" Was one of the small mumbles heard from unknown people. "Just from thin air, no way!" Everyone started to murmur, unnoticeably edging away from just little by little. Whispers of confused thoughts spread over the crowd like a wave.

As it seemed, this portal brought me to a different place…Good if it's local, bad if it's like in Japan or something. (Though I would stay there for a while to buy manga and other cute things)

I guess they have the right to be surprised. It's not everyday someone falls from the sky. Literally.

I glanced around, trying to pinpoint where we were.

Stain glass windows played the light into a rainbow on the ground. A cross was neatly placed in the middle of the wall. Stone statues of angels, golden pipes of an organ, all properly placed around to ornate. Candles lit, to grant wishes, long benches, with people sitting in them to pray; all of this signified only one thing: This is a church.

"Ugggg," moaned Sven, who was in the same situation I was in a few seconds ago.

I looked to my side, and there I found Eve, picking herself off the ground.

Well at least I'm not here alone, they're both with me.

"Where are we?" Eve questioned, also looking around.

"We're in a ch-"suddenly something knocked the wind out of me, and I was unable to finish my sentence. I took a small gasp at air.

It wasn't anything physical, not even an object, or air or anything. It felt familiar, chi.

Faster than I imagined, I was gasping for air with short gasps. The reaction to this type of chi was exaggerated, tenfold the normal feeling. My mind started to race, what it could be. A cold aura enveloped me, and soon enough, I was in a cold sweat.

"Hahhh…" I wheezed, hand grasping my own chest, almost trying to knock the air back in me.

"Are you alright?" Eve asked, in a curious voice.

Murderous aura.

A sweat drop rolled down the side of my face.


It was possible, because clearly, at the back of my heart, I had always known he didn't die.

"Eve, Sv-"I wanted to yell, to warn them to be on their guard.

As soon as I looked their way, I was him, his face.

Maniacal Eyes. Steal white hair. Cold, pale skin. Blood lusting smile.

It was him, and his grip on his sword certainly was anything but loose.


Run away. He wants to kill someone.

I had to get away. But my legs locked, unable to move. A small twitch of the knee was the only movement I got. My body was simply paralyzed by his gaze.

He took a step towards me.


And another.

You have to move, fight.

And another.

Why can't I move?!?! MOVE!!

But I didn't move, I just sat there, dumbfounded, legs appearing useless.

I looked up at him, eyes that seemed like they could look nowhere else.

"I brought you here today, just for you" Creed hissed.

What are you going to do? To me, to Sven and Eve?

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I wanted to ask, but my vocal cords were still.

He lifted his hand towards me, and I could do nothing but watch. Even if he was going to kill me with that hand, I was paralyzed by fear. Creed wasn't that scary, not in the least. It was his aura, the heavy weight of it, the cold burning of it.

He skimmed his fingers along my face. Burning ice. Cold. Demonic.

I quivered, hands shaking. Not in the slightest, did I know what to do.

"Do you want to know why you're here?" He said softly, but at the same time, with a razor edge to it.

I didn't say anything, but a small, barely noticeable quivering nod was given.

"I want you," He said, sharp as a knife, "To join the Apostles"

Cold sweat rolled down my face, and I was almost scared to tears. I had never been the type to be so… scared of a bounty. In fact I was always confident, but something about Creed, just drove me crazy inside. The absurd offer and or favor he just proposed, just ticked something off inside off me. If I can't stand to be around him, I wouldn't be able to stand walking around a blood lusting maniac all day.

"…no," I whispered

No, it's not just 'no'. It's no freaking way in hell.

"No," I stated more confident this time, the cold rush was fading. "No, you can't take me, not even in hell"

I quickly stood up, running to the church wall, the statue of an angel, right behind me. Propelled by the sudden adrenaline rush that cruised though my body, I felt more confident. Suddenly, feeling up to defending myself. I couldn't run away, too many people here to protect.

Creed scrunched up his eyebrows, though still smiling. That's some creepy smile he's got. Still calm, he walked towards me.

Damn…I made him angry.

Chi gathered in my limbs, almost glowing. I tightened my muscles, ready to pounce any minute now.

"That's a bad decision, if you don't want to, I want to. Someone like you, a Taoist since birth, someone that was gifted with Tao, would be the ultimate addition to my team. If you don't want to, I'll take you," He explained, using his hands to express this. "By force if necessary."

That's absurd. And it's scary.

"If you come with me, then Train will surely come too. It's like that saying, 'killing two birds with one stone'," He dragged on, almost confident that he was going to get me.

And the more I listened and thought it over in my head, the more I believed it. The more that I thought I was going to die trying to resist. He'll kill me for it, andthat was the only thought that was running in circles around in my head.


A sharp sound that could be heard in the silence. Creed slowly unsheathed his sword. He looked at the blade, admiring its beauty and shine, proud of his beloved weapon that could slice a person open no sweat. The heavy chi radiated off of it, shortly distorting the small reality around it. He ran his finger upon its smooth, immaculate surface. He pointed it at me, confident of this ability.

My heart skipped a beat, thinking about his invisible sword that was sharpened to the atom. And I think for the first time in a long time, I felt authentically, scared, out of my wits. Fear overran me.

I don't know what I got myself into, but it seems like the only road now, was to fight.

*Back to Train's POV*

The only thing I could do was stare at her until she could give me some reason of why she was here. It was extremely strange that this day, out of all days, a lone follower of Creed might confront me. Plus it didn't seem like she was yearning for a fight.

"Are you wondering where your friends are?" She asked.

A small instinct of worry and anger bubbled up. This hassomething to do with Creed doesn't it? If it didn't, then she wouldn't be here.

"They're where Creed is," she said smoothly. Her eyes remained emotionless.


"Creed, that bastard," A feeling of rage stirred, but they were calmly suppressed. "He survived."

"Creed is waiting for you on Dawson Street," Echidna stated quite normally. "However, you had better hurry. Creed has plans to kill that girl along with Sven."

Kill? No. It happened once, and not ever again.

My mind automatically set to one goal, getting there as fast as it is humanly possible. I turned around, not taking a second glance at Echidna, and propelled myself on the rooftops, heart racing to get there on time. Panic set into my mind, for there was a time limit. I don't know how long that limit is, but I'm sure that if I don't get there fast, someone is going to be dead.

I'm sure that all three of them can hold up a decent mount of time. Hopefully nothing morbid will happen.

Authors Note: Sorry for this chapter being a little shorter, just under 3000 words, but I thought it was nice to stop there before continuing. Next one will be very very long.

-Wingzies and Cheese