"Look what I caught, Blue!"

The pokemon sprung from the poke ball, and Blue screamed. "Call it back! Call it back!" she screeched.

Silver's face quickly returned the pokemon, pocketed the ball, and ran over to the frightened girl. "Blue...? I'm sorry," he whispered, with his arm wrapped around her shoulders. She looked up for moment before burying her face in his chest.

Blue started muttering into his chest as a blush crept upon his face. "Blue? It was just a Pidgey..."

Blue pulled away from Silver angrily. "I'm afraid of birds, you dumbass!" she yelled.

She turned away from him and stomped off. Silver blinked for a moment and looked at the poke ball in his hand. He released the Pidgey and ran after Blue. "Blue, I'm sorry!" Silver called out as he followed her out of the forest and back to the compound they lived in.