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Story so Far:

Persona fed Mikan some sort of medicine that made her muscles numb and blocked off her vocal cords. As she struggles to talk and move, Persona forces her to face her father, Ryuuki, the guy who caused her family's massacre. She sat there and watched in frustration as Ryuuki finds out about the drug and beats Persona. Pushed into using the last resort, Persona frees Mikan from the drug. At once she attacks Ryuuki with all she got and heals Persona, but with a deadly price to pay. Using all her soul power, the power she uses to summon her alices, Mikan fell into a coma. The doctor that treated her spoke of a horrifying fate. She may recover her soul power completely and wake up or she will continue to sleep like that FOREVER, never seeing the light for eternity. Persona becomes frustrated himself and reveals his sister complex in front of the sleeping Mikan and some who dared to disturb him when he's with her. On the other hand, Ryuuki made plans to have Natsume join AAO, by force if necessary, and IT IS!

Chapter 13: Spell Bonded

Days went by once more as Persona keeps a close eye on Natsume and prays for the day Mikan will open her eyes and look at him with the orbs he know so well.

"Persona! Any progress in the boy?" Ryuuki sat at his desk folding papers. Persona looked up and stared before fixing his mask and cleared his throat.

"There has been. Nurika continued to feed on him little by little. Soon enough he will be in our control." Persona reported.

"Good. With Nurika feeding on him, he will obey my every command." Ryuuki smirked evilly. He continued on with his papers as Persona proceeded to shelve books on the shelves. To tell the truth Persona was loitering around to keep an eye on Ryuuki. He was still under Ryuuki's control but his sister complex was getting the best of him and the control was loosening. (HOORAY!) He estimated that not long from now he will be free of Ryuuki's control and be able to act on his own. The scene of Mikan screaming for Ryuuki to stop, then beating him, then walking over to heal him replays in his mind every night he closes his eyes. With each replay, Persona feels more guilty and responsible for her coma. Slowly his anger rose and the control began to break. Each day passed by without Ryuuki knowing. He once thought about what would happen if Ryuuki knew about his guilt for Mikan's coma. Let's just say it was not nice.

"Once you're done with that, you may leave. I know you're dying in here." Ryuuki glanced at him. Persona resisted the urge to flinch. Ryuuki rested his head on his palm as he smirked at Persona's back.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, father." Persona answered a little out of tone. All Ryuuki did was laugh at his answer. You shit ass bastard! Persona thought to himself. Faster then lightning, Persona placed the books into the right place and excused himself. Another minute with the guy and he would have punched him right there and then. That was something he didn't want on his record. It would just cause more trouble for him. Before Mikan wakes up, he can not cause any unnecessary trouble. It would just harm her when she wakes. Persona trotted down the hallways fast. He was in a hurry to find Natsume and see how it was really going.

"Nurika?" he called out as he pushed the door opened to a dark spooky room. To think Mikan's room in the University was scaring. Nurika's is like a dark creepy old abandoned mansion. It chilled him every time he had to enter the room.

"Persona? What brings you to my chambers?" Nurika's voice came from his left. Out of instinct he looked to his left even though he could barely see. All he saw was the faint outline of her physical features and a little of her red eyes.

"Just checking in on the boy. How's it going?" Persona asked her as he walked more into her room. She giggled and closed the door behind him. He dared not flinch as she wrapped her arms around his neck from behind and placed her lips on his neck. She giggled again in a creepy way before slowly running her fangs against his skin. Nurika wasn't penetrating his skin but just running and relaxing her fangs on them.

"What are you doing? If you want blood then go hunt." Persona pushed her away. Once again she giggled.

"Sorry, I haven't fed in a while. It's hard to control my alice when I don't feed." Nurika apologized. Persona scowled at her answer. Yeah right. You're just sexually active when you activate your alice. Stop making excuses for yourself. His thoughts were exact. He's seen this so many times that he was so used to it.

"So? How is he?" Persona waited for an answer. The girl sighed and sat down on what seemed like a couch.

"Please have a seat." she patted the seat next to her. Walking cautiously through her dark room, Persona sat real far away from her. Last thing he needs is having his sister hitting on him for sex. It was just wrong when it comes to that.

"I don't have time for this, Nurika. Stop playing games." he scolded.

"hehehe... you're extra pushy today, ~nii-chan~" Nurika purred. Disgusting... barf! Persona thought. It was hard just being in the same room as her. Now he has to stand her flirting side.

"Just get on with it. I have a tight schedule."

"Hmmm...~OK~" she answered and got up. A couple of shuffles later a bright light came from the back side of her room. Persona looked over there. It seems like she lifted some sort of cover off of a transparent coffin. Inside slept the none other then the great Natsume Hyuuga. A shinning light covered his body. Nurika who stood right next too it was staring at him with interest and shinning eyes. Persona was disgusted at her. She even went as far as confining him in an ice coffin? Why would she do that? Can't she have just chained him somewhere in this room and feed him what I fed Mikan?

Persona got up from his seat and walked to the coffin. Slowly he let his right hand trace the out line of the icy cold surface. It sent a shiver up his spin and down again.

"Why did you place him in here?" Persona asked kinda dazed. She looked up with wide scary looking eyes.

"It's beautiful isn't it? I thought he would look like an angel from heaven in here. Such nice features are truly wasted once drugged. Such a beauty is fit for such an ice coffin. I can't let his beauty rot on chains. I had to place him in here. So his beauty can be preserved and remain fresh for the day I need it." she spoke with such horror filled words. One look at her, Persona knew she went deranged with the alice. If he remembered correctly she controlled her alice well but not too well. She had a limit. And it looks like she was coming to an end. The girl probably went over her limits for the day. Maybe that was why she wants to feed and have sex so badly? He honestly didn't want to know.

"How long do you need to have him in our control?" Persona asked her.

"At least 2 more weeks. His mind is strong. But with my powers he will soon fall down on his knees and bowing to us AAO." Nurika placed one hand on the glass coffin top and rubbed it gently. "Soon that face will be all mine..." she spoke with such satisfaction towards what she was doing. Persona shivered once more.

"Keep up the hard work." Persona patted the coffin lid before walking to the door.

"That's it? You're not gonna stay and have some ~fun~ with ~me~?" she purred flirtatiously.

"No thanks. I have work to do." with that he left.

That girl's fucked up. I can't believe she'll go so far as in pushing herself just for AAO. It's pathetic. Natsume has two more weeks till he's in complete control under Nurika. Mikan's still sleeping. She's showing no signs of waking up. I'm not even sure if she's waking up or not. Two weeks is a bit too rushed... how can I make the time last longer? I need it to last a bit longer before Nastume is in total control... Nurika is the only one with the vampire alice. What would happen if she got into an accident or... no that won't work... she's too careful for an accident to happen on her. What else would work on her? Think! Think, PERSONA! He tortured his own mental state as he walked his way to Mikan's room. The more he thought, the more his mind wandered from reality. He didn't even noticed that he reached her room till he slammed into the door.

"Ow!" he rubbed his nose. Sighing, he pushed the door open and slipped in. As usual the room smelled like Mikan. A sweet honey scent but wild and pleasing covered the room. Persona relaxed once he took in the enchanting smell. His soul felt like it lifted and danced among the heavens. He can always count on Mikan's smell to cheer him up. (Sister complex ~overboard~. My brother complex doesn't even match this... trust me... I have a HUGE brother complex. XD)

By the window sat Mikan's soft comfy bed. The bed that she hasn't slept in for a while. However, here she is, sleeping peacefully, away from reality. She seemed like an angel sleeping away the pain and suffering she faced as a human. With that relaxed face of hers, she was able to charm even the stone hearted Persona that everyone knew well. The wind blew through a crack in the window, ruffling her loose hair, it travelled down to her bed sheets, taking them with it. Persona stared at the scene. It was like looking at heaven to him. Her hair dancing with the wind and the wave like motion the sheets were making. She looked so pure and innocent. It was like, this girl had no reason to be here at all. Mikan didn't fit in with rogues like the AAO. She was so peaceful and calm sleeping tightly in her dreams.

"Mikan... it would be great if you could be this innocent when you're awake... the harsh life that you lived were the faults of us. As your family members we did nothing but ruin everything for you. Father thought you would be perfect to get rid of mother. You see, when you were born she was sick and acting weird. Constantly she would shun away from father's touch and call him a murderer. Father killed this guy that mother had an affair with. Ever since then he has been plotting revenge on mother. Then he came up with the ultimate plan... to use her for killings. It was a foolproof plan. He obtained the two things that he wanted, to exact revenge on her and to have you killed." Persona explained to her while sitting in a chair beside her bed. He head no idea why he was talking to a sleeping person but... Persona knew that she heard him. For some reason he knows that she is in there somewhere listening to each word he said.

The girl never twitched nor did she move or make small inaudible noises but Persona had a feeling that she was still conscious and can hear him. It was like some sort of one-way telepathy. He can't hear her but he knows that she can hear him.

"At first I didn't regret the fact that I saved you then left you to die. But as years past, you grew into such a cold character. It was just what Ryuuki wanted. A cold and murderous being who harbors a hate for human kind. When you reached high school Ryuuki began to act. Everything he did was to prepare you to become the best fighting machine. My mission then was to persuade you to come with me and train at AAO. We grew close together those four years. It was like we never lived apart before. Soon I developed a soft spot for you. I couldn't bear the fact that you were going to become AAO's trump card so I snuck you out. My excuse for you coming with me was to take you out for experience. I knew you would jump at that. It was a chance to escape the torturing days at AAO headquarters." Persona sighed.

"Ryuuki was mad. He thought you got away. No one knew that I was the one that brought you out. He spent those few days planning and planning till Nurika showed. She insisted on reappearing in your life again. She insisted on breaking your relationship with the one human from the outside world. Nurika then was given permission to do as she please as long as it brings you back. However she took a wrong step... that was pushing you too far. I didn't expect you to use the time mix alice but you did. It was heart breaking, Mikan. You suffering all alone while I... sit here and watch." Persona's tears threatened to fall. But Persona doesn't cry.

"You have to wake up soon, Mikan. Only you can help me in disbanding AAO. Only you can help me in destroying Ryuuki. He's gone too far." Persona glared at mid air. The thought of Ryuuki now makes him gag and puke. He couldn't believe he was brainwashed by such a character. For all his life he served him well enough. Persona didn't want to be like Nurika, gone all deranged just for AAO.

"My, my, my!" a chirpy voice called from behind. Persona sat up and got in a fighting position. Standing there was an AAO member, she had an interesting smirk on her face.

"What do you want?! Do you not know this is a private room!?" Persona demanded answers. She just giggled and shaw shay over to him. Persona studied her. The girl was about 18 to 20 years of age. She had got to be chinese because her outfit was of chinese tradition. She held a fan on one hand and the other seemed to be shadowing over a pouch attached to her thigh. Her hair was black and tied into two buns with strands hanging out. The girl was wearing a full fledge chinese outfit.

"Nothing, I just happened to cross by and heard you mumbling to yourself and... well.... you know the rest!" she smiled at him. Persona was getting more pissed.

"What did you hear?" he asked her calmly.

"Nothing much. Just about how that girl was suppose to be Ryuuki-sama's trump card and how you were the one helping her escape... hmm... should I tell?" she teased him.

Shit! She heard me... damn it... it's over! Persona thought as he glared deeply at her.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. If you want to talk crap then go somewhere else. This is a private room. You're not allowed in here." Persona ordered her. She laughed and sat down on Mikan's black couch. This action outraged Persona.

"There was no intention of telling anyone when I heard this but... if you don't do as I say then I don't know..." she laughed evilly. Persona thought it was the end until...

"You are so childish." a voice called out emotionlessly. The girl turned her head towards the voice shocked. Persona stared too but out of happiness. Sitting up right in front of him was Mikan! Mikan with her eyes open! She was sitting! Boy was he happy! But her eyes... they're so hollow... she seems out of it too... Persona thought in worry.

"You! What are you! You shouldn't be able to get up like that!" the girl screamed.

"Get of my couch, you piece of low life shit. Who gave you permission to sit on a princess' couch!" she scolded her. The girl got off the couch at once. Mikan being awake and scolding her was already scary enough. She didn't want her attacking her too.

"Don't even think about threatening me! I will tell! I will tell them about you two! I will! Then I'll be able to raise a rank! HAHAHAHAHA!" the girl laughed as she indulged in her fantasy.

"You're so obvious." Mikan responded again strangely. "No one will believe you."

"What! What are you talking about!"

"Ryuuki trained all his men to be faithful and loyal to him. You people are all brainwashed retards. What makes you think he'll believe such a story when he's so confident with his training?" Mikan asked her.

"..." the girl fell silent. Mikan had a point. She really did.

"See? You're better off not telling. I'll cut you a deal..." Mikan stopped there. She fell forward a little but sat back up.

"What deal?" she seemed interested.

"A deal that you can't refuse. You seem to be in some sort of paranoia stage. Carrying around your weapon in defense mode like that... are you that scared to be here?" Mikan taunted her though her voice was still emotionless. Persona noted that Mikan was looking a bit more pale then usual.

"You're delusional, after all you just woke up." she tried to shrug off the question.

"Delusional...? I doubt it. You're holding your fan in a up raised position. How is that delusional?" Mikan asked her back without even turning her head to look at her. To tell the truth Mikan was seriously creeping her out even more. It was speaking to a zombie. To make things worst, Persona was silent and staring at Mikan like it was time for his baby to be born.

"... What's the deal?" she asked in defeat. Mikan won.

"Before that I want to know something." Persona interrupted. The girl turned to him while Mikan just stayed silent.

"What is it?" the girl asked annoyed and worried.

"You don't seem as brainwashed as the others. Why?" Persona asked her. She looked at him wide eyed before sighing in defeat once again.

"I... I... eavesdropped on Ryuuki-sama and Nurika-sama's conversations a couple of times. The things they say and laugh about were cruel. The reason I was sent here was to live a good life and learn to cherish what was given to me. But... I never agreed to kill and laugh at the weak. I never did. I'm not as bad as people like to think I am. I forced myself to kill those innocent and weak people instead of protecting them. I had enough of this. I want out. I'm getting more scared and crazy every day I spend here." she sobbed.

"... I see... I'm sorry..." Mikan responded. Persona walked up to her and led her to the couch and made her sit with a box of tissues. Mikan sighed lightly.

"The deal that I'm going to make with you is risky. If you don't want to then you can back out. I won't stop you." Mikan explained. The girl fixed herself up and sat straight.

"Let's hear it. I'll do anything but kill to get out of here." she responded.

"Ok. The deal is for you to pretend you know nothing about this and continue on with your daily projects. Persona will help you out?" Mikan asked him. He nodded his head.

"I'll make sure you'll be transfered under my wing. That way the killing around you will continue but its not you who's doing it." Persona answered.

Mikan continued. "Once I wake up completely from my sleep, I'll help you guys out. The entire deal is for you, girl, to continue like nothing happened today. With Persona you will collect all you can on AAO. When I wake up, AAO will be destroyed. You willing to take the chances?"

She thought it through. There was no harm. She had Persona's protection so it should be alright. "Deal." She finally responded. Persona shook hands with her.

"Good..." Mikan muttered before falling backwards onto the pillows. She sunk back into a deep sleep once again. At once Persona placed her comfortably in bed and tucked her in.

"You girl! Name and Stats!" Persona demanded in his most famous commanding voice. Immediately the girl saluted and reported.

"Yes sir! My name's Xie Li. I am a part of Reo-sama's commanding party!" Xie Li bowed and waited for a response.

"Very well! Return to your station at once! An invitation from my wing will be sent!" Persona ordered. She saluted once more and excused herself proudly. The door slammed shut behind her. It clicked signaling the lock was on.

He turned back to the unconscious Mikan sleeping tightly in bed. The way Mikan just jolted out of bed and made a deal to shut off Xie Li's mouth... Persona can't explain it himself. Her eyes and voice were hollow. Also there was the weird way she sat. It was like she was being controlled to doing such things. However that was not the case. This room was protected against such things. Persona had made prior arrangements for this to happen. He was very cautious of such stuff.

"Mikan... Can I take it as a sign that you're waking? Or should I forget about that?" Persona whispered into her ear. This time she didn't jolt. All she did was lay there and sleep. It was like the previous event didn't happen at all. Persona felt as if she was toying with his patience, trying to see how far can she go before he gives up and dumps her out the window. Though Persona would never do that, he felt like that was what she was doing to him. He continued to stare at her from his seat. She lied there peacefully with an innocent face that seemed to hint to anyone that she had no part in waking up like the dead and drop back down afterwards.

Persona sighed. This is getting me nowhere. Well... at least Xie Li is going to help out but... I can't tell for sure how she's any help. Mikan managed to dig into her mind and control her but if she doesn't wake up soon then Xie Li might just leave. ARGH! Mikan! Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP! MIKAN! FOR GOD'S SAKE WAKE UP! His fist slammed onto the side of the bed. The bed vibrated for a few seconds, it shifted Mikan's body to the left a little. Persona's eyes widened as she appeared to be slipping off the bed. At once he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back with the blanket.

"I'm sorry." He apologized and placed her back on the bed. She continued to sleep as he continued to pray to god or anyone out there for her success in fully waking up.

Three heavy knocks came from the door interrupting Persona's prayer. He looked at the door with a glaring aura before opening the door. His eyes pierced through the poor scared shitless man.

"um.... P-Persona-sama. Ryuuki-sama w-wants to know w-when will Nurika-sama be r-ready..." he stammered. Persona growled deep before forcing the man to back up.

"Tell him I'll be there in a minute." and he slammed the door shut. That bastard.... Persona thought before walking back to Mikan. He lowered himself onto the chair and gave her a peck on the forehead.

"I'll be right back." He whispered and disappeared through the door. This time he was smart. Instead of locking the door with the lock he used a barrier alice stone on the room. The stone served no purpose being with him anyway. This was a good chance to get rid of it. From who he got it from he doesn't even know. All he knew was it was sitting in his pockets for days maybe months.

Furiously he made his way to Ryuuki's room. The guy was constantly asking for him during the day. It was like Ryuuki has something against him all of a sudden. It was really frustrating.

"Good afternoon father." Perosna greeted him. Ryuuki smiled at the sight of Persona walking into his room.

"So Persona? How was your day?" He sounded like he was already having fun. Persona held his anger back and answered acting like he was still under his control.

"It was wonderful, thank you for your concern father." he bowed to him. Persona chuckled before waving Persona to sit. He gracefully took a seat in front of Ryuuki.

"Tell me. What's up with Nurika? She's not responding and she's not leaving her room." Ryuuki faked concern. It made Persona wanting to puke there and scream "you're a FAKER!" in his face. It would have made it funny and he could have an excuse to leave. But that was unacceptable to Ryuuki. Slowly and painfully Persona dug his nails into his thigh and drew blood to calm himself.

"I just visited her this morning. I think she's gone beyond her limits with her alice." Persona reported. Ryuuki seemed interested in this news. Immediately he perked up like a fox finding its prey. His smile turned to an interested smirk. Persona stared at him as he changed from mocking him to looking like an interested child.

"Really now? What makes you think that?" he asked.

"When I went into her room it was completely dark. She had a weird conversation with me that hinted she was sexually aroused. It made me feel that she wanted to pounce on me and have her way. Then out of nowhere she showed me where she kept the Hyuuga kid. Nurika placed him in a transparent glass coffin that was freezing." Persona explained every little detail to him.

Ryuuki smiled at this knowledge then laughed out loud. At this, Persona dug his nails deeper into his thigh to keep his anger down.

"She sure is a funny one. Well, that's what I like about her. She's willing to risk herself for AAO. Learn well from your sister, Persona." Ryuuki hinted at him. He know's something's up... Persona thought at once.

"Yes father." Persona answered with a small bow of his head in respect. Ryuuki seemed satisfied then asked him something he was hoping he would forget.

"So... how long will it take?" Ryuuki asked at last. Persona hesitated before clearing his throat.

"Not long. She told me at least 2 more weeks." Persona answered him trying his best to sound at least a little happier in a greedy kind of way. Ryuuki laughed even louder hinting that he was happy with the progress.

"Good! Good! My plan is advancing! Good!" he repeated before waving his hand at Persona to leave. Persona stood up and bowed.

"Well then, please excuse me father." Persona bowed again and left him to his laughing of happiness. Mikan... don't let him laugh any more... please... Persona pleaded in his mind. Ryuuki was getting closer to his goal. And Persona was getting more anxious and nervous as Ryuuki's goal advances another step. Nurika was the key to Ryuuki's goal. As far as Persona knows, Ryuuki wants revenge on their mother who ran away after the massacre that happened more then ten years ago. He had no idea why Ryuuki was so bent on her mother. It was obvious that her mother broke out of her trance before she was able to kill herself like Ryuuki planned. Persona stopped walking.

Wait a minute... if I remember correctly Mother was told by father to kill everyone and herself... instead she ran... does that mean... is that why father is so bent of finding and killing her? Could she be the missing link for Mikan? Now that I think back, when I saved Mikan she seemed hesitant to kill her. I saw her face was sweating and her eyes were wide with... fear... it was like she was fighting it. Could that be it? .... If so then I got to find her before AAO does.

Everything was coming in and fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. It all made sense. The way Ryuuki is so bent on killing their mother. And also the way she ran from the scene and hid. She disobeyed Ryuuki's command. She broke her own trance. Their mother was able to defeat Ryuuki in his own game. She was able to leave Mikan alive and run for it. Mikan was her last hope.

"I gotta hurry." Persona muttered and rushed to Mikan's room. he broke through his barrier and entered the room. The wind blew strong through the window as a figure sat on the window sill. The figure was wearing a purple sun dress and had on no shoes. Her chocolate colored hair flew along with the wind as she gazed down at the sleeping Mikan. The figure looked like an angel visiting a soul.

"Mom!" Persona shut the door and locked it before walking up to her. She looked his way showing him her beautiful green emerald eyes. A smile formed on her face as the wind blew again and the sun shone onto her hair. She looked truly like an angel. Sleeping below her feet was Mikan who didn't move even though there was a shadow covering her. Persona looked at Mikan then back at his mother. She bent down and touched Mikan's left cheek with the back of her right hand.

"Hello Persona." she whispered to him. Persona tried to speak but no words came out. All he could do was stare at her. She looked up from Mikan and laughed softly.

"It's been a while." she spoke in a calm soft voice. Again she laughed softly with a smile. Then she did the one thing he didn't expect her to do. She leaned back and fell through the window calmly. Persona rushed to the window and looked out, she wasn't there.

"MOM!" he screamed but she was already gone. Persona couldn't believe it. For the first in about 10 years he was able to see his mother again. She looked calm and peaceful but there was something off about her. It was like she was a whole different person. Hesitantly he tore himself away from the window and looked down at Mikan. She appeared to have not received any harm from his mother. She still slept peacefully. What was his mother doing in Mikan's room was beyond him. But he knew that she herself might be planning something too.

"I have a feeling we'll see her again very soon, Mikan."

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