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Family Reunion

I was startled awake by Edward suddenly leaping out of the bed. "What?" was all I managed while still trying to shake the groggy fog from my mind. Edward locked our bedroom door, for the first time ever, and grabbed our robes from the floor. "Edward, what is going on?" I asked completely confused.

Edward smiled tensely, "Our family is home." I stared at him, not understanding why he wasn't thrilled. We had both been looking forward to seeing the siblings.

"And?" I asked.

Edward has his robe on and was standing near my side of the bed. "And they are very anxious to see you," he raised his brows for emphasis, holding out my robe.

My eyes grew large as I realized what he meant, and I blushed when I remember just how naked I was. "Will that lock actually stop them?" I asked, quickly standing up.

"Only long enough for you to put this on," he replied helping me into my robe. Just then there was a thunderous bang, and our door shivered on its hinges. Edward tied a tight knot to keep me securely covered.

"What the hell?" I heard Emmett's booming voice, then the door burst open, and the room was flooded with Cullens. Alice reached me first.

"Bella!" she squealed, crushing me with her tiny arms.

"Alice! Be careful! You'll bruise her!" Edward yelled. Alice loosened her grip but only slightly. Seeing that Alice wasn't letting go, Emmett swept us both up into a bear hug, crushing me even more.

"We missed you, Bells!" he hollered.

"Emmett," I gasped, "can't . . . breathe. . ."

"Oh right, sorry," he apologized, setting Alice and me down. "I forgot you were still all breakable. But hey not for long right?" he grinned.

I smiled, "No, Emmett, not all breakable for much longer." Rosalie surprised me by hugging me gently as well.

"Sorry about the big oaf," she laughed, "We're just all so excited to see you!"

"It's true, Bella. Emmett's been bored stiff without you around," Jasper agreed, keeping his distance but also obviously pleased to see me as well, "And Emmett bored is a dangerous thing."

Everyone laughed and I felt like I was truly home. It felt so right to be with these wonderful people.

"Alright, everybody, it's been made very clear that everyone missed Bella terribly and pretty much forgot I existed, now can we get some privacy to get dressed?" Edward asked, his tone amused.

"Ah, Eddie, we didn't forget you! You're just no fun without Bella anyway, so we missed her more!" Emmett laughed.

"Well, hurry down you two," Alice said, ushering everyone else out of the room, "We have so much to talk about!" She squealed at me.

The door shut and I just stared at it for a minute, trying to recover from Cullen love. Edward put his arms around me and laughed gently. "See what I've been dealing with for nearly a century?"

I laughed with him, "How did you ever survive?"

"I did a lot of hiding," he said, making me laugh again. I couldn't imagine Edward hiding from anyone.

"Do I even want to know what Alice thinks we need to talk about?" I asked warily, turning around in Edward's arms to face him.

"I doubt it. It can't be anything good when she's so bent on blocking me," he replied. I could see he was more worried than he was letting on. I reached up and gently stroked his face.

"I'm sure it's just something embarrassing enough that you'd want to protect me from it," I guessed. "Like how I'm enjoying being married," I added, waggling my eyebrows at him. It had the desired effect and he started to laugh.

Then his face grew serious and he pulled me closer with one arm, his other hand weaving into the hair at the back of my neck. "And do you enjoy being married?" he asked softly, kissing down my neck to the hollow of my throat.

"Very much so," I sighed. He pulled at the collar of my robe, continuing his kisses to my shoulder. I leaned my head back and sighed again. He brought his lips back to mine and kissed me deeply. It was full of passion I readily returned.

"Edward!" Alice called from downstairs.

Ignoring his sister, Edward swept me up and carried me back to bed. I giggled as he began to unwork the knot he had tied so tight. "Aren't you afraid of Alice's wrath?" I asked running my fingers through his hair and kissing the top of his head.

"Not at the moment," he replied letting my robe fall open and pulling me on top of him. I smiled and kissed him gently. "Are you?" he asked sensing some hesitation on my part.

"I'm more worried about the fact that our door doesn't even have a lock anymore, actually." I explained. Edward grinned. He rolled us over and leaving me on the bed, went to the large sofa against our wall. He quickly had it shoved in front of the door, effectively barring any entry or exit. I laughed as he turned back to the bed and pounced. "That could really stop them?" I asked.

"No," he said honestly. Then he began trailing kisses along my shoulders and neck again, "but it will let them know we're serious about wanting to be alone."

"Good enough for me," I laughed and began to untie the knot in his robe. He growled softly at my eagerness.

"I love you so much, Bella," Edward whispered to me.

"Apparently, as a Cullen, you don't have much choice," I teased him. He growled again and then his kisses left me speechless.

AN- This chapter may seem short. A lot of the chapters in this story may seem short, but the shorter they are the faster I can edit and post. 8P