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Ten years later…..

"I'm so sorry," I whispered.

"It's alright, Love, I understand," Edward whispered back.

His eyes told me he meant the words, but they were also full of worry, and a hurt that was entirely my fault. It was all my fault. I was breaking my promise. I was leaving, and it was to see the one person Edward had ever considered a threat. I felt horrible, but I had to go.

"I'll be back soon," I promised.

"You'd better," Edward replied, "It would be… awkward to say the least, if I had to come retrieve you."

My eyes widened in horror at the very idea.

"Kidding, Love, I was kidding," he chuckled, kissing me softly. "I'm trying not to panic," he finished quietly.

"So am I," I admitted. "But I have to know, and so do they."

"Which is why I understand that you have to do this," he said again. "Just try to be quick about it? Please?" Edward asked.

"Of course I will. I can't stand to be away from you any longer than absolutely necessary," I agreed. "And I promise not to do anything… foolish while I'm gone."

"Thank you," he sighed.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you, Bella."

I sighed and laid back against the pillows on our bed. It had been so long since the last time I'd 'dreamed' that Edward had to go sit on the couch. I immediately felt the loss of his presence, but needed the distance in order to leave. To break my promise. To go to La Push.

As I floated, watching the water gently lap at the sand, faded memories became a little clearer. I had loved it here. It was a beautiful place. I turned to the shore and felt the vague familiarity of a place I had once known. My eyes were drawn to a fallen tree. There was a man sitting the sand, leaning against it. The feeling of déjà vu got stronger. Then he apparently thought of something because a brilliant white smile spread across his bronze face.

Jacob. As soon as the memory came, it was gone again, like mist seeping through my fingers. But I had found him. He would have the answer and he would understand. I was grateful he was awake this time. The only clear memory I had of him was an awkward one that I didn't want to repeat.

I drifted forward and cautiously put one hand out to his forehead.

Jacob, I whispered.

He jumped up, breaking the connection, the smile disappearing from his face. I reached out and tried again.

Jacob Black, don't be frightened. It's Bella Cullen, I said as calmly as I could.

"Bella?" he asked incredulously, looking around the deserted beach, "Is that really you? Are you really here?"

Yes, Jacob, I'm really here, I said, glad he had stopped panicking.

"Bella! It's so good to hear your voice! Sort of," his face broke out into another huge grin, "I have so much to tell you!"

I wasn't sure what he meant, but I had promised Edward I would be expedient. Could you start by telling me how Charlie is doing?

His grin got even bigger, "He and Sue Clearwater got married."

That's great news, I said, trying to match his tone. He was obviously happy about it, but I had no idea who he was talking about. I was worried about him.

"Well, he had a pretty rough time when you…died," he said raising an eyebrow, looking straight ahead of him. "I knew that was coming, but I didn't expect it so… soon. Anyway, Sue was really great with him while he was grieving and it kinda snow balled from there." He looked out at the water curiously, "But why didn't you just check on him yourself?"

How to make this long story as short as possible, There were some complications that left me afraid to 'travel' for a while.

"Oh," was all he said.

That brings me to the other reason I came to you instead of Charlie now, I explained, I only wanted to make one trip and the pack needs to know about the Volturi.

"Are they coming here? How did they find out? How many are coming?" Jacob looked truly panicked. Even with my human memories fading, I knew I had never seen such a look of fear on his face.

No, no, just the opposite. They aren't coming…ever. I assured him. He looked confused again. I convinced their leader it would be in his best interest if your tribe was left…undiscovered. I said, still trying to be as concise as possible.

"How did you manage that?" he asked.

It's a long story, but he wasn't too keen on being haunted for the rest of eternity, I tried.

Jacob laughed, "I can imagine. You did that? For us?"

Yes Jacob. I convinced him that my protection extended to everyone I considered family, which at the time meant everyone in Forks and La Push as well, too late, I realized my mistake. Jacob was quick to pick up on it as well.

"At the time?" he asked sadly, "Are we not your family anymore?"

My human memories are fading, I replied honestly. I am left with vague feelings and impressions. That's why I had to come now, while I could still visualize where I was going. You deserved to know that you're safe. No more vampires. I assured him.

"Just when I was starting to think not all blood suckers were so bad," he joked. "Really Bella? No more?" he finished seriously.

None that would be sent to do serious harm, none that would know what you really are. I replied. Though I can't say one or two may not occasionally wander by.

"One or two is nothing to worry about," Jacob said, then a look of wonder came across his face. "Bella! Do you know what this means?"

That future generations will be spared the burden I cursed you with? I asked.

"Your memory really is going, Bella," he chuckled, "You were never a curse. It means I can give it up. I can stop phasing and grow old with my wife." His eyes held such joy.

A great ruckus rose from the edge of the forest. Identical boys with russet skin and raven hair came tumbling into view. They looked to be about seven and were wrestling vigorously. A tall, slender woman with deep brown skin, and who was obviously their mother was right behind them.

"Ephraim! Edward!" she shouted, "You watch out for those rocks! I'm not driving you all the way into town for stitches again!"

If I'd had breath at the moment it would have been taken. I was stunned into silence as she came striding to Jacob, setting a large basket down to free up her arms. She wrapped them around Jacob's neck and kissed him deeply.

"I hope you haven't been waiting for us long, Chief," she teased. Stunned turned to shocked.

"I'd be happy to wait forever, if I knew it was for you, Baby," Jacob whispered into her neck. Then he seemed to remember he had an invisible audience and pulled back so their embrace wasn't quite so intimate. "Why don't you go set up lunch and I'll be right there?" he suggested. The woman, his wife, looked surprised, but didn't argue and went up the beach to where the boys were now trying to drown each other.

Finally I came back to myself. I needed to get back to Edward, but my curiosity was getting the better of me. I re-established our connection. Your family?

Jacob turned his back to them and whispered, "Yes," pride brimming in his eyes. I realized he didn't want them to know I was there.

You don't have to speak out loud to me, Jacob, I'll still hear you. They won't know.

It's not that, he replied silently. I'll tell Eva about it later, I just don't think the boys would get it.

Did she call one of them Edward? I asked, my mind spinning, I thought you hated each other?

We did, he replied ruefully, but I always admired how hard Edward fought for you, in more ways than one. And if he hadn't taken you away from me, I would never have found Eva.

How so?

After your last…visit, I realized you were really gone forever, and I took off again. This time I went south. To get as far from your memory as possible.

I knew at one time that news would have brought me pain, but it didn't come, just more curiosity, And that's where you found Eva?

He nodded to himself, In Mexico, then he smiled wryly, they have some pretty strange folk tales down there.

There was still something I didn't understand, and I wanted to know if it was due to my patchy memories. Did she…Did Eva call you Chief?

Yes, he smiled at a private joke again, When I imprinted on Eva, I realized some important things. She was patient with me and helped me grow up some. When we came back to the reservation, I was ready to embrace every aspect of my life. It was shortly after that we had the twins. He paused for a moment. I'm really happy Bella.

I am too, Jacob.

Tell Edward I said Thanks, for everything.

I will. Goodbye Jake.

Bye, Bells.

And then there was nothing left to say. So I went home to Edward. I was very pleased with how well that went. Now I could really move on. Our family had really enjoyed our time in Australia, and we intended to hang onto the land so we could visit it often. But Carlisle was restless without his work, and the rest of us were looking forward to a new adventure. We were starting Oxford in the fall, after a month or two of adjusting to being around humans again.

Starting over in England, coupled with my fading memories had prompted me to wrap up all my loose ends. Now when I looked at my wedding pictures and Edward told me stories of how silly I was as a human, I could know that the people from that life were as happy as I am, whether I remember them or not. I smiled to myself thinking of Edward's reaction to the news I would be bringing home with me. He had a namesake.

I found Edward still sitting on the couch, his hands clasped firmly on his knees, knuckles white. He was trying very hard to leave my body alone so I could do what I needed to. My heart overflowed with love at the sight and I was glad I would never have to go that far again.

Now that I was safe and home, however, I was remembering some of the fun things that came along with this power…Maybe I could remind Edward and use it a little bit every now and then. It would probably be a good idea to check up on Aro myself, just to let him know I was watching.

But I had forever to play with my power, if I ever decided to. Right now I had much better things to do.

Edward, I whispered.

"Bella!" he cried leaping from the couch. Relief radiated from his every pore.

I'm looking for a handsome prince to wake me from an enchanted sleep, I purred into his ear, Have any idea where I might find one?

His face broke into a breathtakingly beautiful crooked grin. He sauntered over to where my body lay on our bed. "Welcome home, Wife," he whispered into my ear.

Then he pressed his lips gently to mine…Until I was back and responding eagerly. Then his kiss went from gentle to voracious and I was swept away again into the beautiful dream of loving Edward. The only dream I could remember, and the only one I would ever have again.

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