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Jealous much?

Sasuke had a lot to be jealous about in some cases. He didn't even know, but sometimes it was like envy and jealousy was radiating off of him. He wasn't like that a lot though, well, because he didn't have to be jealous. I mean, when you're a prodigy and the number one rookie, not most things get to you.

To some people, he had it all. Girls fawned over him, he had great skills, and he was smart and handsome. It was more like people were more jealous of him! He could sneer at them though because they were so weak. And those girls, god were they annoying! They kept bugging him and touching him. Glomping sometimes…. He could shiver in disgust at that.

Once one of them came up and slapped him…. on the butt. God, it was gross. He felt utterly…eww. He immediately shot a glare behind him and found out that it was one of the fan girls. She just said it was by accident and ran off, giggling. An accident? Yeah, right!

He didn't hate girls, it was just…all of them were annoying. He really didn't find the need to think about them. He didn't need to be with girls right now anyway, training was more important.

Sakura; she was one of them, too. Well, she kind of was now. She didn't seem as annoying lately and just went off on her way. Of course it's not like he cared though! It was one less fan girl, he should be happy! One would say that Sasuke Uchiha was never happy though, ever. Nothing made him happy really…. The only time he was happy is when he ate his tomatoes. And those only made him moderately (emphasis on moderately) happy.

Yep, that about summed it all up. Oh, wait, Naruto. That kid was worse, so much worse. He was like a freaking monkey on drugs, all the time! People would say, 'Come on, you gotta love him for his cute face and personality!' Cute? Sasuke could laugh at that and Sasuke never laughed, ever. And personality? His personality was obscure, explosive, random…etc. That kid, was something else….

Well, anyway, here Sasuke was, leaning on the bridge, in silence. Of course he was the only one there since he was super early. He was always super early for some reason or another. He looked around at his surroundings, perfect day for training. He might as well go train by himself for a while though since no one would be showing up for awhile.

Wait a minute though; he felt a presence nearby. He didn't recognize it either. He was confused, but quickly wondered that it might be an enemy. He quickly got alert and looked at an emerging figure from the trees as he got into a fighting stance. Sasuke got tense, but what came out made him ponder a little. A boy, his age, in some loose clothes and a backpack came out, looking around curiously.

The boy, to say in the least, was cute, very cute. Maybe even cuter than Sasuke! He had light brown hair that framed his face well and these deep blue eyes that seemed to be filled with curiosity and shyness. His face had this adorable appeal that one could just not get over either. He was also about the same height as Sasuke and Naruto.

He looked at Sasuke and his eyes widened and he went to hide, but he stopped himself and took a deep breath, walking forward to cross the bridge. Sasuke looked at the boy, he had never seen him before. Just who was he… 'He looks about my age,' Sasuke thought and then glared at the boy intensely. 'I've never seen him around before. Where is he from?'

"Hey, you," Sasuke said, crossing his arms.

The boy was half way across when he flinched a little. He looked at Sasuke's glare and averted his gaze to the ground. 'Y-yeah?" he said a little quietly.

"Just who are you," Sasuke asked firmly.

"R-ryota Kimura," he mumbled, stuttering a little.

"Where are you from?"

"Oh, well you see…I was moving here from a small town and-and," he just sighed and kept quiet again.

Sasuke wasn't tense anymore and he just leaned back on the bridge railing. "Yeah, yeah." He looked at the kid again. 'This kid looks weak.' He wondered though, coming from a small town like he said might mean that he hadn't really been around a lot of people.

"Umm …Well I was wondering where you could tell me where the Hokage's office is…"

He just sighed and closed his eyes, pointing in the direction of the office. "Over there, head in that direction," he muttered.

"Aa…Thank you," he nodded and walked off that way. Sasuke watched him go and just shook his head. Wow, how weird. By the time Ryota had left though, Sakura had shown up so he couldn't train by himself. She just said good morning, like every morning, and leaned back too, waiting for Kakashi and Naruto to show up.

"Ahh, I can't wait to train today. I have lots of energy today!" she looked over and smiled at him. "What about you?" she asked, trying to at least exchange words with him.

"Hn," was his response, what did that mean anyway? Was Sasuke like, impaired with speech or something? Was he not taught how to talk correctly? I mean, for god's sake, it's like he was raised by mimes.

She just sighed and Naruto turned up a little while later. "Hey Sakura-chan!" he grinned and ran over to her and Sasuke.

"Hey teme!" he smiled and took his usual spot on the bridge. Sasuke didn't answer, but looked at the ground, glaring at a rock for no apparent reason. What did the rock ever do to him?! Poor, defenseless rock…Really now…

Naruto just shrugged and looked back over at Sakura. "Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan!"

"What, Naruto?" she asked calmly.

"Well, I beat my old record of how fast I can eat ramen!!"

"Oh, really?" she raised her eyebrows. "You know what, one day that stuff will get you sick. It's like your body is depended on it. Ramenism," she nodded.

"I do not have ramenism! What the heck!" Naruto crossed his arms.

She just shook her head. "Naruto, you really need help," she said, kidding.

He just laughed. "Maybe so, but I'm better of than Mr. Silence over there." Sasuke looked up at focused his dark aura on Naruto now with a super dark glare. "Woah, so sorry miss prissy pissy."

"Naruto, run." Sasuke cracked his knuckles at him, but was interrupted.

"Yo," they all heard the familiar voice of Kakashi and there eyes all darted to him. "Is something wrong?" he asked, smiling.

"No, sensei!" Sakura said, laughing nervously, looking at the two boys who were still glaring intensely at each other.

"Good, because I want to introduce you to someone who'll be here for a while," he smiled again and a boy their age walked forward from behind him, nervously.

Sakura was then confused. Why was he here? He looked… cute though. She looked at the ground quickly after her eyes meant the boys. He did the same, too, but shyly.

Sasuke saw the boy from earlier. 'Him! What's he doing here?' he then crossed his arms, glaring.

"His name is Ryota Kimura," Kakashi stated, but it was something Sasuke already knew.

Naruto, being the dobe he was, went up to him and smiled. "Hello, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Don't you forget it!"

"Hey," he mumbled.

"Oh, not much of a talker. You shy?"

"A-a little." His eyes looked at the ground again. Naruto just smiled and ruffled the boy's hair up. "Don't worry! You'll be fine here!"

The boy just smiled and nodded. Sakura was watching the whole time though, curious of this new and cute boy. He looked…adorable! Her inner let out a squeak of happiness and she just went a little red. She looked at Sasuke and then at the boy. This boy definitely seemed much nicer…and maybe even more adorable…

Sasuke tried to ignore the boy a little. Just why was he here in the first place, Sasuke thought he got rid of him. Sasuke looked over at Sakura, why was she red? She was staring at the boy! He sneered to himself. What did she have to stare at him for?! He suddenly felt slight rage towards this boy.

"Just what is this guy doing here anyway?" Sasuke spoke up, looking at Kakashi.

"Well, apparently, he was moving in here and went to see Tsunade. She asked him why he was here and he said he wanted to become a better ninja so he traveled here from his small town. She asked him if he had any techniques, and he said yes, showing her some. She was a little surprised and told him that he'd be good enough and he could be accepted into the village. So, before she set him up properly, she asked me to take care of him for a little while so she could get things in order," he looked over at the slightly embarrassed boy, smiling.

"So, if one of you could show him around today, that would help me a lot," he mentioned.

Sakura perked up and smiled softly. "I'll do it Kakashi-sensei." She walked over to the boy and said sweetly, "Hey, my name's Sakura Haruno." Sasuke glared harder at the boy, but he didn't notice. This was ridiculous! This boy, accepted into Konoha! This whole thing seemed utterly ludicrous. And Sakura, so quick to help him out! Jeez!

"Hey," Ryota looked away.

"I'll show you around." She then took his hand and ran off with the now blushing boy. Sasuke just glared at the two running of. Something made him angry seeing the two together. Something made him angry that she held his hand like that… He just couldn't put his finger on what it was though…


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